Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thoughtful Master or Gutless? A Question for You.

When I pull things out of my slave’s asses and then present it to their mouth to “clean”, I have already checked it and know it is clean or I don’t offer it to them. When I have them give me, or a woman, a tongue bath, I expect their tongue everywhere, and while sweat is fine, I do make sure all of us are clean. When I have a sub clean my shoes or a Mistresses’ shoes with her tongue, it is a pair designated for such activities and is not worn outside. I do all of this because I am concerned for my slaves health. Does this strike you as sensible, or not sadistic enough? I am curious about this because M, Kayla and K. all at one time or another when we were together realized that I was making sure things were clean. It often came up around the shoe cleaning, they noticed after several times that the footwear they were cleaning was not the same that I or the woman wore when we arrived. What surprised me is that they seemed disappointed by this. After a while I would start slipping on that footwear right before entering the space where that particular slave was waiting so that they would think I was wearing it outside all along. Those slaves that seemed to care about this also seemed to particularly enjoy cleaning the soles of the shoes, and once removed, to do a thorough cleaning between the toes of whoever they were commanded. This told me that it was more than the act that satisfied these submissives, but the actual humiliation of having to really clean off dirt. Even slave S, who was much more hesitant to perform these acts, seemed much more eager to clean my feet or ass at the end of a long day then when she knew I had just showered. What do you have to say on this subject?


  1. I take whatever my Master or Mistress want. If they think it should b dirty it is dirty. If they think it should be clean it is clean. It is up to them. I would never judge. But if it is clean then I am not really performing a service, am I?

  2. I like the idea of really cleaning but it seems safer to make sure things are too dirty. I vote for Thoughtful not gutless!!

  3. I should add a couple of things since I commented that clean seems thoughtful. I have licked my master's come off the tile floor of my kitchen and cleaned my toilet with my tongue. Master knows I keep the toilet and floors very clean and he always commands me to clean those areas thoroughly when he plans on using me in this way. Even though I know the floor and toilet are clean does not diminish that these are embarrassing and humiliating things to do. He also makes me drink from the toilet. I am completely humiliated and submissive, but I don;t get sick from dirty germs.