Thursday, January 27, 2011

FORCED---To Do What You Secretly Want?

Clearly, when thoughts turn to submission, “forced bi” comes into play. We see it in videos, it's offered by professionals and you read about it here. Obviously the forced part is a misnomer as it is a concept and not really enact forced by, say a gun to the head. In my post you read about women who clearly were not looking to do these things without the ”encouragement “of their master. Nevertheless, if they had refused they certainly would not have been forced. They would've been punished but I have had slaves that were not interested in certain things and the difference between a master punishing a slave in the sexual submission sense, as opposed to the real sense of enslavement, as I will punish a slave for not doing what I want and then we would move on. In real forced servitude, obviously, people have been tortured until they did what they were supposed to or until they died or were crippled. Similar to when torture is used for coercion and confession. While dominance and submissives may explore similar themes this is more of a role-playing exercise where the level of punishment is just enough to give a slave the release of feeling they've been "broken". This was clearly the case with M who never expressed any specific interest to be with another woman, and S who had fantasies but never voiced any desire to act them out. For K this was obviously what she wanted as she found her own women to be with and for Kayla this is a fantasy that she had expressed the desire to act out. Now while I am clear that M and S would not have ever been with another woman except for me or someone like me, so this is about as close to forced as I can see. Because women with women have become pretty acceptable in our culture, probably because the culture is still somewhat run by men and this is something men enjoy watching, men with men is much less accepted. I think this is why submissive men often seem to turn to fantasies of being forced to service another man. This is a service offered by professional dominatrix’s. Even then, is a really forced when you hire someone to make all the arrangements you pay them a lot of money to then punish you and “make” you do these things? Of course not, but that's the point, it's a fantasy and sometimes were lucky enough to get to act out our fantasies! From the time I occasionally would join various Internet services to since starting my blogs, I occasionally get contacted by people on the net who would like to get to know me because of my fantasies and character. The overwhelming majority of them, though I don't advertise for this in any way or express an interest, are submissive men. They are often married and secretly want to be dominated by another man while their wives never know about this submissiveness, or their wives have recoiled away from joining them in their fantasies. I have also been contacted by couples. I try to be very flexible and I rarely rule anything out except for my hard and fast limits, I can't say I would never consider doing anything at all with a couple but it would be very limited as I don't have any attraction to men. The problem is that I can only see even attempting something with a submissive couple. But I'm also get contacted by couples where the woman is, then in the manner submissive and they want a dominant male to dominate the man in front of the woman. I tell them I appreciate their contacting me but since this arrangement limits the contact only with the male they really need to seek out somebody who is looking to do things with a submissive man. I can understand why so few submissive couples are out there because after both submissively may not of been drawn to each other in the first place because neither one can help the other act out their fantasies. I imagine the only submissive couples out there are ones who came together out of love and then realized afterwards that they both had submissive natures when they finally began to discuss some of their innermost fantasies. I get a lot of e-mail from submissive women who tell me that they meet a lot of submissive man but it's harder for them to find dominant man who they think are interesting, creative and also seems sane and safe. Unfortunately they always seem to be across the country or often even further than that, from other countries. I have a lot of readers of this blog from other countries and they often get e-mails from women who read the blog from those countries and when I translate the e-mail I find that they are complimenting me and wish that we were in the same area. I have received e-mail from dominant men who want to see their wives or girlfriends punished by another man in front of them. I haven't been so interested in that either though, because for me D/s is a sexual thing, and though I won't always have sex with someone when I punish them, especially if they've annoyed me or if we're doing a public sort of punishment, but there is always an element of sexual excitement there. I would not advertise to punish “bad girls” just to get the opportunity to punish more women if I were not going to be attracted to them or involved in some way. I don't judge anyone who does do that as I know there are many people meeting out there just for a spanking or other corporal punishment sessions, just making arrangements or professionally. There's nothing wrong with that but that's not what I've been looking for. Now sometimes these men want you to have sex with their girl in front of them also, but I don't have an interest in that. Besides actually watching these acts, there is definitely something sexy, at least for me, watching the submissive do something that not particularly fond of because they're submitting to me. It was much more exciting for me to watch M kiss another girl, or get whipped by one, then to watch K have sex with another girl because I knew she really wanted to and M was just doing those things for me. Just as it was more exciting for me to see M play with her asshole or S beg for a particularly hard paddling them to spend hours punishing K severely because again I knew neither one of them wanted those things nearly as much, while K was perfectly happy to be brutally punished and humiliated. Just like M fingering herself or S taking hard punishment, I enjoy watching women being with women primarily because they know I like it, as these are all things I like to watch, and these are things I get to watch because these women are submitting to me. When I have women together I enjoy one of them playing mistress to the other even when primarily I know they're both submissive women. There were times when S was supposed to dominate M, but prior to the scene S pissed me off in some way. Now things were all the same to me I would just call up M and tell her not to be naked and in position. If she got that command when she do was bring another woman then she knew she was to dominate another woman. If the other woman walked in and saw M dressed and out of position than that woman, unless it was the first time, knew that she was the one who was going to submit. However, M preferred to be the submissive one, I believe I've mentioned that even though she didn't particularly care for being with another woman am always wanted to be the submissive one who took all the punishment from me or on my behalf. This is because M know that's what I like to say and she considered the submissive being my focus and the dominant being a prop to get what I wanted. While not 100% accurate this was a pretty good idea on her part. So, unless I had a specific desire or reason to see M dominate the other, if it was all the same to me, then I would just have them serve me together. This was an allowance I made for M's mood. In reality I would prefer to see one woman dominate the other, so in the case of S pissing me off I'd rather watch her serve M, but then M would be enjoying herself nearly as much and would probably also not do a very good job commanding S, knowing that eventually I would get frustrated with that and punish her too. Because of this I really to get M to effectively dominate another woman, although from the few occasions where she did do a good job because she knew that was specifically what I wanted and she seemed prepared to give it to me, I could see that she could in fact do a passable job as a dominant. Her biggest weakness in this area was commanding the other woman to do things to service her. She was rarely convincing barking out an order like “get your face between my cheeks and clean my asshole bitch!” or, “eat my pussy ‘til your face is covered with my juice!” Because these were not things she was interested in. When she knew I was attracted or interested in another slave she was torn between doing a good job of beating their ass, hurting their nipples or fucking their asshole what a big strap on, because she wanted to punish them but at the same time knew how much I would enjoy that and admire watching them take it for me, so you could often see the ambivalence in how she chose to act out the scene. S had a slightly dominant streak and didn't have the same personality as M, and had no problem dominating other women and in fact seemed to enjoy it. Though when she would talk about her fantasies with other women it was always the two of them submitting to made and she was particularly partial to serving alongside another woman, she was very good at dominating the other woman on my behalf. When I got her with M and wanted to see her dominate M these were very rewarding and satisfying times together. But when I wanted to see S dominated by another woman it often took mental preparing of M in advance to get her to give me what I needed and wanted. During those times when it was a last-minute decision because I decided on the way to M's house that S should be dominated by M, it rarely went as well as I'd hoped until later on when M was punished a few times for not being effective, then eventually I think she started to be embarrassed because I would do my best to make her suffer in front of the other woman for embarrassing me by not being convincing in carrying out my commands, then would try and would do a better job. At these times it was very exciting to see M pulling on the leash of a crawling S, demanding S to lick her pussy and then taking her over her lap for a spanking for a supposed poor job, or tying S down for a caning and strap-on ass fuck. For those times when I had them serve as two slaves together, I would tie them down next to each other and beat their asses, one at a time with a small paddle, or together with a long cane or whip. Invariably this is a better concept than practice because with their different builds, one slave gets the strokes a lot harder than the other. Then, I would tie them kneeling over a bench, face to hip, so that on one side of the bench I was looking at the lovely face on one slave and the lovely ass of the other, and vice a versa when I walked to the other side of the bench. This was a favorite when I was with 2 slaves because I loved pulling out of one slave’s pussy or asshole and then fucking the other slaves mouth. S in particular was slow to take my cock in her mouth right from another slave’s ass, even though she could see it was clean and knew if it was not I would not have made her do it, nevertheless, she seemed to need some prodding because she would hesitate until I bent over her and took a small heavy wooden paddle to her ass a few times, or pulled on a chain attached to tight clamps on her nipples (if I should have set a pair). M never balked even though she had no interest in tasting another woman. She told me she assumed I would keep her safe and therefore knew things were clean enough. During any sexual escapades she never offered resistance, except for those few things; touching her asshole, punishing her asshole by impaling herself on something large, or saying particularly submissive things, until she was thoroughly trained. So are you dominant or submissive and do you "force" or like to be "forced"? Let us kno



  1. i am submissive and i think there is part of me that likes being forced but i would say it was things i thought about but never tried... but i would hate to be forced on things that i have no desire.. but i think thats what this lifestyle is all about... submitting to another ones desires...
    loved the post..

  2. Thank you Mel. I would hate to "force" anyone to do something they absolutely hate. As I tried to point out, there is no real force involved but really just the willingness to submit on the side of the submissive. As I have relate din the blogs over time, someone like M went through stages. First she submitted but never said much about it. Then she said she would do whatever I wanted...except be with another woman. Then finally, of her own accord, she said she would do whatever I wanted with no caveats. I took that to mean, despite her protestations, that she was interested or at least willing enough to be with other woman, even if just for me, or she need not have ever made that change. As always, I appreciate a loyal reader and commenter like you Mel. We are all happy, I am sure, that your new Sir and you are getting on well!

  3. By the way...I am continuing the exploration of this topic in Entering Submission. It is a big post and it is almost ready. The post seems a little more suited to this blog, but because it is sort of a continuation of an ES post, I chose to put it there. It should appear within 1-4 days.

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