Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visiting Old Friends with New Slaves....

After K. and I broke up as a couple we kept in touch. Frequently K. invited me to come use her in front of her Young lesbian mistress. I knew this was an act of punishment, but since it didn't make sense to me that her young mistress would want me back in the picture, I would often delve deeper and found out that the punishment was actually for her young mistress who was pissing K off. If I was between relationships and slaves I sometimes took them up on these offers. If I was in a relationship I would not take them up on the offer because even if my submissive was interested, K. and her mistress did not want my other women participating. The most memorable time when I could take them up on the offer was when K contacted me at said they brought in a new slave. They said she was a few years older than K., was bisexual but had not been with a man in years. She had never been dominated by a man, in fact she had never been dominated but it was a lifelong fantasy to serve a couple side-by-side with another female slave. This woman also needed extensive training as she had never submitted before except in her fantasies, and apparently neither K. nor her young mistress, were convinced that the young mistress was capable of providing that level of instruction. She was very inexperienced when I was with them and while she learned from me a bit about ongoing domination, it was also true that K. was already an experienced submissive when they met. Her young Mistress had never trained anyone from scratch or dominated anyone who was completely inexperienced. This offer at a time when I was available was extremely exciting and intriguing.
(Although we don't go into it much here, in real life we always delve into a slave's past sexual history, medical testing is always a requirement, and we have to know the parameters of birth control before we begin any intimate acts. I was satisfied by what I was told and shown about this new woman).
K. had assured me that by this time they had all the implements I would care to use. Before I arrived in I discussed the limits of this new slave as well any parameters of our time together. She said the parameters remained the same; her lesbian mistress had no desire to have any physical contact with me, while this slave’s pain tolerance was not completely known at this time, K. had noticed when they played together as a trio that she'd already easily handled moderate and somewhat more severe pain. As usual K would be happy to take anything I gave her, but we decided I should not approach that level of severity with the new slave. While I was there I would call all of the shots. Her young mistress would behave and participate in any way I directed, but wanted the bulk of the girl-girl action to be between the slaves. It was not even clear if their young mistress would be naked at any time. She always suffered being naked and having sex with K. in front of me, because it was just the three of us and that's what K. wanted. Since now there was someone else involved it was not necessary for her to do those things in front of me. All the other he limits remained the same with the new slave, which were the same limits I stick to; no animals or children, no intentional blood, no scat, no breath play, no urethral play, no intentional permanent marks unless requested and agreed to and no severe or permanent injuries. K said this new slave had expressed no other limits but of course was new to all of this so we needed to tread with the appropriate care.
When I arrived at the door, before knocking, I switched my shoes for a pair of shoes not worn outside that K. had serviced before. I knocked and K’s young mistress opened the door. She was wearing thigh high black leather boots , black leather tight shorts and a studded black leather bra . When I walked in I found two slaves naked and kneeling on the floor side by side, their heads were bowed forward touching the carpet and as I walked behind them I found they were both reaching back and spreading their cheeks, exposing themselves. I could see each was wearing a thick black collar with o-ring, as well as ankle and wrist cuffs. Clearly K remembered my preferences.
“Nice.” I said.
“We were hoping you'd be pleased.” The young mistress said seemingly without hostility! I looked around the room and saw many implements of punishment, violation and bondage spread throughout.
“I am pleased… so far.” I walked to the kneeling girls and grabbed K by the hair and began to pull her crawling along to the couch where I sat down with her kneeling in front of me. I grabbed her chin and pulled her face up to look at me, and reached down with my other hand and grabbed a nipple and pinched harshly. “So you found another bitch to serve us.”
“Yes master.” K responded.
“You know what I'm going to do if she fails to please?”
“Yes master. You'll punish me mercilessly as well.” I let go of her nipple and her chin, then said:
“So new slave, crawl over here and greet your master.” She crawled to me and then knelt there unsure what to do or say.
“Stand up and slowly turn.” I said. She stood naked before me, then turned, then stopped, facing me again. Where K and her mistress were both rather thin, though K had round hips and her mistress had somewhat shapely breasts, this woman was thicker all around. She looked to be in her late 30s, was attractive with moderate length brown hair, brown eyes, a small nose and very full lips. Her breasts were larger than K. and her mistress put together, which still didn't make them very large. Her ass was also rounded and fuller than K.'s. K. had already described her body and e-mailed me a facial picture as she knew I probably could not work as well with someone I did not find at least somewhat attractive. In person she looked even better. Her pussy was nicely groomed, the lips shaved and the triangle just a neatly trimmed patch of dark brown.
“Back on the floor next to this bitch.” I said and immediately she knelt down next to K. This time I grabbed her chin and pulled her face to look at me but I did not grab her nipple and pinch. “So, you want to serve your mistress and me?”
“Yes master I do.” She responded.
“Have they told you what to expect from me, slave?”
“Yes master, both my sister slave and my mistress have been very specific about what I can expect and what I need to do to please you.”
“Really? Then why don't you tell me what your understanding of serving me is.”
“Master, I have been told that if I serve you, any part of my body might be used or punished. I've been told to expect my anus and vagina and mouth to be used until they are sore. I've been told my back and butt may be beaten so that I will remember and feel the punishment days later. I've been told that what you will do to my nipples will teach me just how loud I can scream… if you allow me to scream. I have been told that you will not only be using this slave with your own large cock, but that you may choose to insert very large objects in any place you can make them fit. I've been told I will be performing with my sister slave in demeaning and humiliating ways for your pleasure as well as serving my Mistress in front of you for your entertainment. I've been told that even if my mistress approves my performance when I serve her that it must also meet your standards, or that you still might choose to punish me. I know that in your presence I will have no privacy unless you grant it, no pleasure unless you permit it and no rest until you allow it. You may choose to only use me for your pleasure, or to be punished while you take your pleasure elsewhere, and that I only exist to serve and to thank my master and mistress for whatever I receive.” She paused. “I tried to memorize what they told me I hope I didn't forget anything.” She finished.
“Well, you seem to have done a good job remembering slave, I must say, but I'm curious, from the way you talk it's clear that they addressed how a slave should speak, or possibly this is just your own innate ability?”
“They told me a lot of things and then asked me to practice in front of them. They said you would demand some changes, but rather than discuss them, they thought that could be my introduction to training.”
“Really? Now I would've thought they would do everything that they could and leave the training for those things left undone. Because of that I believe that during your training, when you fail to meet my expectations in this particular area, K shall be punished along with you. Unfortunately I cannot discipline your mistress, or I would.” I noticed their young mistress gave me a smirk at that, like ‘you wish’. Whether she had a submissive streak in her or not, I knew she'd never show it to me!
“Slave, I don't know what you find embarrassing to speak. Maybe saying vagina and anus is embarrassing to you. I suppose that would be a good start. However, refer to your vagina as your pussy, your anus as your asshole and your butt as your ass. You will be as vulgar, detailed and descriptive as possible at all times. Do you understand me whore?”
“Yes master.”
“It is not adequate to answer me with merely a ‘yes master’. You should always repeat what you're responding to in order to make it clear that you understand and to make it, depending on the statement, as humiliating as possible, regardless about how you feel about what you are saying. Let me give you an example. K., would you like me to shove something large and painful up your asshole?”
“Yes master, please shove something large and painful up my asshole.” K. responded nicely and appropriately for a submissive slave.
“Do you understand now bitch? You should know that unlike some of my other slaves, getting big things shoved up her ass is not a favorite of K. That does not stop her from begging for it and accepting whatever her Master chooses.”
“Yes master, this bitch understands.”
“Very good!” I said.
“What am I to call you?” I wondered aloud.
“Whatever you want to Master.” She responded.
“I know that bitch, that goes without saying. Since I refer to K as slave, I will call you bitch, or sometimes B for short, understand.”
“Yes Master.” She responded. I glared at her and then she immediately continued…. “Yes master, my slave name is Bitch.”
“Yes, that’s going to be a complicated one for you, because sometimes I may choose to call K a bitch, or you a whore, it's your job to know who I'm talking about at all times, and to respond appropriately.”
“Yes master. It’s this bitch’s job to know when to serve.” She responded. Interesting, I thought. She seemed to have potential.
I ordered K and Bitch on their knees next to each other on the floor in front of me. “Spread your legs.” I commanded, and they both did. I put one foot between each of their legs, K to the left and Bitch to the right, and raised my shoe to their pussies. I rubbed each foot across the pussy above it and when I lowered my feet both shoes were wet.
“Switch places!” I commanded, and Bitch and K moved so that Bitch was now by my left foot and K by my right. “Now slaves, clean my shoes!” K immediately got down and began to lick my right shoe. She knew enough to start at the wet spot left by bitch's pussy. Bitch hesitated, but understood once she saw what K was doing. I didn't know what K. and bitch had done together, so I did not know if this was their first taste of each other’s pussies, though I could not see how they had not been together many times before deciding to include me, but that really didn't matter. After lapping all the pussy off, they both knew to continue licking until they had done every inch of the shoe. Bitch seemed as thorough as K. I pulled my feet away and raised them and aimed the sole at their faces. K again, immediately leaned forward and started cleaning the bottom of my right shoe. This time Bitch hesitated a bit longer, and her young Mistress called out, “Bitch, are you in such a rush to see how hard your Master can punish?”
“I’m sorry Mistress. I’m sorry Master.” And she bent forward and began licking as well. I knew from my discussions with K that Bitch knew we had discussed limits and that they had told her she was safe. I was surprised she had hesitated for such a simple submissive task. Everyone has their own preferences and dislikes though, so I decided not to judge from that one thing. (I learned later from K that she thought I wore those shoes all the time and that she was concerned she could get sick. Their young mistress was very angry because she said she should have known from the way K immediately acted and from their discussions about safety that all was okay. I heard they punished her by making spend a weekend tied up watching K and Mistress play without letting her take part or even touch herself!)
“Enough.” I said. “Slave and bitch go sit on the couch next to each other.” They did as they were instructed, however, K crawled but Bitch started walking, and only got on her hands and knees when she saw K on the floor. “You’ll be punished for that shortly, Bitch.” I informed her.
“Yes master. I should be punished for that.” She responded. I went over to the young mistress and told her how I would like her to punish Bitch after I finished what I was doing.
“Slave K., Bitch, you look so good together I want you to be friendly with each other.” K turned to bitch and started stroking her face, then leaned to her and started to lightly kiss her lips, before really giving her a deep kiss as she leaned on her and put her arms around bitch and was now in the throes of a passionate embrace and kiss with her tongue deep into bitch’s mouth. Then she broke the kiss and started planting kisses on bitch’s face and neck until she worked her way down to B’s tits and started to tongue her nipples. I walked close to them and pulled B’s hair and looked into her eyes.
“Do you think it is K’s job to do everything? She’s not your lover, she’s our slave, like you, and if I command you both to make out, you both do your best, you don’t lie back and let her do what she wants to you. She is only doing it at my command, as you should be.”
“Yes Master, I’m sorry Master. I am inexperienced, but I know with your training and your punishment, I’ll do better.”
“It's good that you brought up punishment because I think it's time to taste your first dose of punishment from me. When I said that the young mistress exited the room to gather up what I had requested. She came back wearing a large strap on dildo over her leather shorts, and handed me a thin black dressage whip; one of my favorites yet also less severe than the cane. Then she handed me a pair of adjustable nipple clamps.
“Punishment from me includes by my own hand and by my direction. Your ass will be beaten personally by me with this whip. These clamps will be put on you, tightened and twisted by K. at my direction. Your mistress will use that large strap on to punish you as I and she may see fit. K tie the bitch’s hands behind her back for the first punishment.” K did as she was told and after her hands were tied behind her back I had B sit down on a chair.
“K. will now put those clamps on your nipples, and she will tighten them until I tell her to stop, no matter how much you scream, plead or beg. Understand, bitch?”
“Yes master. You'll hurt my nipples with those clamps until you're satisfied no matter how much I beg or scream.”
“Good.” I said as I walked over to her and thrust two fingers into her pussy. I raised them to her mouth and she just looked at them. Her mistress came over and grabbed her hair and pushed her forward so that my fingers went into her mouth. “You are very wet. It's good if punishment excites you because you'll be getting a lot from me.” I backed away and nodded to K. she placed the first clamp on B's right nipple and then the other on her left. Then she began tightening the first one she put on. Soon B started to moan, she closed her eyes tightly and pursed her lips. Then she bit her lower lip and finally cried out, “that hurts so much, please, oh, please!” K. had slowed the tightening considerably but still had not stopped. B started screaming and I tapped K. on the shoulder to stop. Then I motioned for her to loosen the clamp slightly. B. stopped screaming. K. moved on to the other nipple and clamp. We repeated this until that clamp was just as tight. While B. was moaning I said to K loud so B would hear through her moans, “twist the clamps and make bitch beg for mercy!” K. started twisting and B started screaming, and then began begging for mercy. I allow this to go on for many seconds before I decided to grant her request. I told K to remove the clamps, and once again B briefly cried out.
“How did that feel slave?” I asked.
“It hurt terribly master.” B answered.
“K., check her pussy.” I demanded. K. stuck two fingers into B's pussy.
“Very wet master.” K. responded and then licked her fingers clean.
“Tell me whore, did I tell you to lick your fingers clean?” I asked incredulously.
Instantly I could tell from the expression on K's face that she could not believe her faux pas.
“I’m so sorry Master!” She cried.
“The training around here seems very lax since I've been away.” I muttered. I looked to their young mistress who just looked down at the floor. “It’s a pity that someone with such a beautiful ass as you, and who obviously needs the discipline, will not submit to it.” I whuspered into the Mistresses ear. The mistress continued looking down but I saw she smiled.
“K., untie B, then tie her bent over your padded punishment bench. I would do it myself but I want to confer with your mistress about how I'm going to punish you as well.”
I went over to their young mistress and asked what she thought I should do to K. She said that it was up to me, and she apologized for K.'s mistake. It was true she said that the two of them alone engaged far more in sex and far less in D/s. The young mistress said she had trouble saying dominating things and coming up with intricate ways for K to serve. She was far better at simply punishing K. and then telling her how she wanted K to please her. That was one of the reasons why they asked me to be involved when they got the new slave. Their mistress then said quietly to me, “I do deserve to be punished,” but before I could say a word she held up her hand and continued, “But what you're thinking is not going to happen! However, I did not plan on being naked or engaging in sexual acts with the slaves in front of you, but I take back that caveat.” She unstrapped the dildo and laid it on the table. Then she pulled off her leather shorts and the black thong underneath. She undid her studded bra as well. She stood there completely naked in front of me, did a quick turn to show me her fine ass, then grabbed the dildo off the table and strapped the harness back on. There she stood, smooth and firm, naked, beautiful and with a big fat rubber cock jutting out.
Sad that the Mistress would not let me punish her, but excited that she was now naked and willing to have sex with the slaves, I said, “Okay. In a few minutes I'm going to beat bitch's ass. First we will punish K. a bit and teach bitch more about serving.” I said. I had K. get on her hands and knees in front of B’s face. This way B. could see everything even though she was tied down to the bench. Then I told the young mistress to get behind K and fuck her doggy style. She unceremoniously rammed that big fat cock into K’s waiting pussy. She fucked her hard and deep. I told her mistress to pull her cock out of K’s pussy and present it to B's mouth.
“Clean that cock.” I commanded.
“B started to suck it.” Before I could react the young mistress pulled on B’s hair to get her off the cock.
“I explained to you the difference between sucking and cleaning. I told you to imagine cleaning as if you had to lick Masters cum off the floor not like you’re giving a blowjob. You can’t suck the floor, can you? Yes eventually you'll suck the cock, but we specifically discussed how you begin to clean.” The young mistress sounded exasperated.
“While I am looking forward to being the first one to whip her today, I can see you need to punish her as well. You’ll have the chance very soon.” I said. I watched as B finally cleaned that cock properly. Then I said, “Soon you will service your master, and I have news for you if you think giving a blow job is just immediately sticking it deep in your mouth, you have a lot to learn. K. will be able to help with that lesson, by the way!”
“Now K. your mistress will abuse your asshole with that big fat cock. The only lubrication will be supplied by B's pussy so you'd better hope she managed to stay excited during all of this.” The mistress got behind B and rammed the cock into her pussy, as K's luck would have it; B's pussy was still wet. The mistress pulled out of B’s pussy and got behind K.
“K, beg your mistress for your punishment” I commanded.
“Please mistress, punish your slave whore, by torturing her asshole with that huge hard cock.”
“Of course slave. Maybe this will remind you to follow the orders of your master and mistress better.”
The young mistress rammed the cock up K’s ass quite roughly, and I could see from the expression on K's face that she was not only in pain but that she was also upset realizing her mistress was disappointed with the way she served before.
“Thank your mistress, for the punishment cunt!” I barked.
“Thank you mistress for hurting my asshole. Please punish your slave until you feel she's had enough. Break me mistress, make me suffer, make me beg for mercy… but show me none. I’m sorry your slave disappointed you. Please don't feel bad mistress.” Hearing this, the young mistress slowed down and was not pounding K.'s ass nearly as hard.
“That was very heartfelt K.! But why your mistress is going easy on a slave that has earned her punishment I cannot begin to fathom.” I sneered. The mistress upon realizing that she'd slowed down and was going easy and that it was evident to everybody, instantly rammed the cock hard and fast all the way up K's ass! K. let out a yelp! And her mistress ignored it and violated her asshole as hard, fast and deep as she could. Finally I said she'd had enough. When the mistress pulled the cock out of K's asshole, I handed her a paper towel to quickly wipe it and check it. She nodded that it was okay and I motioned for her to turn and offer it to B's mouth. “Clean this cock, and this time get it right!” The young mistress spat. B immediately started to lick the cock as best she could. I picked up the nipple clamps that K. had pulled off B. When she took them off they were adjusted very tightly. I handed them to K. and told her to put them on her own nipples. She did so and the look on her face told me they were immediately painful. I gave the adjustable screw on each clamp one full turn tighter! K. was breathing heavy and biting her lower lip and as I expected there were no complaints as she’d always been able to handle prodigious amounts of nipple torture. Then I took the dressage whip and stepped behind slave B.
“You will get 20 hard strokes B. After each stroke you will count out its number, thank your master, and then say ‘please punish this slave bitch’s ass harder’! If you make a mistake in the count or you fail to say everything and say it properly, we will begin the count over again. You got that slave?”
“Yes master. I understand. I will obey. I will count properly.” B responded.
“We shall see slave.” I said.
I raised the long, thin, black leather clad dressage whip and brought it down moderately hard across B’s ass. It made a lovely red line and she said: “One master thank you sir please punish this slave bitch’s ass even harder!”
When she asked so nicely, what else could I do, I raised the whip and brought it down harder that time! She gasped, took a deep breath and said, “Two master thank you sir please punish this slave bitch’s ass even harder!”
“Certainly slave, since you have been asking so nicely, I will punish your slave ass even harder!” I brought the whip down harshly across her cheeks. She cried out: “Three master thank you Sir! Please punish this slave bitch’s ass even harder!”
I did not make the lashes any harder as I knew she was still a novice slave. I did give her all 20 strokes however, and it was clear she was finding this whip extremely painful.
“Now your Mistress will give you the same treatment she gave K, and if you take it like the whore you are and as K did, we can move on to more pleasant pursuits. If you have trouble handling it, we will spend the next hour training your asshole to better take abuse. Understand slave?” I asked.
“Yes Master. Mistress, please violate my asshole with that big, fat cock and make me beg and scream from the torture.” B begged.
“It will be my pleasure,” Their Mistress said as she smiled and positioned herself behind the welted and red striped ass of slave B. As with K, Mistress started with B’s pussy to lubricate the shaft. Then she slowly b pressed the head against B’s asshole. B moaned immediately, and began to squeal and writhe. It was clear she was neither used to such a big phallus invading her backdoor nor as able to handle the pain as K. Though clearly in pain, B never begged her Mistress for mercy. I wondered if this experience would open her ass for my fucking it later, or just make it tender and more painful when I used her later. We would see! Anyway, her mistress gave me a look like ‘this bitch is hurting, is that long enough for the punishment?’ and I nodded that it was. She pulled the cock out of B’s ass and wiped it with a paper towel. Then the mistress asked me, “Master, who should clean the cock this time?”
“As much as our Bitch needs the experience, it seems only fair that K clean it. Crawl over to your Mistress K and clean Bitch’s ass off that cock.” K crawled over and immediately went to work, first licking, then sucking it clean. I grabbed K by the hair and yanked her away from the cock: “Do you like the taste of our Bitch’s ass?” I asked.
“Yes Master, I love the taste of that Bitch’s ass.” K answered.
“All right. As much as I enjoy punishing slaves, there are many other things I want to do now. Besides, I am quite sure you will earn many more punishments with the auspicious start you got off to today.” When I said this I noticed their young Mistress looked down at the floor. She believed I was critical of her domination and training, but my critical comments were an excuse to punish, and I believe, I also used them as an opportunity to try to get her to accept punishment as well. Though this was really just a fantasy of mine, remarkably, though she would not accept a whipping or spanking from me---it did get her naked and willing to engage in sex with her slaves for my entertainment, when she had admitted no such intention. I planned on enjoying that opportunity while it lasted.
With both slaves untied and kneeling on either side of their lovely young mistress, I announced:
“With your lovely Mistress standing right where she is, but with her legs spread a bit more, I want K behind her burying her beautiful face between the cheeks of your Mistresses lovely ass. Bitch, you will have the honor of kneeling in front of her and eating your Mistresses pussy. Both you and K had better keep your asses high while kneeling because I plan on fucking both of you while you attend to your Mistress. I’ll fuck your pussy or asshole, whichever I feel like and whichever is more accessible. That will be your assholes by the way, if you don’t raise them high enough to give me access to your pussies as well. Since you will once again be the only source of lubrication before any anal sex, I suggest you make sure I can get to your pussies easily! Now, while I get undressed, start serving your Mistress!”
K got behind her and Bitch got in front and they both began to slowly work their mouths on their Mistresses lovely lower half. I stripped off my jeans and black tee shirt and my shoes and socks and stood there naked with an erection as hard as a rock. I’d been swollen and aching throughout all the wonderful activities I had witnessed, orchestrated and performed today, and I was anxious to get some relief, though I was going to try not to rush!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Encouraging a Public Display of Affection!

I remember one of the few times I was able to get M and Kayla together. For a variety of reasons my favorite combination was M with S, mainly because S was the only submissive I knew who could convincingly dominate another woman. However, when Kayla and M were together this presented interesting possibilities because these were the 2 slaves with the most affinity to doing things in public. Before we engaged heavily in D/s, I had already had sex with M in some semi-public spaces. We had sex one evening at the Jersey shore underneath a restaurant on a boardwalk that was full of diners. We had sex several times on secluded hiking trails and she was spanked and whipped over boulders and fallen trees on those trails many times. Kayla loved sex in bathrooms of public places, in cars and in out of the way spots in a house or apartment during crowded parties. I told them both I would be taking the three of us away for the weekend. We were going to a beach community about 70 miles away. It was late summer, the beach was still open but it was after Labor Day and there were no lifeguards. We knew this meant the area would not be particularly crowded.
I told them what I wanted them to pack and we were off. When we arrived the inn we were staying reserved a lovely suite with a king size bed as I had requested. It was the afternoon and I told them we would be going to the beach. We grabbed a blanket, suntan lotion and a couple of water bottles. They each wore a bikini as I had instructed, Kayla, who was younger than M and more toned, always wore bikinis, but M only wore them with me because I insisted. Kayla had brought a regular bikini but also the thong bikini that I had instructed. M said she forgot to pack the thong bikini I had bought her, but we all suspected she did this on purpose. Because M was not wearing a thong bikini Kayla insisted she not as well. I gave in to this easily, and then Kayla wanted to know why I was not angry with M and her for disappointing me. I told them they would see. When they started badgering me with questions, I decided to get them off the subject by announcing M would be punished for forgetting her thong bikini. She was to be whipped and then have to wear a large sized butt plug up her ass under her bikini. She was concerned the plastic end of the butt plug would stick out and be obvious under her bikini and was very embarrassed. However, when she saw I brought along one that had a thin end that slid easily between her cheeks and left almost no outline through her bikini bottom she was relieved. Then she was concerned that the whip I chose would wrap around her hips and leave marks visible outside the area covered by her bikini and I told her instead of the whip, I would a wooden paddle and keep the marks confined to the center of her cheeks. Both of them became suspicious of my easily accommodating nature. Kayla was particularly suspicious so I told her she had earned a paddling and butt plug also. She was annoyed but did not argue as she was not looking to incur an even more severe punishment. I had them both bend over, grab their ankles, and I took turn giving each of them swats. I made them count for each other. Whenever M got a stroke, Kayla had to count the number out loud, then say “Thank you Master for beating that slave whore’s ass.” And when M counted out Kayla’s strokes, she had to count the number and then say “Thank you Master for beating that slave bitch’s ass.”
Soon their asses were brick red and slightly bruised. I inserted the butt plug and then they put on their bikinis. We grabbed the bag and walked down the block. When we got to the beach area, they started to understand what I was thinking. There was a big sign that said ‘CLOTHING OPTIONAL BEACH. NO CHILDREN ALLOWED.’
They both looked at each other and I could imagine what they were thinking: “what is he going to make us take off? What will people see? “ Now, if they really thought about me, they should have also been thinking: What will he make us do on an adult beach with no children nearby?!!
So we got on the beach and laid out the blanker. There were people spread out sporadically. Mostly young girl’s together in groups going topless, and some young couples wearing full bathing suits.
As I sat on the blanket I told them they should remain standing. I informed them that they would be going completely nude this day, and if either of them gave me any trouble they would treat all the bystanders to a free spanking show right there and then on the beach. They hesitated, and then Kayla began to take off the top of her bathing suit.
“No. No.” I said as I held out a hand motioning her to stop. “M will strip first. However, the way we will be doing it, is that you Kayla will take off M’s bathing suit, and then M will return the favor by stripping you! After you are both naked, do not sit until I tell you. If any of the other people on the beach have the interest or opportunity, I want them to see that you have both been naughty slaves that needed your asses paddled, and maybe if their eyesight is good, they will even notice you are such unruly slaves that you needed to have butt plugs shoved up your assholes also!”
They did not move until I told Kayla to take off M’s bikini top. M started to turn her back to Kayla, but I told her to stay facing Kayla and to look into her eyes and smile so that everyone on the beach would know how appreciative she was for Kayla’s help. M did as she was told but I noticed she was not really smiling. Kayla grabbed the top of her suit and M raised her arms and Kayla lifted it off her. Then I told Kayla to get on her knees in front of M, and then lower the bottom of M’s suit slowly. Kayla dropped to her knees in front of M and hey both looked very nervous. I realized they had reached a point already where they wondered what I would do next. While I was always open to pushing the limits of their submission and modesty, I was also aware I did not want us to get arrested or thrown off the beach!
“Well,” I began, “pull down her suit!” Kayla began to lower M’s suit, her face mere inches from M’s round hips and beautiful pussy. When she brought the suit down to the ground, M quickly stepped out of it so as not to drag this out any longer then she needed to. Kayla, who enjoyed being on her knees, and would usually wait until I gave her next command before moving, immediately stood up perhaps before I could command her to give M’s pussy a little kiss!
“You're lucky I chose a pretty big butt plug. A small one might have slid right out of your asshole when she pulled down your bikini and then everyone on the beach might have thought you should have made it to the bathroom!” I could see M's face turning red, and she stood still with her butt cheeks clenched. She must've been thinking that the entire beach could see her well beaten ass as well as the end of the butt plug between her cheeks. She seemed afraid to move perhaps because she was afraid the plug would fall out, but I had chosen fairly large butt plugs specifically so that they would not be able to just fall out on the beach.
Kayla has pretty large firm breasts and I noticed that M was standing pretty far from Kayla so as not to brush against her in any way. Seeing this I told M to get nice and close to Kayla and when her bare nipples were practically touching the top of Kayla’s bikini I told Kayla to lift her arms and for M to lift Kayla’s bikini top off. Since Kayla’s a little taller than M, I knew when it was time to pull the suit top off Kayla’s raised arms, M would have to lean in even closer, and try as she might, M could not help but press her tits against Kayla’s. It was a beautiful sight! Then I told Kayla to turn around and face her back to M. For some reason I wanted Kayla facing the other way. Maybe because when M was undressed, I think her ass being her most attractive body part after her face and hair should be what was exposed to the beach crowd. Kayla’s ass was smaller and less round, and clearly for the crowd her large firm breasts would be her best feature. Also, I always liked to see M’s face near another woman’s naked ass! I told M to position herself again so she was mere inches form Kayla’s body, on her knees this time, and had M lower the bottom of her suit. The moment Kayla stepped out of it M began standing and Kayla stepped away, again seeming to fear what I might have them do in that position if they lingered! M asked me if I was going to need help with my suit.
“I’m not taking my suit off just yet, or even pulling off these shorts I’m wearing over them.” I responded. “You see, at the moment I have a rock hard erection and I think it would not be appropriate to expose it. At some point I will need to find a place for you two to take care of this, so that I can more appropriately present myself.”
Then I said, “Sunscreen. You both need sunscreen ALL OVER. The sun can be a hazard for a couple of nude sunbathing fans like you!” I smiled but they did not seem to share the joke. “M, you can apply the sunscreen to Kayla first. Don’t miss a spot—you certainly don’t want to be punished right here on the beach!” The girls looked at each other apprehensively. “Since Kayla prefers to shave completely, against my preferences, we need to be careful she does not burn there. So be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to around her pussy to make up for the lack of pubic hair. You don’t have to do her pussy lips since the lotion might be irritating.” They both looked very worried but Kayla sat down with her back to M and said, “Do my back first.” M kneeled behind her and began applying the sunscreen. Kayla suddenly turned to me and begged, “Master, I understand what you want and I promise we will do a good job rubbing the lotion into each other’s back and ass, but please, please Master let us put it on our own tits and pussy!” Then M chimed in, “Yes Master please, PLEASE!” M implored. It was M that convinced me. As much as Kayla was sincere, I felt she seemed calm enough that she could handle the embarrassment but it was clear that rubbing lotion all over the intimate areas of another naked woman on a public beach might be too much for M.
“Very well.” I said, sounding reluctant. “But you will both be severely punished for this later, and don’t expect to make a habit of begging to get out of things now that you see I gave in. And definitely don’t think I plan on making a habit out of letting you off the hook!” They both smiled in obvious relief. M, seemed to loosen up a little and did a nice slow massaging application of lotion to Kayla’s back. Then Kayla laid on her belly and M sat on the side, next to her, and did her lower back, ass and back of her legs, equally slowly and sensually. I suspect M was afraid if I disapproved f the job she did, I might rethink my decision. Next it was M’s turn to have the lotion put on. As I have mentioned in previous posts, though none of my slaves ever showed a particular affinity or affection for any of the others, some of them, like S had fantasies of being with other women, and some like K and Kayla, had more than fantasies---they had intentions to be with other women whether they had met me or not. K was with her young female Mistress, and out of deference to her, requested that she not serve with any other women, but Kayla used her submission to me as a gateway to bisexual experiences as well as D/s ones. So, when it was time for Kayla to put the lotion on M, she told M, “lay on your stomach and I’ll do your back.” M lay down on her stomach, and Kayla straddled M’s lower back, bringing her pussy in contact with M’s back. M seemed a little surprised because I had not given specific directions for this and M never would have sat her naked body on another woman without being commanded to do so. Now Kayla and M had only been together twice before. It was twice during the last 2 weeks, for a few hours each time. I did that so they could be familiar with each others bodies before this trip that I had planned. They were new to each other, and it was the first time the Kayla had ever been with a woman, so Kayla seemed as uncomfortable and apprehensive as M. also Kayla was not a big fan of M., because she knew I’d had a long-standing relationship with M and would never have met Kayla except that M and I had been apart for some time, before M had come back and said she wanted to try the relationship again as my complete and total slave. So M never expected Kayla to take any kind of initiative when it came to having any sort of physical contact with M. But there Kayla was sitting on M's back slowly rubbing suntan lotion with a slow and sensuous massage, taking advantage of this opportunity to interact with another woman. Kayla slowly dragged her pussy against M’s ass as she went lower down M’s back with her hands. She could've just raised herself a little and moved down, but she clearly preferred to do it that way. Soon she was sitting with her pussy right on the heel of one of M.'s feet, while granting the other ankle and spreading M’s legs apart. She began to massage lotion into and M’s ass cheeks and upper thighs. She had spread M's legs to get to her inner thighs. I could see M was lost in the feelings of the wonderful massage, because her eyes were closed and she was rhythmically moving her foot, massaging Kayla’s pussy with her foot motions. I guess that was her way of saying thank you. I guess she could tell from the way Kayla was acting that she'd appreciate it.
When they were done they both sat up and took some lotion and did their own breasts, and rest of their bodies as I had said they could. Then they both helped put lotion on whatever was exposed of me.
After we had laid there a while, I noticed the crowd on the beach, which was small to begin with, had thinned out a bit. There was a young couple lying on towels about 50 feet from us, the girl was topless and the boy’s erection was obvious, and they were kissing passionately.
M and Kayla were both lying on their backs, eyes closed, sunning themselves, one on either side of me. I nudged them both and gestured towards the couple. They looked, then moved in close to me and both said almost simultaneously, “you want to be doing that?”
To which I answered, “not exactly.” Immediately I saw a little fear creep into M’s eyes, Kayla did not look worried, but was looking around; probably trying to decide if there was any reason she would not be willing to do what I was thinking. Obviously she decided that there was no pressing reason not to because all she said was: “I'll do whatever you want sir." Kayla liked calling me sir, and preferred to do it public. When she heard this, M looked at Kayla, then stared into my eyes and said, “whatever you command I'll do Master.”
I stood up and told them the slide next to each other. Then I sat down next to them and told them “be friendly”. I laid there looking into each other's eyes and then Kayla made the first move. She leaned towards M and I could see M. close her eyes as Kayla's lips gently touched hers. They kissed lightly at first, then a little bit more aggressively. Their lips were parted but I could see neither had ventured a tongue into the other’s mouth. Finally, Kayla put an arm over M’s side and pulled her close as she darted her tongue between M’s lips. I whispered in M’s ear “put your arm around Kayla, because if I have to place your arm for you you’ll be feeling up her ass in front of this crowd.” Without breaking from the kiss M brought her arm around Kayla as well. There they were lying naked on their sides, hugging tightly as they kissed, the surf in the background, a cool breeze playing over the sandy beach. It was a beautiful sight.
I did not want to do anything vulgar in public so I wasn't going to actually check, but I asked them if they're pussies were wet. Kayla said her pussy was. M. said she didn't know. I said, “Really? Do you want me to make you check right here, right now?”
“Please no Master…. It’s wet.”
”I thought you didn't know?”
“I'm sorry Master.”
“You'll be punished for that as well. “

We had brought water bottles and I kept reminding the girls to drink so as not to become dehydrated. Eventually Kayla asked for permission to go to the bathroom. I did not grant it at first. After a while; “Please Master, I really have to pee!” She begged. I looked at M.
“What about you?” I asked as I pressed her lower abdomen. Usually this was enough to make her have to go when she did not realize she had to. “Yes Master, I need to go too.”
“Fine let’s go to the bathroom and from there we will go back to the suite. Let’s get our stuff together. “ I said. I noticed M looked a little apprehensive and I realized she was obviously paying close attention to what I was saying. She probably wanted to ask me why I said we would go to the bathroom before returning to the suite when the suite was so close, but was afraid to ask in case that was just a misstatement/. We gathered up our stuff, they put on their bathing suits, and we started walking. They both probably noticed I was taking a different route back. I took them under the boardwalk and we went to the left end where there were bushes. We reached a dead end behind the bushes. I did not expect a dead end but I did notice the privacy of the bushes, but this was even better. We could hear some people laughing up above us on the boardwalk. From what I remembered seeing on the boardwalk, there was a cold drink stand right above us. “Okay slaves; remove your suits and pee.” M looked at me very scared, where Kayla started removing the bottom of her suit. I had threatened to make Kayla pee outside as a punishment before because she is more interested in public humiliation, but I had never actually done it. M saw I was not budging and that Kayla had removed her suit, so she finally removed the bottom of hers as well.
“Face each other and crouch.” I commanded. They did, but seemed too close. “Although you are obviously ready, we can save peeing on each other for another time! Move about 3 feet further apart!” I commanded. They moved and then crouched again. Kayla’s stream began to flow first as she was less nervous. M seemed unable. “Slave, no one has walked by yet, but the longer we are here the more likely someone will take a peek. The longer this takes you may end up eve more embarrassed!” M closed her eyes and concentrated, and finally the stream began. I pulled some tissues from my shorts pocket and handed two to Kayla, who had finished first. When M was finally done I gave them to her also. They dried themselves and put on their suits and we began walking again. As we walked towards the suite, I asked, “So what are you two thinking?”
“I’m hot Master.” Kayla said.
“I’m sweating too.” M said.
“No, I’m hot! Wet. Excited.” Kayla directed at M, then continued answering my question, “This day has been wild! I used to only fantasize things like this until I met you.”
“I learn and experience new things with you everyday Master. Today was no exception.” M answered.
“I am pleased you are pleased Kayla. As for you M, I believe that was a politically correct way of saying you do things for me you would not otherwise do. I know that, and appreciate your submission, and never take it for granted!” I answered them both.
We walked back to the inn. When we got back to the room I told them to get undressed, do anything they need to do, as soon they'd be taking a shower. They both used the bathroom and finally stood before me naked. I told them both to get into the shower. They turned on the water and got in and I handed shower gel , some wash cloths and a sponge to M. “you can start by washing Kayla. If I were you I wouldn't miss any spots because I think you've already earned enough punishment for one day!”
M. seemed to hesitate at first and then appeared to make the decision to shower Kayla is if she was washing herself. I knew this because I often like to watch my slaves in the shower and they usually find it exciting and embarrassing, and I knew what M's routine in the shower was by now. She started at the top by shampooing Kayla's hair. This was not easy because Kayla's a little taller than M. After her hair she used the washcloth to do Kayla's face. Then she put some gel on the sponge and went behind Kayla and did her back. She brought the soapy sponge over Kayla's ass and then kneeled and did her legs and feet. She went in front to Kayla, put more soap on the sponge and then started on her shoulders then skipped down to her belly, and then did the outside of her thighs, calves and back to her feet. She looked at me, then put more gel on the sponge, did not actually look at Kayla, and began to run the soapy sponge across Kayla's breasts. She then quickly ran it lightly over Kayla's midsection and then looked at me. She knew she'd missed some spots of course, you knew she was just going to get more punishment, but it seemed she couldn't bring herself to finish the job without direct commands from me.
“Obviously my slave bitch is anxious to earn as much punishment as possible today. You missed a few spots slave. Take the washcloth and put some soap on it.” When she did so I instructed Kayla to turn around. “Now wash this slave's pussy properly. Then get to work on her ass. I know you know how to do it right. I've seen you clean your own ass and pussy bitch. I plan on using this whore later, and I take it as a personal attack that you wouldn't make sure she was as clean as possible for me.”
“I'm sorry Master. I didn't think about it that way. I'll do better and I know I'll deserve any terrible punishment you choose for me.” M then very thoroughly cleaned Kayla’s pussy and ass. I could see her really work her finger wrapped in the washcloth deep up Kayla's asshole. Then I grabbed the sponge and handed it to Kayla, along with another washcloth and told her to take good care of M as I planned to use her very well later also. Kayla didn't really need any prompting. It was clear she would like to be serving a mistress as well as a master. In the thorough and careful yet gentle manner then she took care of M, I can imagine that she was fantasizing about her being her mistress instead of a fellow slave. Once she was done cleaning M, I left the sponge in Kayla's hands, handed the washcloth to M, and then I undressed and stepped under the shower stream. Together they cleaned me from head to toe. Then as we rinsed off under the shower spray, I told them both to get on their knees. I had the erection so long I was aching to cum. I told Kayla to get behind me and lick my asshole and had M. kneel before me and lick my balls and suck my cock until I shot my load in her face. I was thinking of having them switch places a couple of times, but the reality was that Kayla's mouth was fairly small and no matter how much training was also unskilled. M. was much better at giving blow jobs and I wanted to cum pretty quick so I could move on to the punishment and the other things I had planned to get me and the girls ready to cum many times throughout the next few hours.
We got out of the tub and I told them to dry me off, and then instructed them to dry each other off. I handed them collars and cuffs and told them to put them on each other. When they were done I handed them the suitcase filled with punishment implements and told them to lay them all out.
“The way I see it, you both earned a pretty severe punishment for your request that I should change what I planned out on the beach. However, and has earned additional punishment for needing extra prompting from her master.” I pulled out a long fat double headed dildo. Stand on each end of this and each of you start deep throating it. I watched one end get swallowed inches down my lovely slave M’s throat. Kayla was having more difficulty. As I said her mouth was small, and she also had difficulty getting past the pain of using it aggressively on large things.
“Don't worry.” I said. This is not a task that you would be judged on and punished for. It was really to help lubricate these huge shafts for the next stage. So your pussy may pay for your limitations bitch!”
I had them get on their hands and knees facing away from each other. I slid the wet end into M's pussy, and the other end roughly into Kayla’s. “Now fuck that,” I commanded. They both gyrated back and forth, fucking there's and the other girls pussy as well. “Very good.”, I said, “doesn't seem much like punishment does it?”
“I'm sure this isn't the last stop for these things.” M said.
“Why M, however did you guess?” I said as I grabbed the middle of the huge dildo and told them to stop moving. “That was fun to watch, but now it gets really interesting.” As I mentioned M is both incredibly turned on and fearful of anal pain. All the time I knew her, her asshole was always just as tight and though she it excited her greatly, anything that I stuck up there also hurt. Now Kayla likes anal too, she doesn't get off on it as strongly as M, but she is also able to relax more and straightforward anal sex is not painful for her, and butt plugs are only mildly so. I could see she was looking at this huge dildo with trepidation. It would hurt M more but she would get more wet and turned on. It would hurt Kayla less, but I could already see she was worried about whether she could handle it. I told them to continue kneeling on their hands and knees facing away from each other, and then I got between them, and started by using one hand to spread M’s cheeks, while with the other I worked the huge head of the dildo into her asshole. She let out a gasp and pushed her face down onto the carpeted floor. “Backup.” I told Kayla. When she was at the right position I told her to stop. Again, I used one hand to spread her cheeks and the other to start pushing the dildo up her ass. She bit her lower lip and started grunting as the dildo began to penetrate.
“Okay the name of this game is “you're my bitch’. The object is to fuck each other's asshole and to make sure you get more dildo up your ass and be the deepest ass fucked bitch. I think this will be a lot of fun to watch. The winner gets the deepest ass fucking , but as the winner they also get serviced by the loser. The loser will then become your bitch! She'll do whatever you say, and you get to punish her too! Of course, after you punish the loser she will gladly thank you for the punishment and beg for more. Now, during the contest you may touch your pussy or whatever you want, you can spread your cheeks wider if you want, but you can't touch the dildo or directly interfere with it in any way. Okay. I recommend your starting position be high up on your hands and knees. This should put you in the right position for your asshole to get as many inches as possible, and may the most obedient ass win! Get ready. Get set. FUCK THOSE ASSHOLES!”
They both started gyrating back and forth fiercely. Seconds later Kayla reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. Amazingly, most of that huge long dildo had disappeared up those two obedient slaves asses. Finally I said: “Stop, and don’t move!” They stop suddenly. I took a thin marker and marked the very spot where the dildo entered each girl's asshole. I have to admit that I thought the likely winner would be Kayla. But when we measured, there was 7 inches up M.'s ass, but only 5 1/4 up Kayla's.
I extended my hand to M and helped her stand up. “Good job M! Now, Kayla's your bitch and you are her mistress. Do you understand that Kayla?”
“Yes Master. Please use me mistress.” Kayla said.
“Yes M, use her well, and punish her too if the mood strikes, just don't disappoint me!” I handed M. a leash. She looked at Kayla kneeling on the floor. M looked nervous. Interestingly, since Kayla wanted to be with other women she probably didn't mind losing. But M, while not interested in women, was so out of her element having to dominate someone else, that I bet she wished she'd lost and just had to serve Kayla for a while. She walked over to M. and bent over attached a leash. She started walking away and said “come here bitch” and tugged on the leash. She walked into the bedroom Kayla crawling obediently behind. I followed. M. got onto the bed on her knees with her ass facing Kayla. “Kiss my ass slave!” M commanded almost convincingly. Kayla did as she was told. She planted kisses all over M.'s cheeks. “Now lick my ass, whore.” Kayla spread M’s cheeks and started to lick her asshole. “Slave!” M cried out, “I said my ass. I did not command you nor give you permission to clean my asshole!”
“I'm sorry mistress.”
“You will be punished before you finish making me cum bitch. Bend over the end of the bed.” Kayla bent over the end of the bed. M came to me and asked how she could punish Kayla. You may use three instruments on her. Hurt her as much as you see fit, use how I punish my slaves as a guide.”
M. gathered up her instruments of punishment . She placed them next to Kayla on the bed so she could see what was going to be done to her. M had clearly learned well from the way I dominated her, as this is how she proceeded:
M held up the first instrument and asked Kayla what it was.
“That's a leather bullwhip mistress.” Kayla responded.
“Yes it is. What do you think I'm going to do with it?”
“Whip my ass and back until I scream and beg for mercy.” Kayla answered.
“Very good slave. And what's this?” She asked as she held up the next item.
“It's a big rubber cock mistress.”
“What do you think I'm going to do with that?”
“Since I am to be punished, I believe it's going to be going up my ass, probably also until I scream and beg for mercy.”
“Quite right slave. You may consider it help for the next contest. Your asshole obviously needs more training.” Then M. picked up the last item.
“And what is this slave whore?” She asked Kayla.
“Nipple clamps mistress.”
“What kind bitch?”
“Adjustable ones mistress.”
“Very good slave. What do you think I’m going to do with those?”
“Torture my nipples mistress, no doubt until I scream and beg for mercy.”
“Quite right slave. Do you know why I chose these adjustable clamps?
“No mistress.”
“I chose adjustable ones so that no matter how much tit torture you can handle, I can make sure to give you much more pain than that!” M answered.
“I understand Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”
I was amazed at how good a job M. was doing. She'd certainly heard, seen and felt my do all these things, and I knew she was intelligent, but I did not think she had the ability to push through her natural inhibitions and inclinations.
M came to me and asked how she could tie down Kayla for punishment and I told her where I put some silk ties in the suitcase. Before long Kayla was tied down tight and M., after roughly fucking Kayla's mouth and pussy with the large rubber cock started abusing Kayla's asshole mercilessly with it. It had to already be pretty sore from the butt plug on the beach and the ‘you’re my bitch’ contest afterward, so this had to be pretty tough for Kayla to take. I was impressed by the cruelty M was able to show towards Kayla. Clearly M. was not enjoying sharing her Master! I was also impressed by Kayla's ability to submit to the whims of M, rather than protest to her Master the amount of anal punishment she was receiving today.
Then M stuck her ass in Kayla’s face, while leaving the big rubber cock completely rammed up Kayla’s asshole and said: "Now you may lick my asshole slave. Make it feel good and perhaps I will go easier on you with my next punishment.”
Kayla was tied bent over the bed with her face buried between the cheeks of M’s ass, as she knelt on the bed in front of Kayla. I walked over and spread M’s cheeks further apart so I could watch Kayla’s tongue serve M’s asshole. She was doing a very eager and thorough job!
Finally M moved from Kayla’s face and said, “Not bad slave. Now while I torture your nipples I’ll do my best not to make them bleed as a reward for the quality of your ass worship. You really are an excellent asshole cleaning slave.”
I had to admire M’s ability to verbally humiliate Kayla. I wondered, since I knew Kayla was happy to serve a Mistress, but might not appreciate that Mistress being M, if she was enjoying herself. I walked up behind her and shoved two fingers into her pussy. It was hot and soaking wet.
“You are a very wet ass licking whore aren’t you?” I said not waiting for an answer, but thrusting my wet fingers into Kayla’s mouth. She sucked them clean and after I pulled them out of her mouth she said, “Yes Master, I am a very wet ass licking whore!”
Then I brushed past M and pinched her butt, “And you have turned out to be quite the Mistress you ass fucking, slave humiliating bitch!”
“I’m glad you’re pleased Master.” M said.
“Pleased?! You guys are making my cock throb! I plan on fucking the two of you all night long, stopping only to dish out the rest of your punishment!”
M untied Kayla, then had her sit in a straight backed chair and clipped her two wrist cuffs together behind her back. M leaned down and began to massage and play with Kayla’s big nipples. Then she started to squeeze them and Kayla started to moan. When Kayla’s nipples were hard M snapped a clamp on Kayla’s left nipple first. They must have been adjusted pretty tight already because Kayla gasped and shut her eyes tight. Then M snapped the other clamp on the right nipple. Kayla cried out.
“Are these tight? M asked as she twisted the clamps.
Kayla screeched, “Yes Mistress. Very tight, Oh!”
“What will you do when I make them tighter slave?” M asked.
“I will suffer for you Mistress, and scream for you.” Kayla responded.
“You do want me to tighten them, don’t you slave?”
“Yes Mistress.” Kayla gasped, “Please tighten the clamps and hurt your bitch even more.”
I could see M was not sure what she should do. She was talking the talk, but could she really tighten the clams when Kayla was in so much pain already? M made her decision. She reached out and grabbed the clamps and twisted them again. Kayla gasped and moaned,
You know bitch, I promised I wouldn’t make your nipples bleed because you’re such a good ass licker and tightening the clamps might break that promise. I’ll have to be satisfied just twisting them.”
“Yes Mistress, please twist them. She gasped.
M decided she was finished with the clamps and roughly yanked them off both Kayla’s nipples at the same time and Kayla cried out when she did. Then M started to squeeze and pinch Kayla’s nipples and it was clearly very painful and then Kayla said, “Thank you Mistress for hurting my nipples.”
“You’re welcome slave.” Then M reached behind Kayla and unclipped the wrist cuffs. “Your punishment is almost over slave. After I whip you it will be time for you to eat my pussy until I cum a few times all over your face.”
Kayla moaned when she heard M say that, “I can’t wait to serve you Mistress. I want my tongue up your pussy while your juice is running down my chin.” Kayla said this while she was lightly massaging her raw nipples. M looked at me when she heard this, and I could tell she was thinking something---then she did something unexpected---for M---just one of many unexpected things that day---she touched her pussy, thrust two fingers inside herself, pulled them out of her own pussy and offered them at Kayla’s mouth. Kayla’s stuck her tongue out and licked them, then started to kiss M’s fingers, then wrapped her mouth around them. Thank you Mistress, your pussy tastes wonderful. Please let me bury my face between your legs.”
“Of course whore, as soon as you’ve been properly whipped!” M responded. Kayla looked disappointed.
“Did you expect to get out of a whipping just by begging to eat your Mistresses pussy?” M asked.
“Of course not Mistress. I just cannot wait to taste your juice as it drips from your beautiful pussy. I would never ask you to not punish this slave’s ass. Please Mistress, whip me Mistress, whip my back and my ass, and hurt me. Make me scream under your lash and beg to eat your pussy, Mistress.”
“That’s much better slave! Now lay spread eagle on your stomach on the bed, and after I secure your wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed, I will grant your request to be whipped until you scream and beg. However,…” M began as she walked back to the suitcase, took something out then returned to Kayla laying on the bed waiting to be tied. “Since we are in an inn we can’t scream too much,” then M showed Kayla the big ball gag she took from the suitcase. “We will use this during the most severe part of your whipping.” Kayla obediently opened her mouth.
“Not yet slut.” M said as she took the ball gag and started to rub her pussy with it until it was wet and slippery. “Now it is ready! This way while I beat you, you can do more than just imagine eating my pussy, right?”
“Yes Mistress, thank you.” Kayla said then once again obediently opened her mouth and M inserted the large ball gag that was particularly tough for Kayla who, as I mentioned, had a smallish mouth that was not very flexible. I could tell it stretched her mouth painfully. I was impressed by how much Kayla was taking this day, and I believe serving a woman, and not wanting to appear weak in front of a woman whom she still was in competition with for the attention of their Master, all contributed to her fine performance.
“Now slave, I am going to beat your back and ass fiercely until the backside of your body is covered in red stripes and welts. You may scream into your gag as much as you like. Then I will slow it down and take individual strokes with all my strength. For those we will free your mouth so you can tell me how much you appreciate the beating, how much more you want to be punished and you can thank me properly. DO you understand slave?” M asked and Kayla could only respond by shaking her head.
M stepped into position and chose a three foot long stiff leather bullwhip. She chose my shortest bullwhip because she must have noticed it was my favorite choice as it gave a painful lash yet was small enough to be aimed precisely. She lifted it high and brought it down with a lot of force across Kayla’s firm round butt. It left a beautiful red line across both cheeks of her ass. She raised it and brought it down again, and again, and again, and again. Her ass was covered by five beautiful lines and she was taking advantage of the gag to scream into it. I have known more than one slave that enjoyed screaming, and actually more than one woman who enjoyed screaming during orgasm separate from S&M, but it is rare that they have the opportunity to do it where, when and as loud as they like. Gags can help sometimes. M started on Kayla’s back, about 10 strokes, but clearly much softer than how she had been flailing her ass, but f course her back was much more sensitive so it probably hurt as much. Then she went back to her ass and gave her ten strokes one right after the other, than five to her back, softer but just as rapidly. Then, after 10 more to her ass, M stopped, put down the whip and unbuckled the ball gag and slipped it out of Kayla’s mouth.
“Thank you Mistress for beating your slave. You are clearly showing me no mercy, thank you.” Kayla said as soon as the gag came out.
“Your welcome slave. Now after each stroke you will count the number and say, “Thank you Mistress. Please beat my ass harder. Got that?”
“Yes Mistress.”
M brought the whip down on Kayla’s ass very hard!
“One thank you Mistress. That hurt so much! Please whip my ass even harder Mistress. Please!”
“Oh slave, that was excellent. And you begged so nicely, I have to oblige and beat you even harder!” M said. She raised the whip and brought it down on Kayla’s ass as hard as she could. Kayla cried out, then took a breath and said, “Oh Mistress thank you for beating me even harder. My ass is on fire. Please whip me again!”
“Of course slave, and because you forgot to count, let us start at one again.” M did that just to sound cruel because she never specified how many strokes she was going to give Kayla, so it did not meant much to start over when she was just going to decide how many to give as she went along. M raised the whip and brought it down much softer on Kayla’s back.
“One thank you Mistress. It hurts so much when you whip my back Mistress, thank you. Please make me scream and beg for Mercy Mistress. Whip me harder, please!”
“I think you are right slave. You needn’t count or thank me anymore after each stroke as you won’t be able to keep up. Just say…what comes naturally!”
M raised the whip and began to rain down lashes across Kayla’s ass and back, mostly across her ass. Kayla buried her face in the mattress and screamed, taking this for several minutes and then finally raising her head and saying, ”Please Mistress, mercy on you pitiful ass licking whore, please, Mistress, let my mouth serve you now, please!” In the middle of her talking M stopped whipping her.
“Yes slave, I agree that it is time to service your Mistress and lick her pussy. I am very wet and excited from beating you in front of our Master and it is time you make me cum.”
M began to untie Kayla’s wrists and ankles as she said this. Kayla’s back and ass were a mass of red, stripes, welts and just crimson. She was a lovely sight and I had to admire M’s sadistic handiwork. When Kayla sat up untied M addressed her again.
”Now whore; lay on your back on the bed.” Kayla complied and M got on the bed and sat her pussy right onto Kayla’s face. Her ass sat on Kayla’s nose and her pussy was right on Kayla’s mouth. “C’mon bitch, show your Mistress how good you eat pussy!” M yelled out. M started to move her hips, rubbing her clit across Kayla’s mouth as she lapped at her pussy. It did not take long for M to cum, and Kayla never let up on her licking and kissing and sucking and soon M came again. Still Kayla kept licking and still M kept her pussy on Kayla’s face. This time she did not cum again so quickly. “Come on bitch, lick harder and faster! Your Mistress isn’t done using your mouth yet. You only want to make your Mistress cum twice? I should whip your ass until it bleeds you lazy whore!”
At that I noticed Kayla doubled her efforts with her tongue and mouth and was really working M’s pussy. Clearly she responded well to M’s chastising!

When M had finished dominating Kayla I had to comment on what I’d seen. “M, that was remarkable. I think you have been hiding your inner dominatrix! I believe you would really enjoy dominating some submissive bitch right along side me, as I have done with others to you!”
“Master, please no. I would not like that. I wanted to please you and have seen you dominate me, and other women, for a long time now. I knew what you like to see, say and have done. I imagined myself in Kayla’s place, and that you were dominating us, and then said what I imagined you would say and do to us. I was excited because I saw and knew it was exciting you. I have always been the slave used by you, and if you desired, another woman also, and I much prefer that. All the pain, all the use, all the humiliation, is all directed by you and focused on me, even when you have others present. If I was to be the dominant woman beside you, I would watch you focus, and make me focus, on the slave at our feet and I would be a mere prop for your domination and degradation of another slave girl. I am happiest doing everything for you and taking everything for you because you are dominating me. I am happy to put on a show like this whenever you want, but please leave me to the role I am made for…your slave, your bitch and your whore.”
“Well then, I certainly would not alter anything if that is what you desire, and when you serve me so well” I answered. “In fact, listening to you now, and thinking about the rest of our time here together, to remind you how much I desire you as my slave, I think we should let Kayla have a crack at you since you laid into her so well. I am sure she should put on quite an entertaining show. Tomorrow morning it is supposed to rain, so after breakfast and showers, Mistress Kayla takes charge. As for right now, I want to feel two tongues up my asshole, while I get ready to fuck two beautiful, hot, slaves!