Friday, June 4, 2010

There’s More to Punishing a Slave than Whipping, Caning and Paddling!

I started with clamps in the sister blog, Entering Submission. But there is a lot more to do with clamps, and a lot of things you can do to punish a slave through her breasts and especially her nipples. I've mentioned a few things in the course of writing this blog, but I'm going to put them all together, add some additional stuff and then tell you some of the things I've heard from other submissive women. I invited a couple of people to write some stuff that I can put into my post but as of yet have not heard from them. Some of those I invited 10 to respond with comments so I'm sure if they have anything to add to put it in a comment, and one of them is somebody I've talked to online who lives in Germany and she had some very interesting and specific desires that I will mention if she doesn't.
Anyway, with the handful of submissive girls I've been involved with their ability to withstand nipple pain and breasts punishment varied greatly. On one end of the spectrum was K who not only could withstand a tremendous amount of pain, but seemed to welcome it. Then there was M, who was right next to K. on the spectrum, she could handle severe pain, and could often get excited from it, and if the pain started to bring out from excitement it was very easy to get her right back up there. Then there was slave T., who enjoyed a fair amount of nipple pain, slave S who enjoyed moderate pain and could handle a bit more, and close behind was slave Kayla, who genuinely wanted severe breast and nipple punishment but really could not handle more than a small to moderate amount. As you can see, I was lucky enough in my experience to run the gamut of pain tolerance. Anyone else I was with was too short to get into many different scenarios but I will gladly share whatever I have about those experiences as well. I always liked M’s pain tolerance and reactions so I am going to tell a lot about what I did with her. I will throw in some of the more extreme things with K. And relate them to things I've been asked about since. Anything I did with slave S, slave T. or slave Kayla, I also did with M. Everything I did with M. and K. was not necessarily done to others if they could not handle it. I will talk about when I was able to do some of those things with other people and what the differences were.
I mentioned in another post one of my favorite things which is called “hanging by the nipples”. I did this with M and K. often and for prolonged periods. I did it with slave S regularly but for shorter amounts of time. It varied with slave T.; what she could handle. Kayla had a hard time doing this for any amount of time. It entailed either tightly adjusted nipple clamps or the use of Japanese Clover clamps that tighten as their chain gets pulled on. Since a lot of strain was going to be on the chain, the chain needed to be strong enough, and since there was going to be a great deal of pull on the clamps, they needed to be securely fastened to the nipples. Just making them tight enough on the adjustable clamps was more than some slaves could handle. This could be helped by using the Japanese Clover clamps which only got pulled as tight as they needed to be. Either a hook would be hanging from the ceiling or I placed a premeasured hook screwed into the wall. The height of the hook obviously varied by the slave and the length of chain holding that particular set of clamps. The purpose of adjusting the height of the hook was so that when the chain was attached to the hook the pressure on the nipples would only be bearable for an extended period of time if the slave got up on their tip toes. This had the added benefit of presenting their ass as a lovely target for the cane. The cane strokes require them to wiggle around and pull at the clamps, which increased their punishment. Slave M and K. could be in that position up to half an hour which was the longest I was comfortable allowing restricted blood flow to their nipples. Slave T. or S could only handle a few minutes, and slave Kayla, though she was extremely turned on by the thought, found it near impossible to stay up on her toes or to bear the pain in her nipples when she could not maintain that position. Her punishment for that was to have 20 or 30 clothespins placed all over her large breasts and adjustable clamps put on her nipples very, very tightly. These were left on as long I would've liked to have seen her hung by her nipples, and then she would have to take each one off slowly. Once all the clothes pins were removed, she would have to twist the tight clamps, first as far clockwise as she could, and then after holding for a minute, as far counterclockwise as she could for another minute. Then she would have to remove those clamps by herself as well.
Often when being hung by her nipples I would come behind M or K and reach between their legs and rub their pussies. Invariably, if they weren't very wet, they were seconds later, but at the same time this would make their bodies relax and they would stand flat no longer on their tip toes and receive a sharp dose of pain in their nipples for allowing their body to relax at an inopportune time. Or I would grab them by their hair and pull their head back to give them a kiss which would also be pulling their body away from the clamps forcing them to bite even harder into their nipples.
Once you have a slave “hanging by their nipples” you can find your own ways to make it your own. Although I mentioned caning their ass, their back is also available is a nice target for many different kinds of whips. I don't think I mentioned what to do with the slave's hands. At the beginning, when I first started doing this with slaves, I used to attach their cuffs together and then raise them over their head and attach them to a separate hook dropped from the ceiling. I did this as a precaution because I was afraid if they lost their balance they would fall backward or sideways and possibly damage their nipples. After some experience I've found that this was almost never the case, and even if they lost their balance the clamps came off or the chain came off the hook in the wall. I have found it's much less complicated and much simpler to just cuff their hands behind their back. I like the way this looks but if you find your particular slave can't balance this way, which was the case with slave T., then cuff their hands in front of them. It will take some time to rig this up in a way that works for you and your slave. You will need to try a few different spots for the hot in the wall because at various times you slave will be able to stand higher or lower on their tip toes. For slave T. and slave Kayla I ended up doing an alternate version. I had to allow them to stand flat on the floor because they just couldn't handle being on their toes for any amount of time. I'd position them so that I had to tug on the chain forcefully to get it on the hook. This produced a similar and desired effect. However, if the slave inched forward a little bit they can greatly reduce the strain and pain in their nipples. This of course was not acceptable since I had other slaves would have to do the full routine and stand on their toes and accept the strain. The only thing I can do about this was to put a mark on the floor and to let them know of the severe punishment they would face if they moved forward from the mark. If you find a better way to let them stand flat on their feet and still ensure the proper and consistent punishment, please let me know. I am always looking for ways to do things more creatively or more effectively.
I have never been a big fan of beating breasts, though from the Internet I can see there is an interest in whipping and caning them. I have used a riding crop to knock clothespins off the tits or to knock around clamps on nipples. I have been involved with slaves that wanted pins stuck into their breasts and needles pushed through their nipples. Slave K. and M. both submitted to this kind of tit torture. Kayla also wanted pins stuck into her breasts and nipples, as well as to feel a cigarette burning her tits and nipples. However in practice she did not particularly enjoy the needles going into her tits, and to “warm her up” so to speak, I used hot candle wax as a test. Now, she had always enjoyed hot wax poured on her nipples, her asshole, her ass and her pussy, but I always held the candle many inches away when I poured it. Now I poured it from a mere inch or two so she would feel much hotter wax and have a better idea of what burning might feel like and she could barely handle the wax so I knew she could never handle a real burn of any sort. Certainly earning someone is not something I feel the need to and would not do without their strong desire. Just like while I fantasize early on about pins and needles I don't find that I need to use them on any regular basis if the slave is not particularly into that. I do find that the level and types of pain I choose to give is directly related to what the slave needs and desires. I think at this point it's pretty clear that I like hard ass whipping, caning and paddling. With someone who can handle it though, I like using clamps and weights and to be pretty severe to the nipples as well. But everyone I'm with does not have to be able to handle the same level of severe treatment. Now, Kayla never admitted that the hot wax convinced her she couldn't handle actual burns, but she didn't ask for this punishment again until she had done something that ended our relationship. Rather than end it she was seeking another way out and begged me to punish her more harshly and severely than I ever did. While I imagine there is a part inside of those of us who like to inflict sexual pain that would like an offer like this, and I certainly appreciated the “anything you want Master” attitude I got from M when we had rekindled our relationship in the past, nevertheless I did not take Kayla up on this. I don't know about you, but when somebody has lost my trust and caused me to lose interest in them, I no longer want to punish them in the ways we discuss here because to me those are erotic and sexual acts and the last thing I want to do with someone like that is anything sexual.
There were times when M, K and T enjoyed severe nipple treatment with a menacing aspect. I will describe the most severe scene though T didn't participate in all of this. I'll use a time with K. as an example. I had K tied to a chair, hands bound to the arms of the chair. During these times the slave wanted to really focus on what was happening to their tits so I did not make them sit on a punishment chair or insert anything into their asshole. I also didn't put anything into their pussy and the only stimulation they would get was when I chose to put my hand between their legs and rub them. As I walked around the room preparing I would say to K “a slave whore like you, who can't even be ready on time, who keeps her master waiting, needs to be shown no mercy. When you could be naked kneeling on the floor with your face buried between your master's cheeks cleaning his asshole, or sitting on his lap fucking him before getting off and licking all your pussy juice off his cock and swallowing his cum, and instead you're keeping him waiting--- you need to spend some time screaming and begging, understand bitch?” She would of course agree and then I would pick up a ball gag and move it between her legs and rub her pussy with it to get it nice and wet. Then I would put in her mouth and secure it. “When I'm ready to hear your screams I'll remove it, but for now I don't want your screams to distract me from punishing you. I would then put a tray of instruments in front of her to show how she would be punished. On it would be pliers, pins, clamps, weights, candles and a lighter. I would start with the pliers and say “these are going to be agony and you will no doubt think that would be the end of your punishment, but for a slave who keeps her master waiting this is only the beginning!” Then I would take the pliers, grab a nipple with them and begin to squeeze and twist. K began to scream into the gag, her eyes filled with pain and tears and fear and excitement. Often the tears would roll down her cheeks. Unlike M who would spend most punishment with her eyes shut, K liked to look into my eyes while I punished her; she liked that we could see the excitement in each other’s eyes. Then I would switch to the other nipple. I would go back and forth with the pliers two or three times. Then I pulled the gag out of her mouth. “How do you feel now slut?” “Master, Oh sir, that hurt so much, my nipples have never been so sore, my tits are throbbing.” Then I grabbed her face in my hand and squeezed her cheeks and looked into her eyes and said “it's an excellent way to begin, right whore? Now what do you have to say to me slave?” I would ask, and she knew what to answer, “I deserve this punishment for keeping you waiting master, thank you for hurting my nipples.” “And what else slave?” I'd ask. “Please hurt my nipples and tits some more.” “I will slave.” I'd respond as I picked up the next instrument. Usually I would pick up the clover clamps and put one on each nipple and then tug on the chain. Because the nipples were already so sore and sensitive this would always solicit a pretty pained gasp or cry. Then I would hang 2 or 3 pounds off the chain on each side so it would hang down and pull severely on their nipples. As painful as this always was for them to have heavyweights off those clamps, the reaction I saw told me it was many, many times worse when their nipples started out so sore to begin with. For K and M I could go as high as 5 pounds from each nipple, but I rarely did that much when their nipples had already been so abused---unless they really deserved it. As K was moaning and gasping, trying not to shake too much as this made the weights shift, I picked up some pins and told her the clamps would be coming off soon so I could try something new. After sticking pins into her tits and nipples I was going to use the lighter to heat each pin and see what reaction I got to that. At first she smiled the slightest bit, I think because I had found something new to try, and though her eyes showed her anticipation, she still played the role she enjoyed so much: “No Master, please no, I can’t bear that. Anything master, please stop torturing my tits Master, please, please anything but that, please master beat my ass master, fuck my asshole, please master, fuck my ass and cum in my mouth, cum on the floor and your slave bitch will lick it all up, for you, please master, anything, but please my tits hurt so much….” after all of that I would say very sternly "do you really expect me to show mercy when you deserve this punishment?" She would reply, after a pause, "No master, I'm sorry master." Then after another pause, "please punish my tits some more." I would bring the flame to the various ends of the needles and start to heat them. I never heated them enough to cause any burns and blisters, just until I saw a bit of a reaction. This created a very ominous, threatening tableau, but in reality if the pins weren't too much for the slave this additional punishment seemed barely noticeable. When I was done I would untie their hands and have them pull all the pins out of their tits themselves. Then I would have them massage their tits and then pinch and twist their nipples. This is about as severe as the tit torture got with me. I hadn't had anyone ask me for anything more severe, except for Kayla who as I discussed could not handle the actuality of having her breasts burned with cigarettes. Another thing I did with K and M and was also able to do with Kayla, was this punishment bra I made myself based on some I'd seen on the Internet. I took a black leather bra and cut out holes in the front for the nipples to be exposed, and then lined the inside of the bra with thumbtacks that I glued in place with superglue, obviously with the points sticking out. Then I added something I hadn't seen in the bras on the Internet which were two sticks attached to the back strap's. This way I could turn the sticks which would twist the straps and tighten the bra. It took me some time to figure out a design for the back that would make the straps stay twisted in place but eventually I worked something out with other pieces of cloth. M. was the first person I used this on. When I showed up I could see via an excitement in her eyes. I had her face away from me and I put the bra over her breasts. I pulled it against them so I could fasten it in the back. She drew a breath but I could see there was no great pain from the thumbtack points lightly pressing up against her skin. After fastening it in the back I began to turn the sticks and soon her breathing quickened and she started to moan. I had her turn sideways so I could see her face somewhat while I continued to twist both sticks. Soon she was grimacing in pain with her eyes tightly shut. I slipped the sticks under the straps as best I could to keep them in place. Now I came around to the front and took to adjustable alligator clamps. These are nipple clamps that are adjustable but instead of being flat have little serrated teeth in their design. With any amount of pressure they hurt a lot, though they won't break the skin if you don't adjust them too tightly. Her nipples were now hard and slightly poking out of the holes in the front of the bra, and I snapped a clamp on each nipple. A small cry was heard from her lips as each one bit into her nipple. I told her to throw on a loose-fitting sweatshirt and we would go out for drinks. When she brought over the sweatshirt I I stopped her from putting it on while I took off the nipple clamps. She gasped as they came off even though they hadn't been on long. I explained that I was afraid to leave them on too long and that I would put them back on in the car right before we went into the restaurant. This I did. After we sat for about 15 minutes I decided it wasn't prudent to leave the clamps on any longer and I told her to go into the bathroom, take off the clamps, and bring them to me. As she was about to turn to leave I explained to her that she didn't need to go into a stall in the bathroom and that she should do it at the bathroom sinks, in front of the mirrors, as long as there were no young girls around. She looked nervous and uncomfortable but turned and went to the bathroom. Very quickly after she entered, she came out with the clamps in her hand. She said she did exactly as she was told, but I always wondered if she did it so quickly that she just reached under her shirt and pulled them off. I told her next time I should go in the bathroom with her but she didn't think the other female patrons would appreciate that. As I said I ultimately used that bra several times with a few different submissive girls. K and M went through similar exploits. Kayla was a different story. For one thing, her breasts were much larger than K or M’s. The bra, big for either of those girls, did not completely cover the Kayla's full breasts. She also could not stand me tightening the bra anywhere close to what I did to K&M. She could not handle the adjustable alligator clips except at so loose a setting that it didn't really interest me. I preferred using a toothless adjustable clamp much tighter, or the Japanese Clover clamps with small weights hanging from them. The weights worked well with K., M. And Kayla because if I made them walk or crawl around, the weights would swing and bang into the bra cups pushing the tacks even harder into their tits, eliciting moans and gasps. That about spans the gamut of the most severe treatment I've given to my slaves nipples and breasts. However, online I met someone from Germany who said she wanted extreme tit torture. She wanted to get together and was willing to do anything I wanted to do as long as I fulfilled her desires for such severe punishment. She wanted me to use a pinpoint mini kitchen torch to burn lines into her breasts. From the things I told her I had done, she very much wanted to see what would happen if I stuck the pins in her nipples and then heated the pins with the mini torch as well. She also wanted me to do other things I had described to her, such as placing the adjustable clamps on her nipples and tightening them but she wanted me to use alligator type clamps which have little metal teeth. I have used those on slaves have been told they are extremely painful, and had never adjusted that type as tightly as she was requesting. She also was anxious to try the Japanese clover clamps with the amount of weight I had used on other girls. She seemed anxious to prove she could take more than anybody I was with. She'd sent me a topless picture of herself and she was very attractive and had very nice medium sized breasts. She said she had some small scars from previous tit torture encounters, but they were certainly not evident in those picture, but also that picture was one angle and not that sharp. She liked the idea of going out on the town wearing the bra filled with thumbtacks and the punishment panties. What do you have to say about more intense punishment of the beautiful female breasts?


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  2. This was hot. I always imagind thumtacks like in the picture and pins. I have used clothespins on myself and wish I had the nerve to stick pins in my tits or to lean over a bunch of tacks like the pic.

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  5. I have done many things like this. They all hurt and they are all very exciting. I loved to take pain to please my master. I have wondered what a breast whipping would feel like. I have had clothespins whipped off with a riding crop and sometimes the crop hit mostly my breast or nipple and it was painful and exhilarating.

  6. You can't hurt my nipples too much. I love it when I can't even wear a bra, and the touch of my shirt or the shower water makes them sting.

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