Monday, May 10, 2010

It Isn't Easy Giving Yourself to Another...(your ass is mine....)

You may have gotten the point that anal training for my slaves means being able to do many things to themselves, and far beyond simple anal sex. I guess it's true. Training implies learning and accepting. I haven't met many submissive women who didn't expect to get fucked up the ass. Therefore, I haven't found much need for training in that area. The things that have needed training tended to be getting them to touch themselves the way I like to see, getting them to be able to accept larger butt plugs, getting them to accept taking things in their mouth after they've been up there ass and generally just being more free and uninhibited with the expectations I have for their assholes. Some slaves need more training than others. Kayla wanted to have her ass used and abused. She could take whip handles, dildos and my cock with some time. She had a little more trouble accepting the shape of a large butt plug even though the size wasn't much different than my cock. She had even more trouble getting a large butt plug or dildo up her asshole by herself. I could get them in when she couldn't. Unlike M. she was acted very willing and tried very hard to accommodate but it took her a lot of time to progress. To encourage her, punishment for failure included severe canings, and long periods of nipple clamping with weights hanging from them. Kayla was perhaps the slaves most interested in other women. She had waited so long to be with another woman that I noticed she used to lose contests just so she would have to orally service the winner. She loved sticking her face between another woman's cheeks and licking her asshole almost as much as she enjoyed burying her face between their thighs and eating pussy. She particularly liked licking my cum off of, or out of, other women. Kayla had very large breasts and was also a bit of a snob. She wasn't that interested in being with another woman if they didn't have big beautiful breasts as well. When I was in the mood to particularly punish Kayla, I would bring her to slave M. The reason is, M. is very pretty but had very small breasts. I knew Kayla didn't particularly feel like being with M, not only because of her small breasts, but because of my close intimate relationship with M that dated back long before I met Kayla. Once they were together I would pick contests that I knew M would probably win. As you know, if I wanted M to lose I would just have to make the task anal and self motivated. However, M could take more pain than any other slave I've ever known except for K. Sometime I'll tell you about K! But that's why I use the name Kayla, to distinguish her from this other slave, K. So I would bring Kayla to M, and I would make the contest pain related. Kayla liked to think of herself as able to handle a lot of pain, for me and for her own satisfaction, but her actual tolerance was more moderate. If I wanted to make the matchup more even and not know who was likely to come out ahead, I could make it an unpleasant task instead of pain related. . If I chose to cum on the floor, and have a race to see who could lick up a certain amount the fastest, I could not be sure who would win. If I picked a couple of objects in the bathroom and told them to clean them with their tongues, such as one for the outside of the toilet and the other for the inside of the toilet (even with them knowing it had been cleaned that day), I could not be sure who would win. But if I wanted M to win I need only make the contest between her and Kayla about pain. Because I don't like my contests over too quickly and because Kayla liked intense nipple torture also, one of our favorite contests for the two of them was hanging weights off Japanese clover clamps hanging from their nipples. I would keep adding 1 pound weights. M could handle 5 pounds from each nipple and even swing them when commanded, though not without screaming and crying. Kayla could not do that with more than 2 pounds, and at 3 she could barely contain herself. Another contest is called nipple hanging. Using adjustable alligator clamps I would tighten them until the slave was obviously in great discomfort. We had already placed some nails in one of the walls. They were at such heights that I could pull the chain of the clamps and hook them to the nails, and the only way to keep a severe strain off their nipples was for the slave to remain on their tiptoes. The loser is the one who begs to be released first. This was another contest M would invariably win. Another one was called “the count”. I would choose a very painful implement such as a cane or wooden paddle with holes in it. One slave would be tied down first and the other would be locked in another room with music playing, so hearing what went on in the other room would be difficult. I would then beat the tied slave’s ass as quick and hard as I chose, while we kept count of the strokes. The beating would stop when the slave requested mercy. We would then let some time pass while we surveyed the slave’s well punished butt, so that the other slave couldn't figure anything out from the amount of time that had passed. The goal for the winner of course, was to take the most strokes. That's why one was locked away with the music, so that they would not have the goal of a number of strokes that they had to beat. I wanted them to take absolutely as much as they could. I didn't want them knowing they only had to beat a certain number of strokes. Often, this contest would be two out of three or three out of five. This was another contest M was overwhelmingly likely to win. Only slave K. was likely to beat M at this. But slave K experienced pain differently, or at least it seemed that way, and I would never have thought it fair to match her up with another slave in a pain contest. In fact, when I involved slave K with another submissive, it was to play out a scene and she was either slave to the slave or mistress to the slave. When slave to the slave, I would allow the other slave to do anything she wanted with K., provided she used her thoroughly and punished her harshly. If I felt the slave was too easy on her I would punish that slave as well. When K. was the mistress I held her to high standards to keep me entertained. If she failed she was punished ferociously in front of the other slave. K was another one who also enjoyed intense humiliation. It was not unusual to end one of those scenes with the other slave kneeling over a dog dish with my cum dripping out of her pussy or asshole, collecting it in the dish, and then having K crawl over and clean the cum out of the bowl with her tongue (by candlelight of course, supplied by both slaves asses!) Or having her clean the toilet bowl with her tongue, and then drink from it. It took a lot to satisfy K’s limits..


  1. I never thought I would admit that being made to compete against another girl and have to take care of her if I lost was the most exciting thing I ever did.

  2. for me it isn't easy not giving myself to someone.