Monday, May 10, 2010

Behind in your training.

I can't help but notice, when I cruise scene related blogs and websites, that the ass and asshole are very important to our community. I know they have always been important to me. Kyla, a very shapely submissive I was involved with who had a nice ass but beautiful, firm, large breasts, liked to point out that I seemed a more interested in her ass when everyone else who dated her , none of whom were into D/s, were much more interested in her breasts. This made me laugh to wonder how much attention other guys gave her breasts because I spent a good deal of time paying attention to her breasts. Whether it was kissing, fondling and massaging, or torturing her nipples; with clothespins, adjustable clamps, biting clamps, Japanese clover clamps with heavy weights attached to them and even pliers, I paid ample attention to her breasts---just not as much as I paid to her ass.. She really enjoyed intense stimulation though she could not stand as much nipple pain or as heavy weights as slave m. But I like to collect pictures and clips from sites all over cyberspace and I have noticed that I am not alone in my intense desire to do everything I can to a woman's fine butt. So I thought this would be an appropriate topic to discuss what I have done to train and enjoy my submissives asses.

I very much like to watch a slave play with her asshole as much as I do watching her play with her pussy. Slave m was a particularly submissive young lady with a very high tolerance for pain. She love to be tied up, could handle a large amount of nipple punishment and could take a really hard caning or paddling to her butt. She was adept at giving tongue baths and very thoroughly licked my feet and asshole. She actually licked everything very well, but I mentioned those for a reason. I also mention that whatever I put into her asshole, be it my cock or a whip handle, if I then presented it to her mouth she licked and sucked it clean without hesitation. (It should be noted that these items were relatively clean. I always checked them before offering them to her mouth. She never saw this as I did it behind her, but if it was ever soiled, on those rare occasions I never offered it to her mouth. The reason was, of course, to protect her health. I know some people are into handling that differently but not me.) I mention all of this because, despite her willingness to serve, her high tolerance for pain and her enjoyment of bondage, she was resistant to overt submission. She would bend forward, reach back and spread her cheeks at my command but would not use her fingers to play with her asshole. She would get on her hands and knees naked but would not crawl around with a collar and leash. She would very much enjoy masturbating when I held her hand and controlled it with my hand, but would not even touch her pussy on her own without my physical guidance. Once, when we were in bed together and not playing out a D/s scene, I started to use her own hand underneath my hand to play with her pussy. She always loved this which was evident from how wet she got, and she particularly enjoyed it when I would then bring her fingers to our lips and alternate who got to taste her pussy that time, her or me. The way we were positioned she was sucking on my balls while I was alternating using my mouth on her pussy and using her hand to rub herself. I then took her hand, spread her cheeks with my other hand, and began to use her fingers to touch her asshole while I buried my face between her thighs to taste her warm, sweet juices . Being the basically submissive girl that she was, she would not pull her hand away, but instead started sucking very, very hard on my balls, to make sure I was as uncomfortable as she. Despite the discomfort, she was being careful not to damage me, and I kept it up for some time to let her know what I expected. But it was not until we broke up and then got back together that she decided to accept total submission including humiliation as part of her relationship with me. That I will detail more in the specific training of m. Here, I will now go into some of the general practices I did with other submissives to train them anally. Ultimately these are the things I did with m also, but because of her resistance the training was more deliberate and severe.

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  1. My Master liked my butt more than anything else and that worked for me.