Sunday, February 13, 2011

Playing Together. (A continuation of the exploration of "forced bi".

In the last post I talked about “forced” bi as part of slavery. I'm going to talk about some of the first bi experiences of the women I have known while they were serving me as my slaves. This might seem more suited for Entering Submission, and in fact it was intended for that blog, but by the time I finished the post I realized it was better suited for this blog. I will also recount the next exploit of slave M submitting to a friend of hers who was interested in our lifestyle. The first time she served in this way can be found here: This is one of my favorite posts because it was an amazing experience. This scene that I will recount will also include another slave I had a few dealings with but have not had occasion to mention before now. On another occasion when M's friend R was coming over and we had decided we would all “play together” again, I decided to bring slaves C also. BUT FIRST, let me recount some other experiences, as we talk about what kind of experiences and progression you might encounter once you and your sub have decided they are going to engage in bi activities in service to their Master.
Whenever I had a slave who finally acquiesced to bi activities (and as you know some of my slaves were already into those activities), I don't know about you but I remember having these visions of hanging out at lesbian bars and some hot lesbian or more preferably bisexual girl was going to strike up a conversation with my slave, express great interest in learning about our lifestyle, be able to establish they were clean and healthy and we were going to run home and have great times together! As we know in real life that almost never happens, and in fact with some of the posts I've been able to relate to you here I have to say I was quite lucky over all with the experiences I was able to manage. But of course initiating slaves is much slower and more complicated than you can relate from a blog where the posts are not necessarily in chronological order and where they can skip over months of preparation or less than exciting experiences. For instance, for quite some time after M offered herself to me completely with the understanding she would do whatever I wanted, including be with another woman, all I got to see was M clothed and kissing a couple of her friends when they were drunk. M's old college friends still liked to party occasionally and M was pretty good at holding her liquor as am I. Once she had accepted that she would do things with other women she started telling me stories of her near girl to girl contact. She implied that when she and her friends were very drunk they kissed and she remembered thinking that one or two of her friends had felt her up when they were kissing while drunk. While she would not say she enjoyed it, she did admit that she did not try to stop it while it was going on. She always attributed this to her drunkenness, but also admitted that she cannot remember a time when she was so drunk that she would've ever let a guy do things with her if she did not want them to. It was one of her college friends that I mentioned in the beginning of the previous post. Because of one of these kissing incidents I was hopeful I could get more out of her but as you read here--- it wasn’t much more. How I came to try to get her to interest R in being with us came from a similar story. For some reason she had no trouble telling me about kissing drunk girls at college, but the tale with R took a lot longer to get out of her. I will recount that story soon, as the beginning of the rest of this post about our next experience with R . But first I'll talk about some of my slaves other initial experiences.
As you know K was bisexual and lived with a girl who was her younger mistress. Before she let me in to that, but after she was submitting to me and I knew she was interested in other women, we would go to bars then the Village, and eventually she would be kissing another girl. We weren't looking to take home strangers so she did this mostly to whet my appetite, so to speak, for when we got home. Interestingly, these were some of my first experiences with a sub trying something with another girl and it matched my imagined fantasies that I mentioned earlier about picking up girls in lesbian bars! That was about all K did until she admitted about her roommate and we started doing those things together.

Kayla was an interesting one because I believe I've mentioned while she had never been with another woman she'd definitely leaned that way and had fantasies about it. Although she didn't do much in high school she said a lot of the girls around her at the private Catholic school she went to tried kissing and other girl -girl activities. She seemed wistful that she didn't try them then. Kayla had a couple of friends she found attractive, they weren't that close friends, but they were long-term. One was a single mother and Kayla told me she would like to try and interest her in our activities. Kayla said this girl always needed money and if we were willing to pay her something we might be able to use that as the beginning. Keeping this in mind we all went out for drinks one night and Kayla turned the talk to her submission to me. She seemed mildly interested but it wasn't going anywhere so I turned the talk to money. We'll call her F for friend. “F, Kayla says you are interested in doing some part-time work for me to get some money. I don't really need any help at the office, but if you would assist me in training Kayla, I could pay you for your time.”
“What would I have to do exactly?” F asked.
“Whatever you would be willing and nothing that would make you too uncomfortable. Order her to do things, punish her, and if you would, use her.”
“Well I'm sure Kayla told you I use to fool around with girls in high school but I have to tell you I'm not real into that anymore. I don't know that I really want do anything to her and I'm not sure that I want her to do anything to me.”
“That's fine. If you're interested I'll tell you all the different things I would like and you pick and choose what you do.”
F agreed and primarily the only physical contact was that she would let Kayla massage her feet and lick them clean with her tongue, and she would, while fully clothed, put on a big strap- on and fuck Kayla in the pussy and ass. Other than that she would just punish Kayla and usually not hard enough despite my prompting and demonstrations, and order her to do things like clean around the house. It was pretty good but far lacking in everything I would've liked to have had to go on.

That was most of the experiences along that line that I can recall right now. Now back to M and R. Before I relate the experience I want to, I will tell you about that first experience when I was not around between M and R. It was after college, R did not go to school with and M, and they met at a bar on a Friday night after work. After they drank a bit, R asked M if she'd ever kissed a girl. R said many of the girls where she worked talked about all kinds of things they did with other girls back in college or even high school. R said she felt left out. M admitted what went on in college when she was drunk a few times. R nervously asked, “are you that drunk now?” M just smiled and said, “no”. R jumped up and called for the waitress and ordered more drinks. M said she remembered being nervous and a little uncomfortable, but she also admitted that she accepted the drinks with the unspoken understanding that after drinking some more she would kiss R. When she felt she’d had enough she still told R this wasn't college and this wasn't a college bar, and she was not going to kiss a girl in public. She said R suggested they go to one of their cars even though they were clearly not ready to drive and she accepted R’s suggestion. M doesn't remember whose car they got into, but she remembers saying, “just one good kiss”. However, she admitted they kissed for several minutes, with all the eagerness they would've shown a boyfriend, but she insisted their hands did no roaming! That was about the best M had to offer, but it was also the reason I thought we should pursue R. I asked her why she chose to do this with R when she had already had her experiences kissing other girls and said she wasn't interested in women. She said she wasn't sure. She had been drinking already, and said she felt a little bad for R; that she felt left out. Since she'd already kissed girls she knew there was nothing bad about it, she simply had no desire to take it anywhere further, so for her it was more like helping a friend out and sharing an experience that she was privy to that her friend was not.
Now, we move to after my first experience with M and R that I gave you the link for, for those of you who missed the post So R was coming to visit M on the weekend, and R asked M if she could talk to me. M told her she could call my cell, and when M told me R would be calling, I asked her if she had any idea why. “She didn't say, but I can guess.” M said. “Then guess, I would like to hear.” I asked. “I've seen M for dinner a few times and she hasn't brought up what went on between us all. But since we decided she would come and maybe stay the week, all of a sudden whenever we talk, she asks about you and if we still do all the things you like to do.”
“And what do you tell her?” I asked.
“You know what I tell her.” She said, “That nothing has changed.”
“So, again, what do you think she wants?” I asked.
“Well, at the very least, I'm guessing she wants to punish me and then have me eat her pussy.” She said stoically.
“And how do you feel about that?” I asked
“You know that too. I wouldn’t look for that, but I will do it with you and for you.”
“I see. And if that's what she asks what do you think I'm going to do?” I asked.
“Oh, I know what you're going to do. You will agree and then enjoy it immensely as I spend the weekend with my butt caned mercilessly by my friend, with my ass rammed by my friend wearing a big fat strap-on, and with my face buried between my friend’s butt cheeks and thighs, my mouth soaking wet! That's what I think.”
“You do know me well don't you?” I laughed.
So when I received the call from R I was not surprised when she turned the conversation to her weekend with M. I was a bit surprised how difficult it was for her and how embarrassed she seemed however. The conversation was going nowhere, but since I was all for this I decided to help out. “R, you seem to be having difficulty getting to a point. I assume you would like to play mistress once again to my slave?”
“Yes!” She gasped relieved.
“That would be great. But I would like to introduce something into the weekend that M is not expecting and that I think you will enjoy. When M and I were apart, before M asked to try again giving herself completely to me, I had met this girl named C. C likes pain. Like K that I've told you about, C can take an incredible amount of whipping and severe nipple punishment. At least as much as M. And C, like M, would do whatever I say. But for C, she gets something out of this on many levels, not just sexual, and not necessarily primarily sexual. She also has some other issues. We don’t look for her to get fucked up the ass; she will serve anybody with her mouth, but does not particularly care if she gets fucked or has an orgasm. However, I prefer to see that she does, but often the only way for her to orgasm is also what's most embarrassing for her, which is have to masturbate in front of everybody until she comes. Anyway, as you know, while M will service you for hours, she knows that I will be fucking her at some point and that I will make sure she cums many times. For M sexual gratification is a very big part of slavery; both my gratification and hers. For C it seems a little different. Also, she's been with women, with and without me. She says she's really not interested in women but she lived with one. She said she was just looking for someone who would make her, her bitch, and this woman came along at the right time. However, I've seen pictures and that woman was beautiful, and C is also very beautiful. I am quite sure many guys must've been hitting on her at the same time. None of this matters to me, or really should to you except for her limits of course, I'm just letting you know what she is like. What should be important to you is that she is very pretty, very willing, and very able to take any punishment you want, but you just can't fuck her up the ass.”
“That's okay.” R said, “because I don't actually get as much from strapping on a big fat rubber cock and fucking a slave up the ass as you do from watching. It's fine as a form of punishment but it's not my most preferable.”
“Great. You see, if I let M dominate another woman, she wants to fuck her up the ass, because even though M get’s soaking wet from it when she is used that way, it still hurts her a lot, and she wants to inflict that on other women who have the nerve to be with me in any way! What she doesn't understand because it isn't her personal experience is that it's not a painful punishment for some other women. She particularly likes to punish S when they are together, and she always likes to grab a big strap on and fuck S up the ass, so much so that I ask S to play along and act like it's painful, though I never used S much anally, certainly not as much as I used M, because while S enjoyed it, it neither hurt her at all like it did M, nor made her nearly as excited as it did M, so it was much more occasional when I did it with S. You should know that quite some time ago M was with C once. C had asked for my help with some stuff at work and I ended up having to do a great deal more of the work than I expected. I saved her ass so to speak, and then she stated that she should owe me hers in return! I agreed and picked a weekend when I had been particularly hard on M that week, and decided M could use a rest from punishment and service. I brought in C and informed them both that C would be slave to a slave. Interestingly, I enjoyed the weekend and I believe C got what she enjoyed, but I don't think M got much out of it. As I've mentioned M really likes to be the ultimate submissive because she knows that's the role I desire most from my slaves. When she does have to dominate another woman she likes to fuck them up the ass as I've mentioned because she considers that a particularly painful, harsh and humiliating punishment, but as I mentioned C doesn't get fucked anally. And I had C service M all weekend but she doesn't particularly want to have another woman licking her pussy or her asshole even though she clearly came a couple of times. So of all of us M probably got the least out of the weekend. Therefore, M will serve right alongside C, and even though C can take and appreciate the harsh punishment even more than M, we should both probably use and punish M a little bit more. At some point we should tell M she's a slave to the slave because of how well C is taking her punishments, and we should make M take a harsh punishment from C, you and myself, before sexually servicing all of us. This should give M a much better experience and then when it's time for C to come we can just have her play with herself in front of all of us until she cums.
“I can’t wait!.” R said.
“The important thing is that I would very much like to see one slave kneeling in front of you eating your pussy while another slave kneels behind you, her face buried between your cheeks, tonguing your asshole. I am quite sure you will enjoy it as much as I want to see it.”
“I am so wet right now. I'm so glad we had this talk!” R said.
“Me too!” I said. “If you were with us now I would make sure M took care of that beautiful wet pussy of yours! " I said.
“Would your cock be hard while she did it?” She asked.
“What do you think?!” I said.
“I told you more about the fantasies I wanted to experience last time. Of course we needed to proceed slowly and once we got started everything sort of unfolded on its own, with you as the Master and the guide. If I wanted to try some other things, you told me last time M would accept anything, but is that still true? Did she have any problems with the fact I sucked your cock right alongside her? That you punished me? Would she let me submit to you even more?”
“There were no regrets, why?”
“Because while we were talking I just imagined that I would serve your cock with more than my mouth while our slave bitch M would play with slave C in front of us for your entertainment, and then maybe they would both get behind you and lick your asshole while you fuck whichever of my holes you would like. I just wondered if that would go over well. “,
“When they wear their collars they will do whatever I command. C contacts me from time to time, and she knows M and I are emotionally tied, but she misses what we used to do to together, and she offered herself in whatever capacity M and I might choose to use her. She was well aware I could give her to M, and she might spend the weekend in pain and sexually deprived while she watched M and I fuck all weekend. Both M and C are particularly well skilled in submission. M would watch me do things with C if I decided, even if you were not around. For M and me, you are all props for our D/s relationship. As long as you can remember and remain within that guideline we can do whatever we want. The only time we run into a problem is when a slave thinks I will leave M behind for them…”
“I really can’t wait until we are all together…” R moaned.
“Then don’t. Play with your pussy while we continue to talk about how the two of them will serve you and how the three of you will serve me.” While we spoke on the phone R masturbated until she came. We set the date and time. Later on I called M and gave her, her instructions. I did not mention anything about C (whom I would be bringing with me), but I informed her that R would already be at her house with her when she prepared for my arrival. I knew M would find it particularly embarrassing to have to get into position naked, after putting on her cuffs and collar, when it was just R and her in the house.
At the appointed time when C and I arrived, I rang the bell and R let us in. The way the rooms are set up we could see ahead M from the side, bent over the end of the couch, reaching back and spreading her cheeks exposing herself. As soon as we walked in, C knowing her place, immediately stripped naked. She was already wearing a collar and cuffs, and she got down on the floor on her hands and knees.
“This is your slave C.” I said to R loud enough for M to hear. M and R will both be our bitches for the weekend. You will use and punish them as hard as I do, or you'll be used and punished yourself just as severely.
“I understand… Master.” R smiled as she responded.
“Get into position slave.” I barked at C, and she crawled into the living room, stood up and then bent over the end of the couch right next to M, spread her legs as much as she could which put her ass and legs right up against M, then reached back and spread her cheeks.
R and I walked in and stood behind them both. “Is there a hotter sight, then two beautiful slaves ready to submit?” I asked.
“Judging from how wet I am right now I don't think so!?” R whispered into my ear.
“Say that out loud I want our bitches to hear it!” After R repeated it, I got close to our slaves and pulled both their heads up a little by their hair.
“Slaves, what do we think about our mistresses soaking wet pussy?” They both responded, M basically saying she should do whatever her mistress wants to make her pussy feel good, while C essentially said, she should eat her mistress’ pussy until she cums, then she can lick all her juices up and mistress can start again.” I let their hair go and they put their heads down again. I motioned R to go sit on the other couch. “Kick off your shoes and relax.” I said to R, then, “Slaves, over to your Mistress and kneel at her feet.” They turned and M immediately got to her hands and knees and began to crawl. C started walking, realized what M was doing and then immediately dropped to her knees and began to crawl too.
“Out of practice, little whore? Don’t even remember your place without help from the other bitch? You must miss being punished also to have earned it so quickly!” I could see C’s expression did not change but M looked angry and dismayed. Already the momentum of submission was going in C’s direction and I was quite sure M was not looking for a repeat of their last time together.
When they were both kneeling before R, I sat down next to her and looked down at my two slaves. “You never greeted each other properly.” I said. They turned to each other, neither looking the other in the eyes, then moved in close and began kissing. “You have not seen each other in a while so get to know each other better!” I commanded. Their hands started roaming over each other’s bodies. They pulled each other close and tightly embraced, then after feeling each other’s asses they started to work their hands between their entwined bodies and then between their legs. As they started to touch each other’s pussies I told them, “That’s enough. You were doing what I wanted, but you have other things to focus on first.” M looked disappointed. I think when I stopped them she was hoping I was going to tell her she was doing something wrong and needed to be punished.
“Attend to your mistress’ feet while we figure what to do with our lovely whores.” I demanded. Each slave immediately bent to the foot closes to them and began to kiss it. Moments later R’s feet were each in a slaves hands being massaged while their mouths cleaned and sucked her toes and licked the soles.
I turned to R, “I know your pussy is soaked but I want you to wait a while before you cum. I myself would love to have my cock inside my little hot bitch M right about now, but before that, C has earned punishment, and truthfully I have been thinking all week about how I was going to make my beautiful M suffer BEFORE I fuck her.” I looked at M and saw her smile a little. I was glad this made her feel better because I was not anxious to have her screw up all day just to earn more punishment than C.
“I’ll wait Master. I want to do everything just the way you want.” R responded. I could see from R’s attitude that was going to make sure she was not going to allow M and C to be the only girls to serve me, and I suspected she planned to serve me far more intimately than just using her mouth which was her only opportunity last time.
“So, R, you have had a few months after your first experience to think about how you would like to punish and use your slaves next. How shall we punish C, and then, since I would like to punish M, though I have my own ideas, I would like to hear your thoughts on that as well?” I asked. Before Rcould answer I said, “M, take C and gather up every instrument of punishment we have here and lay them all out so R will find it easier to decide. Just the punishment, not all the collars, cuffs or outfits.” M and C turned from kneeling at R’s feet and crawled off into the bedroom.
“Any questions or concerns while they are in the other room?” I asked.
“I don’t think so. I understand C’s very few limits and I understand that she can take incredible amounts of punishment, and I was already impressed by what M could take, so really anything I can come up with will be acceptable. Since we will not be fucking C anally I feel I should not do it to M either.” R said.
“Really? I have a different take. I think it would be particularly effective and humiliating if I have C strap one on and fuck M up the ass with a particularly nasty rubber cock. Or if I have you or I fuck her up the ass while we make her eat C’s pussy or lick her asshole, maybe after making her beg to do it, again, while being fucked anally.”
“You have a deliciously devious streak.” R remarked.
“The hallmark of a good and creative Master, I think.”
“Why did you have them go gather up everything?” R asked.
“I know what we have and where it is. You don’t. You know we have nipple clamps, but not that we have several types, all with different methods of stimulating and punishing. We have some new whips, a new dressage whip, a couple of nice lunge whips, new canes, a thick leather signal whip. You need to see what we have, and I meant to have M put all that out earlier because I like to have it all accessible. Usually I don’t need everything because how much can I use with one slave, but we have 2 and I suspect I will have 3 slaves to use and punish before the weekend is out.” I answered.
“I hope you will make that happen, sir, about the 3 slaves.” R said. “If you do, I welcome you trying every instrument you can on me.”
“Really? You were not punished too severely last time and unless you have been punished a lot since, I think you should be careful what you wish for.”
“You are right Master that I have not been punished, except in my fantasies, almost every night. I am ready to try more, to take it as best I can, and even if I do not take it well, tie me down and make me accept whatever punishment you see fit.”
“For a new sub you have certainly become comfortable with punishment..”
“Perhaps it is because I have learned from my friend who I have come to consider, though I admittedly have limited experience, she is one of the best slaves a girl can be.” R answered.
“You are right about that, M is a unique and incredible slave.” I answered.
At that moment the slaves came crawling back into the room, each dragging 2 large bags. Those 4 bags were divided by type of punishment implement. The large duffle carried all the whips, canes and paddles. It was a large and long duffle because some of the firm shaft whips were 3-4 feet long. The next bag was much smaller and comprised nipple clamps, clothespins and weights and chains to attach to the clamps along with a host of leashes to attach to the collars.
The third bag contained strap-ons, butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, not straight punishment items—it depended how you used them and what size you! The 4th bag had miscellaneous items such as candles; fat stubby ones for collecting hot wax to long tapered elegant ones to be inserted anywhere I thought would make a good candle holder, to dog bowls, along with paper towels, tissues and condoms, which I placed over certain items before insertion, such as the candles because I was always afraid the wax would melt inside a slave and be difficult to remove. In this bag, and not with the nipple clamps, were the pins, wooden boards and tap hammers I used for more severe nipple torture, extra tacks for the seat of the punishment chair, tweezers, and any other assorted items I decided would be interesting to try on a slave. The slaves each emptied one bag on the floor, then started to arrange the items on the bag that had just contained them. Then they did the same with their other bags. Then they just stayed still and silent, kneeling next to all the instruments of their punishment.
“M, I do not see the punishment panties (the leather thong panties with 2 detachable dildos, which are only a form of punishment because I insert the bigger dildo in the ass), I don’t see the dildo handled duster, face sponge or other cleaning items. Do you not think humiliation is punishment because I thought you have gone through enough semi-public and private humiliation to see that it is!”
“I’m sorry Master, I do know humiliation is a very effective punishment. I'm sorry, I just happen to keep those items with my various slave outfits that you specified I did not need to retrieve. Of course I still should have gathered those items. I can get them now, Sir, while you think up a suitable punishment.”
“No need to get them slave. We have enough here to occupy our time, but you shall indeed be punished for this.”
“Yes Master. “ M responded.
“R, look over everything and decide what you want to use to start by punishing C. if you have any questions feel free to ask.” R stopped at the nipple clamps, picked up a pair, then walked back to me and started to whisper into my ear. I stopped her. “There's no need to whisper. They can hear whatever you have to ask so don't be shy.”
R looked uneasy, but continued. “These clamps,” she said softly but loud enough as she held up a particularly vicious pair of adjustable alligator clamps, “are very interesting to me, and I plan to watch C’s expression as I tighten them. But I'm concerned that if I make them too tight, they will hurt terribly and perhaps even draw blood.”
I walked over to where the slaves were kneeling; they were looking ahead but when I got next to C she looked down at the floor. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head face up looking into my eyes. “Do you have an answer for your mistress?” I asked. I let her hair go. She looked in the direction of R but did not look her in the eye. “You do not have to worry mistress. I should be punished as severely as you choose. Blood can sometimes be a risk of that particular clamp. I know them well. Master has made me put them on my own nipples and tighten them myself until I felt like I would scream.”
“Slaves, stand up.” They both did. “M, clip C’s wrist cuffs together behind her back. Then lick and suck her nipples to make them nice and hard.” M did as she was told. She attached C's cuffs behind her back and then came around in front of her and brought her mouth to her nipples. She licked them, kissed them, sucked on them, blew on them and massaged them until they were rock hard and jutting out. I handed M a tissue and told her to “dry off C's nipples so that the clamps don't slip off.” While she was drying her nipples I brought over a chair. “C, when M is done sit down on this chair. By the way, how did M make your nipples feel?”
“Wonderful Sir. She has a talented mouth. I felt each stroke of her tongue as if she were licking my pussy.”
“Excellent.” I responded. “She does indeed have an amazing mouth and talented tongue and inviting throat, though none of you will really appreciate her throat having only strap-ons to fuck it with! I look forward to her demonstrating her capabilities on all of us a little later.”
“Now R, punish your slave.” R approached C sitting down as instructed with her hands chained behind her back. R looked at the clamps and I hands and then looked over at me hesitantly, but I just motioned for her to continue. She pressed open one of the clamps and snapped it shut on C's right nipple. C let out a loud gasp.
“I take it they are adjusted a bit tight from the last time I use them with M?”
“Yes master. I guess M was a bad girl that day.”C said through gritted teeth.
“I guess I shouldn't make them tighter?” R asked me shaking her head as if she already anticipated my telling her that it was tight enough. But before I could answer C intervened,
“it hurts mistress, but clearly M was not as disobedient as I was careless today. I am sure our master thinks I deserve more severe punishment. I suggest you hurt me more than this, lest you find yourself on the other end of these terrible clamps, before you may have anticipated.” I could see R was weighing her options, perhaps considering what it might feel like if I punish her with those clamps, and then it seems she thought better of attempting such severe punishment this early in her own submissive training, and decided instead to pursue a dominant training at this moment. She clasped the clamp in her fingers and was about to begin to tighten when I stopped her and said; “she should have something in her mouth. “Whore,” I said to M , “Take a ball gag and rub your pussy with it. When it is nice and wet stick it in C's mouth and buckle it. At least she will have the pleasure of tasting your lovely pussy while she suffers.” C ran the tip of her tongue suggestively over the moist ball gag as M brought it to her mouth, making the effort to taste M’s pussy, not just be forced to taste it once the gag was pushed into her mouth. If she did this to show M she wanted to eat her pussy, she was barking up the wrong tree because M did not react at all, and despite everything she did with me up to this point and afterwards, M never betrayed even the slightest interest in women beyond what she did with me, or those few modest instances of playing around and kissing her friends. Once the gag was secure M dropped to her hands and knees and crawled a few feet away from C and knelt there. I gave R a nudge towards C. R had left one clamp on C’s right nipple and had left the other clamp hanging. She reached down and squeezed open the clamp on her nipple and C moaned through her gag as she pulled it off. Then R put the other clamp on C’s left nipple. C grunted through her gag and R pulled on the clamp and twisted it. C groaned and screwed her eyes tightly shut. Then R said, “Naughty slaves like you get punished. Maybe this will make you a better slave?” C could not speak through the gag, but she looked into R’s eyes and nodded her head. Then R began to tighten the clamp. The pain was evident in C’s eyes moments before she started to moan and groan through her gag. R stopped as her moans grew louder, then grabbed the hanging second clamp and snapped it back onto C’s sore right nipple. C cried out through her gag, and then R started tightening that clamp! The sounds C made now were much louder though she was not screaming through her gag, it was close. Then R grabbed both clamps and twisted. C ‘s moans of pain were very loud and a lone tear streamed down her left cheek. R stopped and let the clamps go. “I think that is enough nipple torture for this slut today.” R observed.
“Really?” I asked and walked over and removed C’s gag, Now any slave that knows me, that has been with me, trained by me and has wanted to spend any amount of time with me knows what I like to hear and that I like a slave to participate in her punishment, and if it is humiliating---all the better. So it did not surprise me that when I removed the gag and asked do you really think that was enough punishment? C said, “No Master, I should be hurt more than that.”
So, what do you say, slave?” I asked.
C paused a moment, took a deep breath, and then said, “Please Mistress, tighten the clamps more.”
R looked at me, and I said, “You heard her. How can you ignore such a sincere request? I did not replace the gag C, so try not to scream so loud you hurt our ears, and if you really feel you must, you may beg for mercy.” I stepped back and looked at R and said, “You may proceed.” I knew C could take a lot of pain, and when she felt she deserved it, even found it preferable, but her nipples had to be in agony. R had already faltered and I wondered who would give in first in this round. It was rare for C to give in and beg for mercy and she particularly appreciated nipple punishment. There were occasions where she said her nipples hurt, rubbing against her bra or shirts, for for over a week after a severe session!
“What did you ask for slave?” R asked.
“Please Mistress, tighten the clamps more and make your slave bitch suffer!” C begged and R grasped the clamp on her left nipple and gave the adjustment a half turn. C cried out then regained her composure. “Thank you Mistress.” She gasped. Then R grabbed the other clamp and tightened it by half a turn. C gasped again, then took a few deep breaths and spoke …very slowly. “Thank you Mistress.” R grabbed the clamps and started twisting them back and forth forcefully. C cried out, her eyes tightly shut, tears began to run down her cheeks. I suspected R twisted the clamps to hurt C without having to tighten the clamps anymore because I think she was afraid to make them any tighter! Finally, R opened the clamps and pulled them off C’s tits and C screamed out again. “I think this bitch has had enough punishment…to her nipples anyway….” R said.
“I agree that she has not had enough punishment, and that her nipples have had enough.” I walked over to C and unhooked the clip in the back releasing her wrists and grabbed her elbow ushering her to stand. “I am thinking we shall give this bitch a break while we begin M’s punishment…just then C interrupted. “I don’t need a break Master. If you think I deserve more punishment I should get it.” I quickly reached out and grabbed one of C’s abused nipples and pinched it between 2 fingers and twisted. “Don’t interrupt my saying I am giving you a break to say you don’t need one slave. I decide what happens to my slave’s.”
“I’m sorry Master.”
“Perhaps if I snap those clamps back on your nipples for another 15 minutes it would help to remind you who is in charge?” C looked terribly nervous at that, and she bit her lip and considered before she spoke; “Whatever you think is appropriate Master”, and she put her hands under her breasts to push them up and offer them to me. I could see a little fear in her eyes. Those nipples must already be in terrible pain. The thought of those clamps snapping shut on them again must have been scary indeed. “Consider this your only warning slave. Anymore disobedience and as pained as your nipples are now, you will learn that there is so much more that can be done to them.”
“Yes sir, I understand.”
“Fine. I'll need the end of the couch for M's punishment, so you may just get on the floor and get into position.” C kneeled, then bent forward until her forehead rested on the carpet, then she reached back and spread the cheeks of her ass exposing her asshole and pussy. M was kneeling on the floor. “Crawl to the couch and get into position.” I commanded. M got into position and as soon as she reached back and spread her cheeks I kneeled behind her and started to lick her asshole, working it deep in before moving to her soaking wet pussy. I know the dominant thing to do would've been to have C, or even R do it while I watched, but I love licking a beautiful slave's ass or pussy. M clearly did not expect me to use my mouth on her when she expected to be punished. She jumped a little at first when she first felt my tongue, since she expected to be punished. At first she may have thought I was just lightly moistening her ass so that I could plunge my cock in, but as soon as she realized what I was doing I could feel her asshole open up as she became even more excited . Besides enjoying oral sex, M loves it when I tongue her asshole, so her already wet pussy became a river. I so wanted to fuck her right then and there, and when I was getting close to cumming, pull out of her pussy and ram my cock deep up her asshole where I would shoot my load. Then I would have C lick my cock clean and then lick my Cum as it dripped out of M's asshole. However, I made R wait for her gratification so I decided I should do the same, but my cock was straining against my jeans and there was only so long I could wait! I pulled my mouth reluctantly from that beautiful, warm and inviting place and stood up. I turned to R and said, “Get me a signal whip, a rattan cane with a loop on the end, and a harness with a large strap-on rubber cock. C, tie M down tightly.” C got up and did what she was told but I could see R was having a hard time. She had a cane with a loop on the end and she picked up a harness that already had a large dildo on it, but she was fondling the various whips without choosing one. “Do you know what a signal whip is R?”
“No Sir, I’mI afraid I don't.”
“Then why wouldn't you ask? Why would you waste our time?”
“I'm sorry Sir.” R responded.
“I can see you need to be trained as a slave as well as a mistress. You have earned your own punishment today and you will receive it soon enough.” I said.
“Yes master. Thank you master.”
“A signal whip is a short thick leather whip. It looks like a mini bullwhip that that appears to have been made just to handle one ass at the time. It can be quite harsh. But it’s short length gives you a lot of control and ensures only where you want to whip gets whipped.” Moments later R found the appropriate whip and handed all three implements to me. I held the dildo harness separately and asked, “Does this look like something I'm going to use?”
“No master. Should I have kept it?”
“Originally I had planned it that way, but now that you are to be punished as well….” I threw the harness down in front of C, “Put that on C. Your punishment will continue after these two bitches have started their punishment.” Then I turned to R. “Get undressed.” I commanded. I turned and went into the bedroom. I returned with collar and cuffs for R. I saw C was done putting on her harness. “C help R put those on.” I stood in front of all three of them and said: “For the remainder of today R will be treated as a slave. I still expect her to help me punish the two of you so I guess today you will both be slaves of a slave.”
I walked over to the tied down M and stuck two fingers in her ass. I fucked her ass with them until I saw R was ready in cuffs and collar. “Kneel next to me R.” I demanded. When she was kneeling next to me, naked and submissive, I pulled my fingers and of M's ass and presented them to R, “Clean my fingers slave.” R did not hesitate to start licking and sucking my fingers. Then I said, “I was so delayed dealing with getting you ready for punishment that I believe M’s ass has dried and I am sure her pussy got bored. Start licking her asshole in and then eat her pussy. I expect both to be soaking wet as well as your face. Now move quickly.” R knelt behind M and stuck her face between her cheeks. She was eagerly working her tongue in and around M's asshole. I had to tell her to move on to her pussy. She was doing an amazing job and I couldn't wait until later when I could have them in a different position giving R easier access to M's pussy. “That's enough.” I said. “Go kneel next to C.” I retrieved a pair of Japanese Clover clamps. They would be tight but not very tight, and I could adjust them by tugging on the chain. I went over to R and put them on her nipples. Then I got behind M with the signal whip.
“M, I've been thinking about whipping your beautiful ass all week. Now that you've earned some punishment as well, I am going to be much harder on you. You don't need to count because I'm going to go far too fast and hard for you to do so. C, go sit on the couch and turn towards M and make sure that she's doing okay and breathing well during the whipping and caning. M you may scream if you like, but if you get uncomfortably loud I may choose to shove a big fat ball gag in your mouth. R, pay careful attention to this whip and cane because you and C are going to feel them today as well. ” Of course, I didn't plan on beating R as hard as I was going to do M or C because of her inexperience and still to be identified limits. But she didn't need to know that as I figured it would heighten her sense of anticipation and fear to imagine the worst.
I took the signal whip and got behind M. I raised it and brought it down a couple times slowly just to get my aim correct. Then I grabbed a handful of M's hair from behind and pulled her head up a bit and leaned in and whispered in her ear, “You going to take your punishment well for your master?”
“Yes master, I'll take anything for you.”
I stood back up behind her and raised the whip and brought it down very hard. I raised it again and I saw M bury her face into the couch cushion below. I brought the whip down hard and raised it brought it down again hard and raised it brought it down again hard, over and over, 10 times hard and fast. By the 10th M was crying out into the cushion, though not that loud and clearly not screaming. I knew M could take much more than this, and though I was doing it pretty hard, it wasn't as hard as I could and I knew, while very painful and with the capability of doing some damage if used thoughtlessly and carelessly, the signal whip wasn't the most vicious implement. Nevertheless, I knew she was suffering quite a bit for me. I let her rest a couple of minutes while I rubbed her ass occasionally pushing my fingers between her cheeks or bringing my hand down between her legs. I started to rub her pussy lightly and then worked a couple of fingers inside. She was not nearly as wet she was before; the painful whipping took care of that, but she was still nice and wet, being tied down, taking the whipping and serving her master took care of that as well! While rubbing her pussy I leaned down again and whispered in her ear, “How many times is my slave whore going to cum for me tonight?” “As many as my Master wants me to,” she whispered, and then she asked, “And how many times will my Master cum inside his slave tonight?”
“I would like to cum at least three times inside my bitch tonight. I'm going to cum in your asshole and these other slaves are going to lick my Cum out! I am going to come in your pussy and they are going to both eat my cum out of your pussy as well, and then I will cum in your mouth so that you can taste it too!” I said, then she whispered, “Is beating my ass so hard making your cock throb?”, to which I replied, “You know it is, it always does.” And then I leaned against her butt so she could feel my erection through my pants. “Then please punish your slave much more, until you cannot stand it anymore Master!” She begged. I gave her a little kiss and then stood up and raised the whip behind her again. I looked over to the C sitting on the couch watching M, and R kneeling on the floor, and then I brought the whip down hard. Waited a few seconds then raised it again and brought it down very hard. Waited a few seconds and raised it and brought it down hard and raised it brought it down hard and raised it brought it down hard another 10 times very quickly. She had her face buried in the couch cushion but this time I didn’t hear M cry out at all and C was watching and she looked at me more with wonder than concern. I grabbed M’s hair and pulled her head up, “I was afraid you fell asleep. You are enjoying this aren’t you slave?”
“Yes master, I had my face down so I would not scream too loud, but found I could take the punishment without screaming at all. I am ready for whatever further punishment you have in store for me. Please punish your bitch.”
“Excellent,” I began, “I think it is time to move on to the looped cane, which I suspect could be even more painful than the signal whip, but only you can be the judge of that. You make sure to tell the other slaves how painful it is because they going to feel it in a little while themselves and I want them looking forward to it.” I positioned myself behind M and to the side then raised the cane over her now red and welted ass, and brought down the loop end of the cane across her left cheek quite firmly. She cried out. I immediately raised the cane and brought it down even harder on her right cheek. She had buried her face back in the couch cushion in between strokes and now her cry came out quite muffled. Quickly I brought the cane down hard on her left cheek then her right, then again on her left cheek and then her right. She was shaking her ass and breathing heavy but she was not screaming into the cushion nor begging for mercy. “Tell the other slaves your impression, whore.” I demanded.
“Slaves, the loop ended cane hurts a lot. I don’t know if it hurts more than the signal whip but it is a different pain. It lands in a smaller spot and does not spread across both cheeks like the whip. It is very intense.” M finished and I raised the whip again and brought it down hard in quick succession; one cheek then the next, then again, and again. She hadn’t the chance to bury her face in the cushion before the first blow and she gasped but did not cry out. By the next blow she had buried her face again. I pulled her face up by pulling her hair again. I placed another cushion on top of the one she was leaning on and told her to put her chin down on it and keep her face up and facing ahead. I told R to sit next to C on the couch facing M. “I want them to see your face as each stroke lands, understand slave?”
“Yes Master.” M said sounding a little dismayed. From my vantage point behind M, I could see her beautiful and ever more reddening ass, and I could look into the faces of R and C watching M’s face. I brought down the cane extra hard. I saw both C and R grimace as they watched M’s face. M barely let out a sound though. I brought it down hard again, and again, and again. M cried out and R and C looked at her face and I could see admiration in R’s face and C---it was hard to tell whether she was impressed, or jealous, or a little of both.
“C, untie M and then tie R down in M’s place.” Soon M was free and kneeling on the floor while R was tied down. “It is the signal whip then looped cane for you now R.” I said as I reached under her and tugged on the chain hanging from the nipples clamps she’d worn for several minutes already. She cried out. “How do your nipples feel, bitch?”
“They were throbbing Master, but then they started to feel better, but when I was tied down they hurt a little at first when they pushed against the couch cushion but that subsided until you grabbed the chain and then they hurt terribly.”
“They started to go numb. Of what use is the absence of feeling to me? I can fix that though.” In a quick movement I reached under her again and pulled both clamps from R’s nipples and she screamed out in pain. “Brought the feeling back to your tits, whore?”
“Yes Master, thank you sir.”
“You will be feeling that for a little while, but don’t worry, in a few moments I will take your mind off of that. By the way, R and M, I hope you noticed that big fat cock hanging off C while she untied and tied you. After R’s whipping, and before C is punished some more, youwill both bw feeling that cock, as well as my own!” I rubbed R’s ass with the whip. “Get ready bitch.” I said and raised the whip and brought it down very hard. R cried out as I remembered that this was possibly the hardest stroke she had ever received. Then raised the whip and brought it down again, up and down, for a total of 15 times, but not nearly as hard as the first stroke and not as hard as I whipped M or would whip C. Her ass was red and striped and so were her upper thighs because I apparently missed twice, and her lower back which was marked by one stray lash. I rubber her ass and said, “Just warming up,” Then whipped her ass another 15 times about the same severity and not quite as rapidly. I pulled her head up by her hair and said, “You were looking to be whipped like a real slave, how does it feel slave?”
“It hurts Master, thank you.” After she answered I stuck two fingers roughly into her pussy. It was wet and when I pulled them out I put them in front of her face. “See how wet you are bitch? Only a true slave whore is wet when she is whipped, and that is the only kind of whore who can serve me!” Before she could say anything I shoved my fingers in R’s mouth and she greedily sucked and licked them. Then I pulled them out, grabbed the cane and got back behind her. “It is a taste of the looped cane now, slave!” I brought the cane up and then brought it firmly down. The looped landed squarely on her right cheek. It was not that hard a blow but she gasped. The loop at the end of the cane tends to make quite an impression. I raised it and brought it down on her left cheek. Then I began to do it in succession, one after the other, her right cheek then her left cheek then her right cheek then her left, increasing the force a little each time. By the last couple of strokes they were landing pretty hard and she was crying out after each one.
“What did you think of the looped cane slave?”
“It is very effective Master. I believe I will remember it for a long time.”
“Excellent. M, untie R.” She did so, and soon I had three slaves kneeling at my feet, C with that big fat rubber cock jutting out of its harness.
“M and R, turn to face each other.” After they had done so I commanded them to “Kiss and make out.” They pulled each other close and began to kiss, their tongues roaming each other's mouth. Then I commanded, “M lay on the floor on your back, R, sit on M's face and lean forward in a 69.” I watched the two slaves eat each other's pussies. They were both very good at it, which was good because I needed them very wet. “Both of you adjust your positions and start licking and tonguing each other's asshole. Make them very wet!” I demanded.
I touched C’s shoulder and gestured for her to come with me. We retrieved a heavy padded bench in the bedroom I keep just for this purpose. We placed the bench in the middle of the room and instructed M and R to both bend over and lean across the bench, opposite each other, so that R's face was next to M's butt, and M’s face was next to R’s ass as well. I retrieved two small wooden paddles and gave one to C.
“You're both going to get well used now. No hole will be spared. I expect wet pussies, open holes and no hesitation. To punctuate my point I brought the small wooden paddle down really hard 5 times across M’s ass, then did the same to R’s ass. Any performance lacking will be met with an immediate paddling. My only question, which is from M, is who gets your Master’s cock up her pussy and ass first and who gets the even bigger and harder rubber cock strapped to C up their pussy and ass first? Before you answer I have a question for R, which is, have you ever been fucked up the ass before?”
“No master.” R answered.
“Well then M, you have a decision to make. As you know my cock is certainly large and will make an impression the first time, but as you also know that dildo’s even bigger, and for an inexperienced asshole that hasn’t even been opened and prepared by a smaller cock first, you know that's going to be a brutal experience. So M, it's up to you, who gets your master's cock first?”
Without hesitation M responded, “Please fuck me with your cock first Master.”
R looked a little dismayed and nervous. I knew M was as anxious to be fucked as I was to fuck her, and never liked seeing my cock in another woman though she certainly dealt with it. I was glad to see that she would choose what she wanted even if it meant her friend would have a rougher time, because she certainly didn't owe this to R. Not only did R understand what she was getting into and do it completely of her own accord, but M had spent time serving R and being punished by her. She had licked R’s feet, asshole and pussy, and had been whipped and fucked up the ass by R. So in keeping with the spirit of doing everything with M first, I walked around in front of her and took off all my clothes. My cock was already jutting straight out in front of me hard and throbbing. I held onto M’s head as I thrust my cock into her mouth, deep into her throat. I slowly moved my hips gently fucking her throat as her tongue and lips caressed the shaft . “C, kneel behind me and get your tongue up my ass. Make sure you keep it in there while I fuck M's mouth.” C did as she was told and I started to fuck M’s mouth much harder, deeper and faster. Then I pulled out and pushed C away from my ass. “Fuck her mouth with that big strap- on too.” C fucked M’s mouth, stretching it wide with that big, fat dildo while I walked behind M. I entered M’s pussy and immediately started to fuck her hard and deep. M was getting it deep up her pussy and deep down her throat at the same time. Finally, I pulled out of her pussy and thrust my cock hard into her ass. She cried out, muffled by the cock in her mouth. “C, pull out of M's mouth and start fucking R's pussy.”
C did as she was told and I could see she slid easily into R’s soaking wet pussy. R started to moan. I started to fuck M’s ass as hard and deep as I could. She was biting her lower lip and moaning loudly. I looked over to C and said, “Work that big, fat, wet cock up the bitch’s asshole now!”
C slid out of that wet pussy and started to slowly and carefully work the big, fat head of that cock into R’s tight virgin asshole. “OH! Oh, that hurts Master, please!” R began and C instinctively removed the cock from R’s aching ass.
“Please what?” I asked. I expected her to immediately beg us to stop, in which case we would've stopped and found a suitable punishment for making us change our plans. But she paused and turned a little towards M’s ass, then looked straight ahead, and finally said, “Please continue to have me fucked up the ass, sir. I'm sorry I complained, Master, I've never done this, and I know I'm not near the slave M is, but I'm trying to learn from her…”
“I think you're doing a good job.” I replied, and then nodded to C, who brought the head of the cock back to R’s asshole. She started to work it in again and R was clearly distressed but she was able to relax and finally take it in.”
I reached over and caressed R’s face and said, “You're doing very well slave, keep it up.” After a little bit, I pulled out of M’s ass, and everything looked good as I brought my cock to R’s face. “Clean and suck my cock, whore!” I commanded as I presented my cock to R's mouth. R hesitated while she looked down at my cock, presumably for her to decide if it was acceptable. This was met with my immediately gesturing C to pull out of R’s asshole, which she did quickly and unceremoniously causing R to let out a pained gasp. Then I leaned forward and brought the paddle down hard and fast five times on each of her ass cheeks. She cried out a couple of times, then kept her mouth open until I was back in position and could shove my cock inside. I pushed my cock deep into her mouth and felt her working to rub her tongue all over my shaft and clean my cock as I commanded. I started to slowly fuck her mouth to give her tongue access to the tip of my shaft that was moments earlier buried in her throat. When I was satisfied, and also afraid I might cum, which I was not ready to do yet, I pulled out of her mouth and asked R : “Did you ever think you’d be bent over with your ass paddled then cleaning your Master’s cock from another girl’s ass, slave?”
“I’d fantasized about things like this, but it wasn’t until the first time I got to stay with you and M that I ever thought, even for a moment, that any of this would be possible.”
“And does reality match your fantasies?” I asked.
“In real life the punishment hurts more, but everything also feels better. Things take longer to set up, people are always instantly tied in my fantasies and you never have to go far to find the right whip or paddle, but overall I would have to say dominance and submission is every bit as exciting and satisfying as I imagined it would be. But I am not prepared to say which I like more yet, being Mistress or slave, because it is all so new and so exciting!” R responded.
“Excellent. Probably best that you did not decide which you like better because being a naked, tied down, slave whore at the moment, I may have decided to paddle you again if I did not like your answer.” I said.
“Yes sir.” R responded, smiling.
From here the dildo looked acceptable as I said to C, “C, I believe you have a cock that needs cleaning!” C said “Yes sir, I do.” As she glanced down and made sure it was ready, then she presented the large phallus to M’s mouth, and of course she opened wide and accepted the cock deeply. I looked at C, then down at M, then at R then back to C and C took the hint that I wanted to hear more and said to M, “That’s right Bitch, clean your Mistress’ ass off my big hard cock!”
As I was anxious to put my cock somewhere, and to see M’s ass stretched over that big hard rubber cock, I said to C, “That cock looks clean, but it looks like it really should be fucking some whore, or maybe that’s just my cock talking but either way it is time to switch….”
C got behind M and I got behind R. I eased my cock into R’s pussy for the first time. I was glad to see she was very wet despite having never experienced this much pain and submission before. I looked down and watched M’s face as she got fucked by that big dildo. She closed her eyes but she did not look as happy getting fucked by that big cock as R did. M loved to get fucked, but not by a piece of plastic. She could not just let go and enjoy the act if it was not how she wanted it. It was very hard for her to cum when another woman was eating her or engaging in any sexual contact with her, and only if I commanded it and she really wanted to please me was she able to cum under those circumstances.
“M looks bored. I should probably punish you for not fucking her better, C, but I will let you redeem yourself by finding something to get her attention now.” C knew exactly what I meant, as I am sure M did too, and she pulled the cock, now slick with M’s juices, out of her pussy and began to work the large head into her asshole. M took a deep breath and bit her lower lip and relaxed as best she could. She groaned and let out a quick “Ooohhh!” and then the cock was in and she was groaning as C impaled her ass with that big cock, driving it in and sliding it out almost all the way, then plunging it in. Although C liked to be the focus of the punishment and attention as much as M, and never evidenced the slightest dominant desires, it sure seemed to me like she was enjoying making M suffer. I didn’t notice her enjoy it so much when she was helping me punish R. As for me, as nice as R’s pussy was, it was time for me to feel how tight her ass was. I slid my cock out of her pussy and used it to spread her cheeks as I began to work the thick head into her asshole. She was tight and I told her to relax and she said she was trying and finally I pushed the head through and she cried out and drew in a deep breath and groaned as I worked the shaft all the way deeply into her ass. I pumped in and out and could feel her relaxing more. At that point I pulled out of her asshole and after checking, presented myself to M’s mouth. She dutifully opened and stuck her tongue out so she could begin to clean my cock before I shoved it in her mouth. M knew that I had trained her how I liked her to clean my cock after it had been inside her or another woman, and that was to lick it thoroughly from base to tip before sucking it. The only time she was allowed to go right to sucking was during this scenario, when she was expected to hold her position.
I was ready to move on but I was trying to figure out how to do the two things I wanted to do next, but at the same time. I decided the small wooden paddle I used to paddle R when she was slow to suck might work out.
“M, go kneel on the couch with your ass sticking out. C, kneel on the couch with your ass sticking out about 2 feet to the right of M. R, kneel on the floor next to the couch on the other side of M.” They all got into position. I got behind M and worked my cock into her pussy once again. I started to fuck her slowly, and in my right hand was the small, heavy wooden paddle. To my right was C, sticking her ass out, waiting for whatever I chose to do. I raised the paddle and brought it down hard on C’s ass, once, twice, three, four, five times---all the while thrusting away inside of lovely M. Then I pulled out of M’s pussy and worked my cock back into her beautiful, tight ass. I started thrusting again and I started paddling C’s ass again. It did not take long of this to make me explode inside M’s ass. Before I pulled out I gave C’s ass 10 more hard strokes. As I pulled out I told M, “Lean forward and stick you ass higher in the air.” As she did so I sat down on the couch and told R and C to clean my cock. They eagerly licked my cock and I enjoyed watching them work together so much that I told them to kiss each other for a while before I let them finish with my cock. Then I had them both kneel behind M and told her to lean back so her ass was now pointing down, and I had R and C, R first, take turns sticking their tongue into M’s asshole and licking my cum out of it. As soon as I saw some of my cum dripping onto R’s tongue I had C switch places. It took her longer, and she really had to work her tongue deep up M’s ass before she came out with some cum, but they both got to clean my cum out of M’s ass just as I had promised her!