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TRAINED to BEG and a review!!

It has been a very long time since I last posted. Things have gotten much busier in my professional life. I'm going to try to maintain more regular postings and keep up quality here and I will do the best I can. As well as trying to keep up with my usual type of posts , I am also going to introduce some new features. Sometimes the features will incorporate a lot of information and sometimes I will use them to be able to give very specific shorter information. For instance, I plan to start reviewing movies, sites, and bodies of work. I don't really get involved much with professionals but if I should run into anybody who has experience or anyone wants to e-mail me I can incorporate that information as well. There are not a lot of professional submissives out there and I haven't felt the need to inquire of their services. Although I'm always exploring new things I haven't really felt the need to pursue a professional or personal dominatrix. I have thought about hiring national punish some of my slaves in front of me but have yet to do so, and while I am currently exploring some possible new relationships I'm in no position to be doing that with anyone in particular right now.
When I do write reviews and such I am going to post them on both blogs as I think the same things will be interesting to both sets of readers. HOWEVER, I will often accompany these reviews with the kinds of posts you've come to expect from these blogs, and when I do that I am still going to have DIFFERENT content after the reviews in the two different blogs! Please take note of this so that you don't miss content you may be interested in just because you don't feel like rereading the reviews. I will try to make the differentiation very clear.
I am not writing these on behalf of any agency, at anyone's request, or for any expected compensation. I am doing it because clearly I have a readership as intrusive the same things that I am and I thought I would clue you all on the various resources I have found that I particularly enjoy.
So let's try something a little different….
This posts review: :

Tantrum and the HOT Northeast dominant Ms. Kelly Payne .
When you visit tantrum trainers or tantrumtrainers

you meet the lovely, voluptuous and very stern and demanding Ms. Kelly Payne. I do some work in Staten Island and I have to admit that many of the attractive women who live their sound just like Ms. Kelly Payne (or at least they have that same accent, I haven't actually heard them give commands or threaten punishment!) For me it's like I get to watch one of those lovely ladies severely punishing some of the other lovely ladies that I run into on the Staten Island ferry. It adds a little extra fun watching the videos, especially since Ms. Kelly Payne is another woman who really knows how to punish! She’s also making great films. These are full length movies. The acting is acceptable from the submissives and always fine from Ms. Kelly and her dominant cohorts . One film I really enjoyed is Baltimore Brat 2 and it should not be missed! (I have included some stills to whet your appetite, as well as wet anything else). There is a large body of work here and the action is consistently severe! Kelly is very attractive and enticing and I love her stern retro lingerie look, although here also I think she would be even more exciting if she were to punish these submissive women in just a thong and maybe a studded black leather bra. Someday I hope to be with some willing female submissives when I am also around the voluptuous Ms. Kelly Payne!! Some of her videos I would make sure to catch besides the Baltimore Brat series are: First Time Spankers part 3, PA Punk, The Disciplinarian and so many, many others! The pics I am using for this post are taken from Baltimore Brat 2, one of my personal favorites. I wanted to include some pics from a couple of other movies but those are in a video format that I could not make stills. An

yway, I am quite sure you will enjoy this site! Here is a link:

Okay, so I've covered one of the best producer/actor's with some of the best films. The pics in this posting are all taken from Kelly Payne videos available at Tantrum trainers. If you like the stills or the comments I made, I suggest you visit the site at the link I provided above and join or get some videos and you will not be disappointed. Obviously there's a ton of stuff out there I haven't covered---yet. I will be covering a lot more in the near future. However, at this point, I'd like to finish the post by relating some of my experiences having to do with begging. This part of the post was inspired by an online relatively novice submissive by the name of Mel. I had the good fortune of running into her online than e-mailing with her for a while. Then I was not available much just like I haven't been for the blog and now I have not seen her available online in quite some time. She was a good fan of my blogs and was always encouraging me to do my best to try to post. Since she was so interested I asked her what she wanted me to post on next and though it's been months, this was one of the topics she gave me.

Begging is an art. While I have known a few slaves who had the right attitude from the beginning, it is rare that any of them were able to beg properly or at least the way I wanted them to, from the beginning. K was probably the best at begging without training. But because of this there was a lack of personalization to what I was looking for. M and S, while not as good at first, were both very willing to be trained and therefore ended up being able to beg exactly the way I wanted to hear it. Also, when training, failure is one of those rare instances that give you a real reason to punish that is also in the context of the D/s relationship. You may have a lot of people out there who enjoy spanking their partner because they broke a dish or got stuck in traffic, but I have always found it less-than-perfect punishing for things if I felt they weren't willful. In these blogs you certainly read were I did punish people for real infractions, but my favorite punishment for infractions is when the infractions or D/s-based. I'm sure when I discuss some of the situations I've been involved in; it will recall some of the past posts I've made.
I know I've mentioned training M to play with her asshole. She was inhibited around us and it took a great deal of punishment before she did it the way I wanted. She always got into position properly, bent over the end of the couch reaching back and spreading her cheeks exposing her tight asshole, and eventually she got good at rubbing her asshole with two fingers, licking them, fucking her asshole with them, pulling them out and sucking on them, then sticking them back in and fucking her asshole some more. It took a lot of caning and paddling of her ass, as well as torturing her nipples with tight clamps and heavy weights, but we got to the point where she could play with her asshole just the way I like to see. However, because of her inhibitions, which I believe I've mentioned made it at least as difficult for her to sometimes talk the way I wanted as act the way I wanted, I got to train her and punish her at least as much before she could properly beg to be allowed to play with her asshole. With her bent over the end of the couch and her ass cheeks spread, I would ask her something like: “would you like to play with your asshole now slave?” The first few times I asked that I got a hesitant “no”. I am quite sure the hesitation was a mix of not wanting to disappoint me and knowing she was going to be punished for it. Nevertheless, she allowed her own inhibitions to make her answer that way. It was only seconds after giving that answer that she would find herself was terribly tight clamps on her nipples, a minimum of 3 pounds or more hanging from each nipple clamp, a caning and/or paddling that got her screaming, and then something very large shoved up her asshole and left there for at least 15 min. I did not receive no for an answer very often after that, though I did get it a few times. Once she was no longer prepared to receive that level of punishment for a simple one-word answer, she started to give me the answer she knew she should, which was; “whatever you would like master,”. To which I would of course answer, “I certainly would like to see you play with your asshole,” to which she knew she should respond with something like, “please master, may I play with my asshole,, please master, I want to play with my asshole so much for you, please let me stick my fingers up my asshole.” But instead she would just start playing with her asshole, knowing that ultimately that's what I wanted to see, and having been broken through punishment of the habit of refusing to do the act, she somehow believed she could escape the begging part if she jumped right to the action. This of course was a mistake on her part and she soon learned through punishment just how big a mistake it was. Whenever the failure surrounded her begging to use her fingers on her ass, I would remind her that I could do much worse things to her asshole. She would have to sit on the punishment chair, which as you may remember had a variety of very large dildos that could be attached to the seat, often large dildos with small rubber spikes or other protrusions all over it. Surrounding the base of the dildo were thumbtacks glued to the seat. M would have to use her mouth and pussy to lubricate the dildo and then sit her asshole on it and work it all the way up inside her until she was sitting on the tacks. For this particular punishment I also had her hands secured behind her back, had her lean forward until her nipples were resting, on a soft wood board I had raised off a table in front of her on a stand. I would then use a tap hammer on a thin pin or needle, and “nail” her nipples to the board. If I were feeling particularly cruel, I would remove the needles every 10 minutes or so, so that she might move freely without damaging her nipples, and then make her raise and lower her ass, fucking the dildo for five or 10 minutes, making sure she raised herself all the way up to the top, then impaled herself completely on the giant shaft again, pushing her buttocks against the sharp tacks each time. Then pinning her nipples once again to the board. In reality this may sound crueler than it was, at least part of it. M told me that the pinning of her nipples to the board, was by far not nearly the worst nipple punishment I had inflicted. She said that the adjustable clamps are used when I tightened them terribly was worse, the self tightening Japanese Clover Clamps, when I hung pounds of weights from them, was worse, and when I use the unsheathed alligator saw toothed nipple clamps, adjusted tightly, it was worse. The worst part was the severe anal torture she was going through, though she found it a bit cruel that I would pull out the needles only to put them back in a few minutes later. She said this because usually when I inflicted this particular form of nipple torture, I tended not to repeat the process, merely to pin her to a board for a while. I explained to her, that I unpinned her during this punishment for the same reason I did it other times. When she is bent over and pinned, I would very much like to fuck her pussy or asshole from behind, but when we tried this once or twice we found the natural movements of these acts, no matter how much we tried to keep her still, put too much strain on her nipples and we were both afraid they would get damaged. It was the same with my having her fuck her asshole every 10 minutes; that I was afraid she would damage her nipples from all the movement. However, since I was not going to allow this fear to shorten the punishment, I needed to work something out. My solution was that she would have to endure the procedure of her nipples getting nailed to the board several times over the course of the punishment. Incidentally, I think I've mentioned that while anal sex always gave a certain amount of pain to M, it also made her very excited and wet. However, fucking her was more of a punishment she was undergoing severe nipple punishment, because the pain in her nipples tended to keep her pussy less wet, and her asshole clenched tighter. So, since I was afraid of damaging her nipples when they were pinned, I would have to satisfy myself by hanging heavy weights off her nipples and then fuck her from behind while she was bent over from the weight. Of course, when she was bent over with the heavy weights swinging from her nipples and the pain evident across her downturned face, I would have her beg to be fucked in her pussy or asshole. Sometimes I would ask her, “don't you think you should be shaking so those weights swing around and pull harder on your nipples?” To which she would answer, “yes master, I think I should shake and make the weights swing around and hurt my nipples more. To which I would reply ”then beg for it bitch!” At her worst, she would give me something like this, in a pretty straight monotone; “please master may I swing the weights and hurt my nipples.” It would sound perfunctory and was not as exciting as I'd hoped, but the content was still good if brief. Later, after training, at her best she could give me something like; “please master, let me swing my tits and shake the clamps and make the weights go swinging. It will hurt my nipples so much more terribly. Please let me hurt them more master. “Or something to that effect. I would like to make it clear that I do not want to choreograph or script everything my slaves say. I did not find that appealing. I have been exposed to that on the other side and it was very annoying. Kayla wanted me to speak a certain way and as the dominant I generally spoke the way she expected but I did not say the exact things she wanted to hear nor did I use the exact words at all times and this disappointed her. However, she would not tell me what she wanted a hero what words because she said that would ruin the experience. That was just another reason why being with Kayla was something that could not work; of many, many reasons. It's just, if I am to get what I want out of it, I need it to be a certain way. I'm sure from reading my post you can pick up on the fact that what I want my slaves to say is as explicit and humiliating as possible. Although slave S liked the acts, she really did not like the word humiliation and preferred embarrassing. That's okay some people have a sensitivity to certain concepts or words from their childhood or their work. If someone's able to give me what they want it doesn't matter how they describe it. For slave S and Kayla using words like asshole, bitch and whore were very easy. For K, she did not have experience using them but easily started to because she had no inhibitions. For M in particular, who had no experience and had inhibitions, it was more difficult. That is why she required extensive training, not so that she would be scripted by me to say exactly what I wanted her to, but to teach her generally what I expected by using specifics so that she would begin to figure out on her own what was likely to be pleasing to me. I would be interested in hearing from you readers what you get out of begging, whether you or begging or being begged. Obviously, begging is not something on its own but is attached to the asked you begging for. Slave S’s inhibition had to do with licking and sucking on things that had been deep up her own or anyone else's asshole. As I've mentioned in previous posts I would always check an item that had been up an ass before I expected a slave to lick it clean as I am not into scat and I'm not looking to make anyone ill. But I do seem to prefer the humiliation of someone being forced to clean something that had been up an ass. Slave S would have no problem begging to do anything, but getting her to act on the begging was difficult around this issue. I would often make her wear a particularly large butt plug up her asshole when we would go out. When we would get back I would take it out and check it. Now in front of a slave like M, I would check it behind her back because she did not need to see that it was clean because if I asked her to lick anything she would do so without reservation or inhibition. S was not that way, so I would allow her to see that I checked it so she would know it was clean. Unfortunately this didn't help her inhibition very much, so often with S, I would simply have to allow her to take severe punishment knowing that I would have to stop at some point and be satisfied with how much I got to punishment her because the punishment would not make her accept licking the item. On rare occasions when she was feeling in some way particularly submissive she would allow herself to eventually be" broken" and acquiesce to my command. Because of these inhibitions watching S lick clean something that had been in her asshole, or watching M beg and then play with her asshole, were some of the most exciting things I experienced because those were moments when these wonderful women were truly submitting in every sense of the word--- to me.

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