Saturday, June 26, 2010

Training to Serve

There is an entire set of acts, some humiliating, some painful, some distasteful and some purely pleasurable or possibly difficult depending on the slave. These acts can fall under a variety of categories that could all be pooled together in the general topic of “Serving their Master”. I've covered aspects of this between the two blogs, such as the post about slaves hurting themselves or touching themselves at their Masters command. During my relationship with M., when it first started, I would test her submissive leanings. Saturday in her apartment was cleaning day. She would put it off if we were going to be away or had specific plans, but would not put it off if I simply stayed over Friday night. She would often start early before I woke up and didn't seem to expect me to give her much help. She cleaned her tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom the old-fashioned way, on her hands and knees with a thick scrub brush and a bucket of soapy water. Not only did she not seem to expect me to help, but she would apologize for her routine. One morning while she was scrubbing her kitchen floor I told her that this was no problem, but if she wanted to make it a better experience for me, the least she could do was be naked while she cleaned. She stood up, stripped, folded her clothes neatly and carried them to her bedroom. When she returned she got right back on her hands and knees and started scrubbing completely naked. I told her I admired her desire to please me as well as to get her work done and was not going to test our resolve. While she was still scrubbing I got behind her pulled down my pants and got on my knees and started to fuck her. She moaned a bit but managed to keep working. To test her further I pulled out of her pussy and thrust my cock up her ass. She groaned aloud and fell forward little bit, but quickly regained her composure and kept scrubbing. When I was getting ready to cum I started to pull out of her ass and started cumming all over her ass and the floor. I let out an annoyed sigh, and said: "I wanted you to taste my cum, but your hot tight ass wouldn't let me go in time!” “Sorry.” She said, then she reached back and scooped up some of the cum dripping down her ass cheek and brought her fingers to her mouth and licked and sucked them clean. “That’s so exciting it helps make up for it, but if you really want to make up for it, you’ll get it all.” I said and could see from her expression and her trying to turn her head, that she was trying to see what else was dripping off of her. “There’s plenty right there.” I said, pointing to the spot behind her on the floor. She followed my finger and when she saw it was on the floor there was very little hesitation before she began to reach down to scoop it with her fingers. I started to feel a little disappointed about how she was going to go about doing it, but was still pleased she was taking it as far as she did. Then she paused, and was clearly thinking about something, she looked up at me as I was staring intently at her, then she looked down at the puddle of cum, started to lean towards it and used one hand to move the hair away from the side of her face facing me, and began to lick my cum off the floor for the first time! As soon as she was done she just sort of kneeled there, not moving or looking up at me, and I didn't know if she was embarrassed or what she was thinking, but I needed to cement very quickly that this was a wonderful thing, so I said, “that was so hot!” And started kissing her and pushed her over onto her back and started rubbing her pussy, soon enough working my face down between her legs so I could eat her until she came three or four times. Clearly from her actions she already understood what I liked, but from this point forward I noted she would do things like this much more purposefully. Was it just for my benefit or did these acts make her as excited as they did me? She was certainly very wet when I started on her but she might have just gotten that way from the very act of getting naked and kneeling on the floor to clean. She was great that way; how easy she got wet and stayed wet! I'll tell you some of the things she did after this. She seemed very pleased and excited by the reaction she got from me, so over the next few days even when we had pretty straightforward sex, she would always search around the bed for wet spots that had dripped out of her pussy or asshole after I would cum. She would lean over and lick it off the sheet and say, “I know you don't want me to waste any.” I remember after a shower we took together, her bathtub was right next to the toilet, while we were drying off, when I was turned facing the toilet, she got behind me on her knees and started working her face between my cheeks. Soon she was really working her tongue up my ass and she reached through my legs with one hand and started stroking my cock while pushing me over a little with her other hand so that I was leaning over the toilet. I was not sure if she was trying to aim so my cum would go into the water, or if at some point she was going to turn me around and have me sit on the seat while she finished with a blow job, but I soon found it was neither choice. She kept licking and stroking until I came and though her face was busy between my cheeks, I could feel her very specifically moving my cock as I started to cum. After she had pumped every drop out of me, she turned me around and sucked the last drops off the tip of my cock. Then she looked at the toilet and said: “Look what a mess I made! And right after I cleaned the bathroom this morning. I should be more careful. I’m sure you’ll help by thinking up a suitable punishment for after I’m done cleaning up.” Then I stood there amazed as I watched her begin to lick my cum off the toilet seat and the outside of the bowl. When she was done she looked up at me as she began to stand, “Will you be punishing me in the bedroom, or somewhere else?” She asked. “Meet me in the living room” I said. I went to gather up what I would use; a pair of adjustable nipple clamps, two 1 pound lead weights, and a rattan cane. Back then I did not know what Japanese clover clamps were, though I had seen them in videos, I did not know how they worked or where to purchase them. When I started experimenting with weights off of M’s nipples it was hard on her because the only way to keep the clamps attached with the weights hanging from them was to make them pretty tight. I handed M the adjustable clamps. “You should put these on because you know better than me how they feel when they are adjusted tight enough to carry the weight,” then I showed her the 1 pound weights. You're going to get 50 strokes with the cane. If you don't adjust the clamps tight enough and the weights pull either one of them off your nipples before I'm done, you'll get 150 strokes instead! Understand?”
“I understand.” She said. This was before she called me master and submitted completely, but as you can probably tell from what's going on she was getting very close to that point. She adjusted the clamps and I could tell they were pretty tight. I asked if she was sure they were tight enough as I was about to give her the weights and any mistake would cost her an extra 100 strokes from the cane and that would have to be a terribly painful ordeal. She considered a moment and then made each clamp one turn tighter, which from the pained look on her face must have been excruciating. She took the weights and hung them on the clamps and they stayed tightly attached to her nipples. “If they stay on the whole time it will just be 50. After each stroke you will count it and since you requested the punishment you can thank me for each stroke as well. And don't lose count or we'll start again, understand?”
“I understand.” Was all she said.
“Then over the back of the couch!” She went behind the couch and leaned over with her palms resting on the cushion. The weights were pressed up against the thick back of the couch and I could see her wince in pain when they first made contact. I raised the cane then brought it down fairly hard across both cheeks of her ass. “One thank you.” She said. “Excellent.” I responded, then brought the cane down much harder the second time. This time she blew air through her gritted teeth, then said, “Two thank you.” I raised the cane and brought it down as hard as the second stroke yet again. “Three thank you.” This went on for the full 50 strokes. I wondered to myself if any slave ever made a mistake in the count at say 48 or 49? If they did I would have to imagine it was on purpose. Today M made no mistakes. Her ass was bright red with many dark red lines across it, and some slight raised welts. It was beautiful. I couldn't contain my excitement any longer, and it had already been almost an hour since I last came, so I took her to bed where we stayed for much of the day except when we ran to the drugstore because we had run out of the ointment we usually put on her ass after particularly hard punishment. M was very interesting back then, when she was so submissive but had yet to embrace submission. As I had mentioned during that time she would not cooperate with wearing a collar or crawling around on her hands and knees on a leash. I had made comments about how pretty she would look drinking champagne out of a dog dish on the floor, and she would usually ignore these. Ultimately, sometime later when she finally embraced submission and offered herself to me without reservation or limitation, she would regularly eat or drink whatever I wanted her to out of a dog bowl. At this point, when she was licking my cum off the toilet seat, I decided it would be nice to see her lick my cum out of a dog bowl. She was extremely resistant and preferred to suffer a large dildo up her asshole, 4 pounds of weights off each nipple clamp, and terribly severe leather bullwhipping of her ass and back, rather than give in and lap it out of the bowl. I wondered if we had taken a large step backward at that point if she were going to stop licking my cum off of things. But my fears were misplaced. After coming up her ass she started searching for wet spots on the sheets and started licking. I remarked that it felt like I left a lot more up her ass then we were seeing on the sheet and she said she would cleanup whatever I could find. I pushed her face forward on the bed so her ass was sticking up and then shoved a thin whip handle up her asshole and twisted it a bit. I pulled it out and showed her the leather was wet from my cum. While looking into my eyes, she brought her face to the handle and stuck out her tongue and started to lick it off. From what I could tell, though she didn't seem interested in discussing it, she would lick it up from anywhere that it “naturally” fell, or where she left an opening, like telling me to find the cum and she would take care of it, but there was something about me expecting her to follow through with my plan that at that point did not sit right with her. Even later on when she started to do everything I wanted, and would lick my cum out of the dog bowl, she could never or would never explain what her resistance was. I hope it is clear from everything I did get from her then, and even more so later, that I had it so good that any limitation she had at the time were not really a problem. Soon enough, though she would not even drink water from a dog bowl, she was licking up all sorts of messes. If wine spilled on the floor, if fruit was dropped on the floor, if crumbs were left on the table. Things got very interesting, it was like she found a way to suddenly give in to this submissive streak for humiliating acts but without having to go against these psychological restrictions she seemed to have at the time.
K. had her own apartment and lived with a younger girl (I forget her name) who was actually her mistress. K. was bisexual though the younger girl was a lesbian. K. was older and in many ways a mentor to the younger girl even though the younger girl dominated her, which is just how K wanted it. Now, K. wanted to be with men. That was clear. She used to talk to me about getting married but stressed that we could continue living with the younger girl so clearly shouldn't plan on giving anything up! The younger girl was clearly jealous of me but would ultimately do whatever K wanted. What did I get out of my time with K when she was also with that girl? Well, that girl would dominate K. in front of me for my entertainment. She wasn’t happy about it , but she did what K wanted her to do. Also, while the girl did not want to have anything to do with me physically or emotionally, she was young and inexperienced and was able to learn a lot from me in regards to domination and punishment. As a side note, after K. and I broke up we ran into each other and while she told me she missed me very much she did say she had a much more fulfilling D/s relationship with the younger girl because she clearly learned a lot from our time together. When I first came into the picture the girl mostly dominated K by ordering K to sexually service her and she punished her with pretty straightforward spankings. Anyway, back to my time with them. The young girl was always bitching that K. was not great at housework. I asked what they wore doing housework and was told old sweats on both their behalf's. When they were due to clean next, I bought and brought to their apartment a French maid's outfit for K, with cutouts soe her small breasts would peek through and a skirt that looked more like a tube top and did not actually cover anything. I took a duster and attached the handle to a rubber penis. I purchased a big sponge with a handle on the back from a car care center. I bought the young girl a pair of thigh high black leather boots with spiked heels and gave her a riding crop. I told her when K cleans her mistress should be naked except for the boots and the crop. She made a face like “I’m sure you’d like that” but a look from K let her know she would soon be dressed---and undressed exactly that way. K dressed in the maid's outfit and I inserted the dildo handle of the duster up her asshole. I took a nice soft washcloth and handed it to her young mistress and told her to rub her pussy and asshole with it. When she’d done so and it was wet, I took it and wrapped it around the handle of the big sponge, then popped the washcloth wrapped handle into K's mouth. I attached a leash to K’s collar and handed it to her mistress. “Now lead her over to those shelves and tell her to dust.” I said. “And if she does a bad job beat her with the crop. And we’ll see if some nice tight nipple clamps will help to motivate her.” When I was done telling her what to do the girl led K. by the leash. When she got to the shelves she turned around and started to wiggle her ass to do the dusting. I said I thought she was doing an inferior job and told her Mistress to discipline her. She gave her 5 rapid strikes of the crop to each of her ass cheeks, and then I placed adjustable nipple clamps on her tits and made them very tight, just as K. liked them. Then I told her young mistress to knock the clamps around with the crop. They both seemed to enjoy that for a few minutes and then I put K back to work. After a while I tired of watching her dust and we dragged her into the bathroom with a bucket of water and had her dip her face sponge into it and scrub the bathtub, sink and toilet. Watching her kneel over the toilet and stick her face into the bowl and move the sponge around was hot. It took twice as long and probably was an even worse job than she normally did, but it was fun to watch and it ended with me fucking K’s pussy then asshole while she ate her mistress's pussy like the good slave whore she always was . Clearly the young mistress had appreciated what we'd done that day, because while we were all having sex with K., she was commanding K. to do things to me to which she usually didn’t,. Normally, she suffered my presence and ignored me and what K. and I were doing, as best as she could, but that day she was saying things like: “Come on Bitch, suck his cock and make it nice and hard so I can see him ram that big dick up your ass!”
When K and I were alone, some of the other ways she served were to rub her pussy on my shoes to “add some polish” then clean them top to bottom with her tongue. She was one of the ones I mentioned in a previous post that felt they should be real shoes that were worn outside. She enjoyed licking my cum out of a dog bowl. If I were punishing her tits but planned on whipping her after, she liked to hold the whips I would be using, one handle shoved up her asshole and another in her mouth, while I tortured her tits, and if she dropped a whip she expected to be punished severely!
When it came to oral service, few could compare with Slave S. Though M and S were about tied for oral skills, as either could make me cum very quickly from a blow job or could make my cock throb from the way they tongued my asshole, and both could start at my feet and take their time giving me a tongue bath to the top of my head and then straight to my cock that built up to an incredibly explosive orgasm, no one could match the skill and verbal submission S brought to a tongue bath or ass cleaning. That is what set her apart---her verbal skills as well as her oral skills. No one could more expertly and unhurriedly work their tongue magic like M and S. M was even perhaps a little more thorough when performing a full body tongue bath, but when it came to all the most important spots, S was right there too, but where M would quietly go about her task, S had a lot more to say. “Master, my pussy gets so wet when I clean your asshole.” Or “The deeper I stick my tongue up your ass the more I need to submit to you Master. “ Or “Please Master, if you think your slave should clean your asshole better or should take your cock even deeper down her throat, then please punish me, Master, whip my ass, but please let me try to serve you better.” And so on. She knew how to talk the talk of submission, while she and M both walked the walk, but no one walked better than M and no one talked better than S. True, over time, as has been discussed in these blogs, with training, M and K and S all learned to speak the way I expected of my slaves, but S was the best at figuring things out and improvising without guidance. S also loved to have mirrors around. She loved for us to both be able to see ourselves as she knelt on the floor naked, her face between my cheeks, as she used her tongue to please me.
Eventually, after M had removed all limitations from her submission, on some occasions when I was able to get Slaves M and S together I decided that their training should not only be in bisexual acts for my enjoyment, but on extending their appreciation of serving their Master together. M had already shown her ability to appreciate her Master’s cum and to lick it off of anything, but as I have mentioned, had no bisexual leanings and only performed with other women grudgingly at her Master’s command. Once the slaves M and S had been together a few times and were familiar with each other’s bodies and had proven they could perform together I decided to expand their training. I brought S over to M’s apartment and as I expected, M was awaiting us in her slave position; naked, bent over the arm of the couch, legs spread about 18 inches apart, reaching back and spreading her cheeks exposing her asshole and pussy, her head turned to one side and her lips parted about a half inch, showing she was ready to be used however her Master wished. Once we entered the apartment S stripped and got into the same position right next to M. I decided I would warm them up with some slave girl on slave girl time and some punishment before taking them to this new level.
“On your knees on the floor facing each other!” I demanded and they reacted instantly. They ended up about 2 feet apart. “Get closer to each other sluts! What can you do like that?” They immediately closed the gap until their knees were touching. “Hug and kiss.” I said and they wrapped their arms around each other and kissed, but it was rather perfunctory and not very passionate. “Feel each other up. Your two hot bitches!” I demanded and S brought one hand to S’s ass and started rubbing it while M reached one hand around and limply played with S’s big tit. I was annoyed they were not showing more interest so: “Back into position slaves!” I barked. “If you two can’t behave like my whores, you’ll be punished like my slaves.” They stood up and got back into position bent over the arm of the couch. Since M did not desire being with other women, and was embarrassed to be punished by a woman or in front of a woman, especially anal punishments, so I announced: “For M’s punishment, S will use a lunge whip to beat M’s back and ass, then S will tie M down and brutally take her asshole with a big fat strap-on for 15 minutes, hard and deep and fast!” S could handle big things up her ass and M could not beat S nearly as hard as S could beat M because she was much more petite, I decided it was most effective if I dished out S’s punishment. Since S liked me to focus on her body when the 3 of us were together I would find a way to focus on M during the punishment. “For S, we will hang her by her nipples for 15 minutes while I fuck M and she gives me a tongue bath and then we will take S down and I will beat her ass with a leather quirt fast and hard!”
“We will begin with M.” we tied M’s hands above her head to a hook in the ceiling and they handed S the lunge whip. “Fast and as hard as you can all across her back, ass and thighs. If I don't think you're trying hard enough it will be you on the receiving end.” I knew S could really lay in to M. S is much bigger and stronger than M. took only about 10 minutes for M's back and ass to be covered in red stripes and welts. I could see the pain written across her face that she was doing her best not to scream or cry in front of S.. “Take her down.” I told S and she got on the step stool and unhooked the rope holding M’s hands above her head. “Crawl into position bitch!” I said to M. and she crawled back to the couch and bent over the arm. “I left a nice big fat cock for you to strap on slave.” S. walked over to where I pointed and began to put on the large dildo. I grabbed M's hair and pulled her head up and told her, “you better have a wet pussy whore because it's the only lube your asshole's going to get. I'm not going to tie you down because you’ll probably need to reach back and spread your cheeks for your bitch mistress's big fat cock, but you'd better hold your place and push your ass back to take in every inch. From the moment you feel that cock in your pussy getting wet you'd better start begging and convincing me that you want nothing in this world more than to get fucked up the ass by that big cock by your Mistress. Understood, cunt?”
“Yes Master.” M replied.
“I’ll teach both you bitches to please me the first time.” As I said this I motioned to S and she got behind M. and started to work that big fat cock into her pussy. When I could see this shaft was glistening and wet I decided it was time. But first I grabbed the lunge whip and brought it down twice really hard across M’s back. “I don't hear you bitch!” I said.
M began, “Please Mistress, please fuck your slave whore up the ass with that big fat cock. Please I beg you to hurt my asshole and stick that big fat monster cock deep inside me until I scream.”
“Very good slave.” I said. M did not say any of that with much feeling I had to give her credit that at that point she really got to know what I like to hear and she really got good at saying it. I could've punished her for not saying it very passionately or with conviction, but it was very hard for her to say any of that so I was more than happy and excited by what she was able to give me.
S rammed the cock up M’s ass and without any prompting, while biting her lip and burying her face in the couch cushion, M managed to get out, “thank you Mistress, that hurts so much, thank you for using my asshole, please keep punishing my asshole with that big fat cock.” I couldn't tell if it was discomfort or humiliation I kept M’s face mostly buried in the couch cushion, but either way I decided after ten minutes that she had had enough and that 15 minutes was not necessary.
“I think the bitch had enough. “ I said as I put my hand on the S’s shoulder and she stopped pumping the cock deep into M’s ass.
“How long was that master?” M asked.
“Ten minutes” I responded.
“Please Sir, I earned 15 minutes and I should take it. I can handle anything you want me to and you command my mistress to give me.” She said looking at me and avoiding all eye contact with S.
“I'm sure you could slave but I expect to be using your asshole later myself, and I don't want you so well used now that you don't feel it when I shove my cock inside your.” I responded.
“I will always feel your cock master. It's what this slave desires Please finish my punishment.”
“Certainly slave, since you begged so nicely. Punish fuck her asshole some more slave!”
S continued and soon it was time.
We need to move on. It's time for S to face her punishment. Get that cock out of her asshole” I said. S slowly pulled the big fat cock out of M.'s ass. “On your knees whore and clean that cock.” I'm obediently knelt and licked and sucked the cock until I told her to stop. When I told M to stop, S obediently removed the strap on, got on her knees and crawled back to the couch and got into position over the arm of the couch. I got a pair of Japanese Clover nipple clamps which worked very well for nipple hanging. I have spoken about this and other posts. Nipple hanging is where clamps are placed tightly on the nipples and hung from a hook on the wall or the ceiling that causes a great amount of pain unless the slave remains on their tiptoes. I stood by the hooks we placed in the wall for different severity levels. When a slave was not up to it or didn't deserve harsh punishment I would pick a hook level that allowed them to mostly rest on their flat feet with only moderate pain to the nipples. At the harshest levels the pain in the nipples would be quite severe even if the slave was a ballerina and could rest on the very ends of the toes. I decided S deserved moderate punishment so she would be popped up at a level where she can be on her toes and balls of her feet. Replace the current son S. and pulled the chain to the hook and placed it. I chained her hands behind her back and told her to face the side so she could watch us. I fucked M in several different positions but very quickly as S was only to be punished this way for 15 minutes, while S watched. Then as I promised M I used her asshole pretty hard too. Then I laid on my back and told M to start giving me a tongue bath starting with my soaking wet cock. I made sure not to cum because I had other plans for that, and when she was done with the front side of my body I rolled over and let her do the back. She knew to give lots of special attention to my ass and asshole. AT 15 minutes I let S down and removed the clamps and she cried out in pain as her tortured nipples were released. I had S sit on the couch and told M to be nice to S’s feet. She licked and sucked them and massaged them. Then I had S get back into position over the end of the couch, had M tie her down, picked up the short leather quirt and went to work on S’s ass. Before I was done she was screaming but not crying or begging for mercy.
I had M untie S. and told them it was time to try again. I had them stand facing each other close together. “Start kissing and convincing me you want to do nothing more than play with each other or I'll make the first punishment session seem like a walk in the park compared to what I'm going to do to you next!” They immediately pulled each other close and started kissing passionately while roaming their hands all over each other's bodies. M immediately stuck a hand between S’s ass cheeks and from the way she was moving her hand I could tell she was really working her fingers in S’s asshole. At the same time S. reached down between M legs and started massaging her pussy sticking two fingers deeply in and out. All the time they continued kissing, working their tongues in each other's mouths, seeming as excited as I wanted to see. S broke the kiss first to bring her fingers to M’s mouth so she could taste her own pussy. This prompted M to bring her fingers to S’s mouth so she could taste her own ass. Now this was hot! I had stayed dressed most of the time, just dropping my pants when I needed to, but now I got completely undressed.
“I want to feel two tongues up my asshole now!” I commanded and as they broke from playing with each other and started to crawl towards me I turned my back to them. I can feel them both trying to work their tongues between my cheeks at the same part which is exactly what I wanted because I wanted them tasting each other’s tongue as much as they were trying to taste me. Then I moved away from them and turned around and backed onto the couch and sat down. “Now, both your mouths on my cock and balls!” S started up my balls while M started by licking the tip of my cock. Soon their tongues met in the middle as they were both licking my shaft up and down and trying to take turns getting the mouth over the tip of my cock so they could be the one to take me into their throat. After a while I stood up and had S lick my asshole while S sucked my cock, then I would occasionally turn around and have them switch roles. MY cock felt like it needed to explode. I knew what I wanted to do with these two slaves but to do everything I planned I would have to come several times so I knew the next few hours they were going to be working very hard and taking a lot of punishment. What was I going to start with? When I decided I said: “S get on your hands and knees I'm going to fuck you in the ass. M get behind me and lick my asshole while I do.” S got on her hands and knees and after a couple of quick thrusts in her pussy to get my cock wet I took her asshole. I felt M work her face between my cheeks and struggle to keep her tongue up my ass as I kept pumping in and out of S's asshole. Finally I knew I was going to shoot a gigantic load up S’s asshole and as I got ready to do it I pulled my cock most of the way out and just kept the tip ramming in and out of her ass. Finally I put my load in there and pulled out my cock. I grabbed M by the hair and pulled her to my cock. Before I could even command it she started to clean my cock. I pulled her face away from my cock and said, “excellent bitch, now I have a special treat for you. S. is going to crouch over your face and you're going to lick your masters cum out of her asshole. She laid on her back on the floor and S got on top of her, reached back and spread her cheeks, and sat her asshole inches above M’s face. There was already some cum visible around her asshole and her asshole was still a little open and you could see the cum inside it. M raised her head and started to lick the cum from between S’s cheeks. Then she started to work her tongue into S’s asshole. Then I told her to lie back down and with S. spreading her cheeks, keep her mouth open and wait for the rest of the cum to drip into her mouth. It was so exciting I was already getting hard again and I knew it would be no problem to do what else I wanted to.
During the next hour I had been them nipple clamped together for a tug-of-war, I caned and paddled both their asses until they were solid brick red and I had them take turns sitting on each other's face and eating the other’s pussy until they came. Finally I was ready and with them kneeling in front of me side-by-side I jerked off until I shot my load. My intention was to get it all over both their faces, but some landed on S’s breasts and there wasn't as much on their faces as I hoped. So I had them rub their faces and breasts together until my cum was spread on both their faces and all over their tits. Then I started with S. and told her: “lick my cum off M’s tits.” And after she did that I told the two of them to lick each other faces at the same time until all my cum was gone. This was extremely exciting to watch, and then I had M lick the cum off S’s tits. Finally, I wanted to see one more thing which meant cumming again, so I put Japanese Clover clamps on both their nipples, and the way S. reacted I could tell hers were still sore from her nipple hanging, and then I took a cat’o nine tails to their backs and asses, taking turns whipping one while the other sucked on my cock, then having them switch places and the whipped one sucking on my cock while I whipped the other ones back and ass. Finally I felt ready again and this time I had M get on her hands and knees and I fucked her pussy while I had S lick my asshole. This time when I shot my load of cum I then had M. sit on S’s face and S. lap all her Master’s cum out of M’s pussy. It was a wonderful sight indeed. And I have to admit I felt satisfied! Servitude is certainly a topic that could require another post, I think I'll end this one by asking you to comment on how you serve your master, or would like to serve a master someday in the future.

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