Saturday, June 12, 2010

Doing it Yourself.

There are some things I like to see a slave do for herself. You may have noticed I like to see a slave touch herself. I like to see them play with their pussy, their asshole, stick their fingers in their mouth and play with their breasts. To see a slave kneeling on the floor with one hand between their legs stroking themselves and the other hand squeezing their nipple is a very pretty sight indeed. To see her bent over the arm of a couch, reaching back and spreading her cheeks while she works a couple of her fingers up her asshole is too beautiful and exciting to miss. In the classic film :The Punishment of Anne” or “L’Image” or “The Image” , the Mistress has the beautiful Anne kneeling and masturbating in front of her and a guy, and then demands “play with your little asshole at the same time!” and we see the lovely and obedient Anne reach back and begin to move her other hand between her cheeks.. I’ll try to include a couple of stills here, which should help convince you to order this DVD online. Anyway, a slave massaging both her breasts until her nipples are hard and then grabbing her nipples and squeezing and twisting them at her Masters command is just stunning to see. So you'll notice a slave shouldn't just be playing with themselves but sometimes they'll be hurting themselves. There are things I enjoy seeing a slave do to themselves and things that don't do anything for me at all. I have seen self spank videos including very hard with the hairbrush a paddle that I should think I would enjoy watching but never seem to. I'm not sure why because if somebody else was doing it to them I would enjoy it just fine, especially if the other person as another woman. I definitely like to see submissive women hurt their breasts, either by twisting and pinching the nipples or by placing clamps on themselves and then twisting those. I'm not real big into pussy torture and only know one or two submissive girls that enjoyed anything painful being done to their pussy and in both cases it was just having a few clothespins on their pussy lips. However, I do enjoy watching of woman have to pluck out some of her pubic hairs with a tweezers slowly. I enjoy watching their faces while they do it. This was not possible with Kayla because she liked to shave completely. Slave S was not a big fan of this punishment and preferred that when she had to go through this, which was rarely, it was with me wielding the tweezers and plucking out the hairs. I enjoy this as well, but for some reason not quite as much as when the slave is forced to do this.

I really enjoy watching slaves shove various things in an out of their assholes and pussies. I think I like all these things because they speak of great submission. Touching themselves would usually be a private affair but now they have to do it for my enjoyment. Hurting themselves wouldn't even be done, even if they may be people who enjoy the feeling, they expect to receive it the pain from their Master, not have to expend all that effort to hurt themselves. As for shoving things in their pussies, again this would be something they might do for their own benefit while they are alone, but not usually for an audience. I think I like watching them do it to their asshole so much because that's something that they would most likely not be doing at all except for my command and something none of them have had much experience doing, and that they probably find embarrassing which I suppose is an extra benefit!
Now, as for pain, I have had slave K kneeling in front of me with those saw-tooth adjustable nipple clamps in her hand as I demanded she put them on and begin to tighten them. She would tighten them at my command and would only stop at my command and not for any other reason. As tight as I had her make them she would willingly twist and tug on them at my command as well. I'm not into blood and I don't look to make my slaves bleed. I do not beat an ass with the purpose of making it bloody, and though it has on a very rare occasion bled a little when I have been caning, paddling or whipping with those harsh leather loop carpet beaters, it's not what I look to do, it's never the goal and I will usually stop at that point. Once when M was unusually uncooperative for her, and had earned a particularly harsh punishment with her sorority paddle, she started bleeding before I was done. I told her that we were going to stop and start again another time. She said she was supposed to receive the full punishment and that's what she expected and that I should continue. We never really discussed why she felt the need to continue since if I was willing to put it off she knew it was okay with me. I always meant to ask her if this was because she was getting something out of it and didn't want to stop, if she really believed she should get the whole thing, or if she really believed I would secretly be disappointed if she didn't. I was reminded of this now because on more than one occasion K had told me I should beat her ass until she bled; that it was the only way to really know I had been really severe. At other times, she said if I really wanted to punish her nipples I should make her tighten those clamps until she bled, and not stop just because she seemed to be in a lot of pain. I resisted these suggestions. I pointed out that even the few times we used pins in her tits, or nipples, for whatever reason there was usually no bleeding, and the same when we tried them in her ass, which was not as exciting, or maybe satisfying is a better word, in real life as when I imagined it. So I did not give in to her thoughts of more severe punishment. Well, on one occasion when I had K. tighten those adjustable saw-tooth clamps, she did not give me enough of an indication that it hurt a lot, and I believe she was holding back her reaction on purpose. And then I saw her start to bleed and ended it then and there. I was very angry with her and punished her in the only way to would make an impression, there was no sex, or anything else that night. I left her to consider whether ignoring my limit was worth it. She called me very upset the next day to let me know it was not, and she never repeated that situation for the rest of the time we were together. I have had M stand before me tightening adjustable clamps but not the saw-tooth type. Sometimes she would be turning it while moaning and begging but she never refused. Slave S. could not handle that level of pain, but I would put Japanese clover clamps on her nipples and then I would have her pull the chain, or stick the chain in her mouth and then pull her head back or just use her hands to twist the clamps. These she could do well and did so willingly. Slave S. was also excellent at touching herself. She could play with her pussy, her asshole, insert large dildos in her pussy and fuck her asshole with a whip handle. Slave S. was just not a big fan of cleaning any of +these off with her tongue afterwards. Sometimes she would do it, but never as eagerly as M. or K or even Kayla, and she never seemed to get as excited as those other girls did when they performed that way for me.

I was trying to decide which blog this article belongs in. In one respect it seems basic and simple or at least straightforward enough that it should be included in Entering Submission. However, these acts were not something I found slaves were comfortable doing earlier in our relationship. I found them much more ready to accept and enjoy a hard whipping or licking my cock clean after I fucked them, then some of them were to touch themselves willingly in front of me, or to hurt themselves for me. The only one who seemed comfortable doing that at the beginning was Kayla. She could and would twist tight clamps on her nipples from the very beginning. Slave K. much preferred to be hurt by others and at the beginning when I would demand this from her, and from slave M, they would sort of just ignore me or stand there or lay there and not do what I was asking. Things with slave S moved very slowly so I’m not sure how she would've reacted if I tried to get her to do these things earlier, but because things moved slowly I did not. I found if I had her in any position where it was difficult or uncomfortable tfor her to reach her asshole, she would often say she could not manage to touch herself there, so perhaps she did not enjoy it as much as I did watching her. Given the time it took to develop most slaves in this area, especially slaves that ultimately proved to be willing and capable, it seems this post was most suited to this blog instead.


  1. The idea of hurting myself at a command is hot. I have spanked myself and put clothespins on my nipples and twisted my nipples for my imaginary master. I haven't had the nerve to try to find someone for real but if I do I guess I would have to show them how I touch myself when I think of these things.

  2. I loved the movie the punishment of Anne. I love when I have done things to myself to please my master. I have hurt my nipples, played with my pussy, and stuck my fingers up my ass.