Friday, June 18, 2010

A is for...

Between the two sister blogs I've looked at many ways to beat an ass, ways to punish a slave through her breasts and in particular her nipples, and now we come to another particular spot------ the anus, the rectum, or as I like to say------- the asshole. This is an interesting area for dominant and submissive alike. I have heard of women, from friends, who were not the least bit interested in having anything done to their asshole. In my personal experience however, I have found all the women I've been involved with have been very aroused when things involved an asshole. I say an asshole not their asshole because, perhaps because of their submissive nature, they get very aroused when they are commanded to lick my asshole or another woman's. I've noticed that these submissive women respond very well to being commanded to “clean my asshole”, or something like “crawl over there and clean that bitch's asshole!” I'm not really interested in seeing them or having them service soiled asses, nevertheless there's something about being commanded to clean an ass that is very submissive and degrading, and therefore in these situations very exciting as well. Why? Is it because the ass carries with it a certain mystery and forbidden nature? Assholes are of a dual nature. There are times when they can be quite dirty but when everything is working right most of the other time they are very clean. Perhaps this is part of it. We might be using them for something they are not primarily intended but they are obviously quite well set up for it. Certainly the nerves and the way they respond have made this a very erogenous zone. The submissive women I've been with have enjoyed many kinds of anal stimulation, from my tongue and fingers, to whip handles and butt plugs, to my cock and large dildos. As I've mentioned some of them have even reacted quite excitedly to large object s that caused them some pain back there. It also sets up interesting dynamics. I like to lick the beautiful assholes of the lovely girls I've been involved with, and I very much enjoy and demand that they spend a decent amount of time servicing my asshole with their tongue. Now when I lick them, whether they're tied down or not, I certainly don't consider it a submissive act but merely another way I choose to enjoy their bodies. However, for them and for me, when I have them do it to me it is very much an act of submission and servitude to their master. There is definitely something that feeds into dominance and submission when you're using a girl's asshole. I have made M submit to slave S on several occasions and from what I could tell M found licking S’s asshole at least as humiliating as eating S’s pussy even though M. had made it clear she wasn't interested in being with another woman and I would think she would find a wet pussy to be more difficult to deal with than a dry, clean asshole. It also seemed to me that M found it more humiliating to be fucked up the ass by slave S’s strap-on then to be whipped and severely punished by S. Slave M never objected when I had S give her a very hard wooden paddling, and appeared comfortable saying “thank you Mistress please beat my ass harder”, after each stroke as I commanded. However, M clearly found it very difficult to beg for slave S to fuck her up the ass, although she could beg me to do it quite nicely. Even when I told her that if she begged convincingly I would have S use a small strap-on, but if she failed to do that I would have S use a very large and painful strap-on, did not help to motivate M to behave as I wished. I even tried to use myself as an intermediary. I would tell her to “beg your Master to have his bitch fuck you up the ass with that big rubber cock” and she would resist that as well. It just meant she would suffer a much fatter and longer strap-on up her ass, and then I would find another way to punish her for her disobedience, such as making her take that fat rubber cock while wearing tight nipple clamps with weights hanging from them, or to suffer a severe caning right after her ass was abused by that strap-on, or to kiss and lick slave S’s ass and asshole while I whipped slave M’s back and ass, and then eat S’s pussy while I fucked M’s already stretched and sore asshole with my cock.
Often in D/s anal training comes up. It was done in the story of O, where she had a succession of ever larger objects thrust up her ass and chained to stay in place, in order to better prepare her for the way her new master planned to use her most often. For me training a slave's ass has meant to get her ready to accept large objects into her ass or to get her able to touch her asshole and insert objects into it the way I enjoy watching. All the submissive girls I've been with expected, and acquiesced to anal sex. Since my cock is of a fairly large size it was occasionally painful for them but usually not as we went slow and they all dealt with it fine and often without “training”. The training was for those things that were less common than just anal intercourse. I have not run into any girls that were ever asked to touch their assholes or finger them for any other guys. I'm sure more than one guy that these girls have been with just didn't have the guts to say they wanted to see that! My readers will have to let me know if I'm off base there. Just like I see many videos of either straight anal sex or involving D/s, where after the girl gets fucked up the ass, the guy shoves his cock in her mouth, or the girl pulls a butt plug or dildo out of her ass, and then licks and sucks it. Clearly, I'm not the only one who likes these things! I have also seen pretty severe anal punishment and torture in videos. The European SVP and other productions starring the famous (in S&M circles) Kirsten come to mind. Two related videos, one with her occasional Mistress Biggi, and one with her master, have them both burning various parts of slave Kirsten with lit cigarettes including her breasts and her nipples as well as her asshole! I'm sure that hurt. I've been with slaves that watched those scenes in amazement and mock horror, only to start asking me questions and talking about it long afterward. The slaves that were interested I told them we were going to try a few things and then I blindfolded them and tied them down with their ass sticking up in the air and I spread their cheeks and took a pin and started to poke it around their assholes. As soon as they reacted to the pain I poured hot wax onto their asshole. With the pins they got sharp pain and from the wax they got the heat. They did not know if I was going to burn them with lit cigarettes, or something else, or do something entirely different. They just knew I planned to try something after our discussions about the Kirsten burn videos. I have never used lit cigarettes or other very hot things on a slave's asshole because I've always been concerned that after the momentary gratification there were real issues we’d have to deal with. Until they were all healed we would have to be very vigilant about potential infections. I was also concerned that long after the eroticism was over they would have to deal with the constant discomfort of having healing burns in that particularly sensitive and high traffic spot. I was concerned that every time they needed to go to the bathroom would present a challenge. It just seemed to be more long-term trouble than it was worth. I would love to interview Kirsten and find out just exactly how she dealt with the aftermath of the many things she went through in those videos. Though I can think of two slaves I've been involved with who were interested and could have tolerated those kinds of acts and that level of pain, I was just not comfortable with the risk and longer-term effects that they would have to deal with. I did the pins and hot wax to the both of them and they seemed fearful at the beginning and satisfied by the end. It was difficult for them to tell exactly what was going on back there, and when they asked me I told them we would discuss it another time. I later learned they were apprehensive over the next day or so as they needed to use the bathroom, but were relieved and a bit confused to find the discomfort was minimal if any. That was when I explained I did not really burn them but found an interesting way to punish them anally all the same. I can’t say we indulged in that scene very often, but it did present an interesting diversion.

Other things that I've seen done anally include the insertion of strings of anal beads, and again it's the size of the bead that determines the level of stimulation and/or punishment. I'm not into enemas or watching people expel things from their asshole. Even when they have butt plugs or other things in there ass I'm just interested in seeing them pull it out or me pulling it out, but not in them pushing them out from their rectum. Obviously the asshole is a sensitive spot and it takes a certain amount of care and preparation just to have anal sex, so at least that’s all just as true when it comes to anal submission and punishment. Things should be clean and you should proceed cautiously, and especially when inexperienced you should proceed very slowly. When done with care, you can take anal eroticism to a new level by introducing submission, humiliation and pain. However, in many cases the amount of pain a slave can take anally is much less than they might be able to tolerate from other forms of punishment. Some slaves cannot tolerate any anal pain, however they might be quite good at touching their assholes and begging you to fuck them there, and you may both be very fulfilled and content without them ever having to deal with much actual pain.


  1. I love everything my master ever did to me anally even though much of it hurt. I must be particularly tight back there or tense, because it never got easier, but it always made me very excited.

  2. I have all these fantasies about having my ass punished and used but am afraid. I have fingered myself and it feels real good and have worked a little dildo in me too, but both my best friends said it hurt bad when they tried. I like the idea of it hurting but not bad!

  3. Donna,
    It is possible your friends tried it because their friends wanted them to but did not want it or were not ready. If you are submissive and thing about getting punished it may be tolerable for you even if it does hurt. I know some girls who it does not hurt at all. You have to try it for yourself. Anal punishment makes me wettest of all.