Friday, May 28, 2010

What the Well Dressed Slave is Wearing.

I find what I allow a slave to wear is dependent on what I plan to do with them, and what I know about them. That is inclusive of the fact that I like to see things that are revealing and fit their ass a certain way; thongs and panties of that nature. In truth, it is rare that I will dress a slave in panties when they are submitting to me; however it may be what I expect them to wear when I first arrive. If that is the case it's always a thong or those boy short panties that are tight and sit right between the cheeks. If it is clothing that they will be staying in while they submit it probably won’t cover their ass, pussy or breasts. It might be a corset, or leather bustier with garters attached for stockings, but one that doesn't cover the breasts at all. In fact, I dress them in many styles of black leather or black or white lace garments that either do not cover the breasts or have areas cut out so that the breasts hang through them, I have even purchased thin formfitting black dresses that have cutouts for the breasts. In this way, we get to try something different, a bit embarrassing much like your typical French maid outfit, but also something few slaves are familiar with. It is also an outfit that is particularly humiliating when they have to parade around in front of other women with their tits hanging out and the dress barely covering their ass. Some women have enjoyed the outfit more than I expected when it was just them alone with me because they knew that the dress looked very good on them because of their full breasts. Not every slave is built to wear that kind of outfit and that’s fine, I do not have a particular preference for the size of a woman’s breasts. It is important when you choose an outfit for your slave, that it accentuates those aspects of her body that are most attractive or that she believes are most attractive. Many submissives do not have high self esteem and cannot see themselves for what they really are: wonderful and beautiful women that allow us to live out our fantasies while they live out their own. What a boring world it would be without them! But I have some further thoughts about that for later. Anyway, naturally, when I do dress a slave in one of these outfits they are already wearing what I consider to be standard slave-wear, (unless I have a specific desire for something different), and that is a thick black leather slave collar and black leather wrist and ankle cuffs. With these at any time I want I can secure them to something, just lock their hands behind their back, or attach a leash and lead them to crawl wherever I choose. Often when they wear that little dress with the cut outs they are wearing an outfit underneath that exposes their breasts as well as the lower half of their body, usually with black stockings. After they serve for a while in the full outfit, I have them remove the dress to expose the next layer underneath. If I choose that they will go out in that outfit, a jacket will cover their exposed breasts, they will wear one of the designer dog collars and not wear ankle or wrist cuffs. They still have to contend with the fear that somebody passing close by will see into their jacket and see that their breasts are sticking out of their dress. Whether I have them wear anything underneath that dress or not, when we are alone the dress is nice and short so I need only have them kneel on the floor and I can pull it up and expose whatever I want to punish or use! Another type of outfit I like to dress my slaves in is really just elaborate sets of leather straps and metal O-rings keeping them together. One strap acts as a thong and goes between the cheeks and another goes between their legs, small enough to slide between their lips so it always ends up soaking wet before I strip them out of that outfit. I also have used outfits that not only have cutouts for the breasts but are open in the front and back. These outfits allow them to wear something sexy but does not cover anything that I might want to get at! Being open in the back doesn't always afford enough access to beat the bare ass, but an ass does not always have to be bare to be punished. I can only think of one outfit at the moment I have ever dressed slaves in that was made specifically to cover the pussy and asshole, or should I say---to fill them. It is in essence a black leather panty, the material about the size of a thick thong in the back and about the same size as a bikini panty in the front, with screw eyes on the rear and front to attach various size plastic appendages. In this way, I can attach an array of dildos on each end to put up their ass and pussy. Often I will attach one large dildo and one small vibrator and then I will explain to them as I hold it up to show them, that a good girl gets the big dildo up their pussy and the small vibrator up their asshole, but a slave like them gets the big dildo up their asshole and the little vibrator in their pussy. After a while a slave gets to know their Master pretty well and all I have to do is show them the dildos I have attached and they can tell me what's going up their asshole and what's going in their pussy. I will often have them use their pussy to provide the lubrication and since they are already holding the panties and inserting the dildos for lubrication, I will often instruct them to put those “punishment panties” on once they have them lubricated. Now, unless I use the very biggest dildos for their ass, most slaves can put these panties completely on by themselves. M, however, always had a problem with inserting objects up her own asshole. I used to train her by commanding her to insert her fingers or very small butt plugs up her ass . If she failed, which was almost always the case at the beginning, I would then punish her in two ways. One way would be either an ass beating, back whipping or various kinds of nipple punishment, but then the second punishment would be that I would insert an object much, much larger than what I had originally asked her to use, into her asshole. It might be left inside her for a certain amount of time, or it might have to be pulled in and out rapidly like it was fucking her. Often it would be left in for a certain amount of time and I would command her to every five minutes or so, fuck her asshole five times with it. At first, she would reach back hesitantly at the required time and pull on it but not with much enthusiasm. I would explain to her that this would not do and I would punish her in some way, such as hang weights off nipple clamps that would not be removed until she successfully completed the task, and then inform her that if that did not work, I would do the act for her, but first I would insert something much bigger than even that big rubber cock or plastic dildo already up her ass. As difficult and distasteful as she found doing things to her own asshole, the weights hanging off her nipples and the threat of something even bigger forced up her ass usually got her to finally do the things to her asshole that I wanted to see her do. Finally, she would find a way to put the "punishment panties" on herself and then I would have her put clothes over them and then I would take her out for drinks somewhere very crowded. I was always trying to get her to find me a place to go where the ladies room had no doors on the stalls so that if she had to go to the bathroom while we were out other women would see her remove the plugs under her black leather panties. She never admitted to a public place with a bathroom like that, and anyway did her best not to have to use the bathroom when we went out under those circumstances. I will also dress a slave in high heeled shoes because of the way it presents her ass, although I like barefoot because it really conveys the nakedness and submission, but sometimes being naked except for wearing high heeled shoes makes a slave feel even more exposed and embarrassed! I'm pretty consistent that I like collars. While I'm not into the big wide posture collars, I do like real leather and chains slave collars. I will only allow slaves to wear dainty little dog collars when we're in public. I like wrist and ankle cuffs not only because they're functional in providing an easy and quick way to bind my slaves but because I like the way they look having black leather and chains on the wrist and ankles. As I said, I like stockings, garter belts and though used a little less often I do like corsets and high heeled shoes. While I like the way thongs look the reality is I prefer my slaves naked and exposed. About half the time probably the only thing they're wearing is their slave collar and cuffs. I am not into dressing my slaves like young school girls, though one slave early on liked to act out being sent for punishment at an all girls college, then forced to become my slave because her financial aid did not work out and I was happy to go with that. At those times we did dress her in school type skirts and white stockings!
As for what I wear, I have to admit that I don’t give nearly as much thought to that. Usually dark pants, black tee and bare feet, unless I wear shoes that I expect her to clean with her tongue. Sometimes I will have the slave kneel over the shoes and rub their pussy on them to get the shoe all wet, then polish the shoes with her tongue. I will often be meeting a slave after work and like being dressed in a formal suit while they are completely naked. I find my slaves respond well to that too, though the ones that get the wettest from that also used to protest the most when they were completely naked and I was dressed. Now I realize they protested because they were embarrassed, and now they realize they were excited because they were embarrassed. I do like to see a Mistress dress a certain way though. I like high heeled shoes or boots. A black thong or snug black panties. I prefer topless but a black leather strap affair is good too. If the mistress is not looking to be naked at that time in front of the slave than a short skirt and minimal top are acceptable. As you can see there is not a world of difference between how I would dress a dominant woman and a submissive one. Obviously when it is my choice I like to see women look a certain way! I have tried to take advice from submissive women on how to dress as I seem to be able to put a lot more creative thought into how they should dress. They have not really had a lot of ideas, and interestingly if I solicit an opinion they can always give me ideas of how they could dress inside or in public, and even how a dominant woman can dress, but primarily they don't seem to have very developed ideas about how a dominant man should dress. Most have mentioned the color black although some like snug white T-shirts. Some have mentioned that I should dress well, often commenting, as I mentioned above, that a suit works well. If I'm going to wear shoes that they can polish with their tongue or that I will be ordering them to clean. I guess I do like dressing in a suit and staying dressed while they are naked or nearly naked. I would be very interested if any of you have any suggestions as to what a master should wear, as well as your comments about what the well-dressed slave should be wearing. Also, while I've been getting some comments, some of those I've invited have been commenting regularly, and I've been getting some private e-mails from those who comment and from people who read the blog but don't comment on it, but nobody has offered to contribute to a post. You don't have to write a whole post but if you have a paragraph that six something I'm going to put out we can include it. Also, if you have a significant and lengthy comment to make you can e-mail it to me and I'll make a separate post as a follow-up post so that it's more visible than a comment would be if somebody doesn't click on that particular post.
Now, I would like to add a little bit that came to me while I was writing this post. It's a broader topic than just outfits, but as you can tell often my posts begin a certain way but lead to many areas and experiences. So I have some thoughts on complementing a submissive, and dealing with their self-esteem. In my actual experience from submissive women along with the stories I have been exposed to about submissive men, I believe there are some significant differences. Therefore if you have primarily had experiences dominating men you might not agree with what I have to say here but I am quite sure I'm right about submissive women. So please, if you are a submissive woman and you do not agree with what I say now please comment and let me know, because I may be mistaken. I have heard stories and actually seen some “dominant” men, those who clearly cannot rely on their abilities to control, command, support and care for the women in their life because they do not know how, that prey upon the low self esteem and insecurities of those submissives they are lucky enough to find. They seek to convince them that they are unattractive and undesirable so that they will not leave them for a better man (or woman). A submissive woman is a gift to be cherished, and to appreciate like a fine wine, and I suggest to any submissive girls reading this that if you find you are in a relationship with this type of dominant --- one that doesn't make you feel good about yourself, one that degrades you in ways or at times that you're not looking for ---- one that hurts you but not in a good way----GET AWAY--- and don't worry ------there is always someone else out there for you---many others, in fact---I am quite sure there are many people out there for everyone. Never settle! Now, dressing submissives in outfits that accentuate their positive physical attributes can sometimes be challenging, because if they do not have good self esteem they will not see how great they look in the outfit, and they may not be comfortable with you seeing them in it. You will need to convince them that you appreciate how they look. They will know, not only from what you say, but how you react. Your pleasure will tell them all they need to know. I do not ever say negative things about a slave’s body. I understand that some male slaves, when they like to be verbally abused by their Mistress (or Master too perhaps), they expect to hear about their pathetic small cocks, and worthless balls or what-have-you, but I do not find that women work that way and I have never felt the need to say anything derogatory about their bodies. I am quite sure---(but again, correct me if I am mistaken), that though they may want to be called a dirty, cock sucking, asshole licking, slave whore---they do not want to hear that they are fat, pathetic, have small tits, or anything else like that. Dress them like the slave whores they are---but make sure they know how much it turns you on.


  1. When I was with my master he always made me feel sexy when he dressed me in thongs, chains, leather and stockings. I was always very excited when I was naked and he was dressed up formally. I have small boobs but he always made me feel like my body was perfect, and even though it was clear he liked whipping my butt and anal sex he punished my nipples often enough and hard enough to remind me he loved every inch of me. I also liked to crawl around and serve in some of my nicer bed clothes, which was a classy change from the way he usually dressed me, which was often naked or like a whore. Those were great too but I appreciate that he listened to me and let me dress sometimes in clothes I bought to look nice for him.

  2. I don't care what I wear. I don't feel any more embarrassed in silly lingerie than I feel naked. I don't care what they wear as long as I get to serve a hard cock or a dripping pussy.

  3. Nice pictures! Always love the read.

  4. I want to try the punishment panties but I don;t think I could put them on myself!